This website contains a plethora of resources and... is moderated by a highly experienced & caring educator whom you can direct your questions to and get clear responses from right away. I highly recommend this site for beginning IB teachers, who could...

Helen Hyun, American Creativity Academy, Kuwait

InThinking's English A: langage & literature site is nothing but a gold mine, full of tips on how to teach and structure the course, and with hands-on exercises in abundance to hone relevant skills. Not least, it is a time saver for the modern stressed...

Martin Idehall, Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet, Sweden

This is a great site for lesson material, tips and ideas. I keep coming back for more! My students are always interested in the topics I use from your site and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone teaching English Language and Literature. Thanks so...

Lorraine Evans, International School, Netherlands

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Why Caring Matters

4 October 2018

A recurring joke – my children might prefer to say a ‘tired joke’ – at my family’s dinner table goes something like this: One of my... more

Read This! Some Information About the Language and Literature Curriculum Changes

19 July 2018

It’s our hope here at InThinking that you love teaching IB Language and Literature as much as we do. We think it’s a sexy course to teach!... more

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  • 18 Oct Nienke Snijders
    Criteria (first exam in 2018)
    Dear David and Tim, I have a student who initially had the following RQ: To what extent has the term ‘feminism’ undergone pejoration in the last 40 years and developed negative connotations? Initially, I thought this was a great idea,...
  • 18 Oct Holly Spinelli
    WT1 Tips
    Hi Tim, One of my students wants to include a personal drawing of a letter between two characters in her WT1 which is a diary entry from one character's perspective. She wants to include a drawing of the letter because she wants to illustrate...
  • 18 Oct Roland Blows
    2017 Paper 1 (SL) "New Scientist"
    Hello If you are taking the original text from the web and are unsure about the where to edit it - it maybe useful to note that the student mentions the text they analysed in the exam was 6 paragraphs in length. That may give you a clue Isabelle...
  • 18 Oct Deborah Walker
    8 writing tips
    Can you fix this? The link does not open into the document but, instead, to the home page for other sites as was said on May 16 earlier this year.
  • Hi Marcia, Thank you for drawing attention to this. I think, rereading the slide, the claim being made is generic (regarding apposition and brevity in academic writing) rather than specific. However (whilst it is many years since I studied...
  • 18 Oct Nimat Dandashly
    Sample essays
    Thanks a lot, Tim, for the great feedback! Highly appreciated! Best regards, Nihmat
  • 18 Oct Oliver Alexander
    Yes, thank you for taking the time and effort to make the PDF! It's a great resource I'm now using with my class.
  • 18 Oct Tim Pruzinsky
    Written tasks
    Hi Grant, Is this a problem? I would argue no. Would I send it off to the IB? No, I wouldn't send them for the exact reasons you point out. It's not realistic. But, I think there are many things we can do in our classroom that don't...
  • 18 Oct Tim Pruzinsky
    Sample essays
    Hi Nihmat, Thanks for sharing. Do know that I have two concerns here. The first is the number of movies. Why three and not one or two? Three seems like a lot to me. The second is that the answer could simply be "to a large extent." And...
  • 18 Oct Tim Pruzinsky
    Part 4
    Hi Mariam, There's nothing technically wrong with letters and reviews and many students are successful with them. The key here is their purpose. Why does the student want to write that text type and what is their purpose in writing it? ...
  • 18 Oct Tim Pruzinsky
    WT1 Tips
    Hi Tyler, I'm okay with it. But, the key here is for the student to explain in the rationale why they made that choice. And if they do go down that route, it better not be fluff. It really should get to the heart of the matter right away,...
  • Hi Michael, I think go with your second point: "Or is it better practice to make the assumption that the "subject investigated" is, for lack of a better term, "the purpose and context surrounding the Ich bin ein Berliner" speech?" The subject...