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For Students - A New Heading on the Site

Thursday 6 May 2021

There’s a new section to the site we think is a pretty cool feature.  While we are just beginning to develop it, we see a lot of potential in it.  It’s called “For Students” and it’s exactly what the heading implies – a place on the InThinking website designed for students and with students in mind.

It’s written to students, with students as the audience, whereas the rest of the site it written to you, the teachers of the course.

The goal is to first develop materials in relation to the assessments in the course.  The pages we create will be a paired down version of what we have already provided you.  Everything will also be more streamlined.  They will also be written (hopefully!) in student friendly language.

In other words, the pages are designed as a place to send your students when they have questions.  Having trouble understanding the requirements of the Individual Oral?  Go to InThinking!  Are you struggling to find model examples of quality writing that answers the question in a Paper 1?  InThinking has it for you! 

Our goal is to make your lives easier.  We want you to have all the materials and resources you need to give students in one place, especially when it comes to assessment and revising for their final exams. 

“For Students” is that place.  And because students get access to the site for free with your subscription, it’s easy to sign them up.  Follow the instructions on this page to find out more about creating student accounts.

Finally, if you haven’t checked out David’s eloquent letter to students, please do.  It’s a refreshing read as students are about to embark on their examinations.



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