Thank you for relevant, useful and practical teaching material that make our lessons better.

John Haug, Lillestrom vgs, Norway

I could not have trained my first batch of English A: Language and Literature without the resources and teaching ideas from InThinking. Even now, as I prepare the second batch of English A: Language and Literature I gain a lot of inputs from the website,...

Sajani Kaplingat, Good Shepherd International School, India

This is an outstanding site. It has virtually replaced our paper texts. The material is thoughtfully selected, the tasks are engaging and focussed and the task-related material is comprehensive and illuminating... I have found it very easy to build my...

[Brony Tyrrell, Scotch College, Australia

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Best Books of 2018

20 December 2018

The last six months were pretty dismal for me in terms of reading adult fiction. I just didn’t get my hands on the books that I wanted to... more

Should We Study Current Events in Language and Literature? A Partial Reaction to the 2018 Subject Report

25 October 2018

The subject report for the May 2018 examinations was recently released. I read it every year because it gives us insight into the course and... more

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  • 16 Jan Christine Stevenage
    WT1 Tips
    Thank you, David! That was my understanding, too.
  • 16 Jan Chris Blendheim
    Getting started
    Is the new guide available anywhere yet? I'm going to a workshop on the new curriculum, and they require us to bring a copy of the guide. But I can't find it!
  • 16 Jan Susy Guidolin
  • 16 Jan Michael Lekich
    WT1 Tips
    This is very helpful--thank you!
  • 15 Jan Tim Pruzinsky
    WT1 Tips
    Hi Michael, One the one hand, it would be a shame if a student couldn't write a magazine style interview because they didn't exist for the text you're teaching at the time of publication. It seems to promote late 20th or 21st century literary...
  • 15 Jan Tim Pruzinsky
    Written tasks
    Hi Holly, Thanks for this. In that case, I would make sure the student makes it clear in the rationale it isn't a short story but is rather an additional chapter or an extension to a chapter. Often, it makes sense to use a sentence from...
  • 15 Jan Michael Lekich
    WT1 Tips
    Hello Tim and David, Some of my students would like to do their Written Tasks on A Doll's House or Pygmalion; so far so good. One of them wants to do a confessional blog written from Nora's point of view to highlight the differences between...
  • 15 Jan David McIntyre
    WT1 Tips
    Good question, Christine. The topic should be about the topic option. For example, a WT about persuasive language should address the topic of persuasive language; it isn't adequate to show an understanding of persuasive language through writing,...
  • 15 Jan David McIntyre
    WT2 Skills
    Hi Lorraine, The word count includes quotations. Kind regards, David
  • 15 Jan David McIntyre
    Hi Susy, It's a quick question, but there is no straightforward answer :)) Some schools will, others won't. Probably, however, you should ensure that you have a school policy that guides what you decide to do (all departments taking the same...
  • 15 Jan Christine Stevenage
    WT1 Tips
    Hi, I am fairly new to teaching this subject, and I have a question about the WT1. I f a student makes a strong enough case in the rationale for exploring a topic such as "textual bias" or "persuasive language" from parts 1 or 2 of the syllabus,...
  • 15 Jan Holly Spinelli
    Written tasks
    Hi Tim, Thank you for your speedy response. I re-read the student's rationale, and it looks as though it's an extension of a particular chapter from The Handmaid's Tale. It reads more like an addition to a backstory (further exploring a secondary...