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The InThinking English language and literature website is a fantastic resource. My students also find the student login very helpful, particularly when they revise for the exams.

Anne Sofie Hovset, Porsgrunn Videregående skole, Norway

I can think of no other IB resource I access that is more carefully curated and responsively updated than InThinking. David's materials and IB philosophy honor the spirit and the letter of the program and help me navigate our first pass at this course....

Mary N. Norris, Saint Louis Park High School, USA

The InThinking resources really help me focus on what I need to be teaching my students. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by the Lang & Lit course, I go to the InThinking web site and it puts me back on track.

Aletha Rossiter, Renaissance College, China


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19 July 2018

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Summer Reading Recommendations

21 June 2018

I start summer vacation at 11:59 am tomorrow. I’m obviously looking forward to it! I'm also looking forward to all the time I will have... more

Approaching Exams: An Open Letter to Students

5 April 2018

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Subscriber comments

  • 21 Aug Sumathy Velusamy
    P2 SL S1 (Fiela's Child)
    Hi, Is it important to use quotes from the texts in paper 2? If so how can we justify the grades of the sample 2 paper? Thanks
  • 21 Aug MT Vrehas
    Excellent!!! Thank you!!!
  • 21 Aug Andrea Marchosky
    Written tasks
    Hi Tim, Thank you for the feedback (and prompt response!). Andrea
  • 21 Aug Swapna Sharma
    Sample essays
    Hi David, Thank you very much. I understand what you are saying about them being 'equipped'. Will have a chat with the student. I have two more questions: 1. A student wants to explore the book A Secret Letter of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari....
  • Tim, You have answered my bigger query which was regarding the same writer and you are write it is 'The Bell Jar'. As for the other factors we will try our best.
  • 21 Aug Tim Pruzinsky
    Written tasks
    Hi Andrea, It doesn't matter, although I know that my students write in the past tense. The rationale isn't marked on the language. To get two points, a student needs to "shows clear explanation and understanding of the aspects being investigated."...
  • 21 Aug Tim Pruzinsky
    EE Category 1 (Great Expectations)
    Hi Vidya, In this case, she is studying something new. I'm guessing she's working with "The Bell Jar." She hasn't studied it before and so it's fine for the student to proceed here. As for if it's a "good choice," that really depends on...
  • 21 Aug Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi MT, On the printing side of things, we've talked about it and I know I can print, he can print, and the IT people at InThinking can print. None of us are having a problem. May I suggest you use the email icon on the right side and send...
  • 20 Aug Andrea Marchosky
    Written tasks
    Hi David & Tim, Should the rationale be in future/present tense? Or will they be marked down if they write in past tense? Is there a preference?
  • 20 Aug Alex Wilson
    Extended Essay
    Thanks Tim - my thinking as well. I'll pass on the advise!
  • 20 Aug MT Vrehas
    Thank you for your rapid response! I'll check back Wednesday or Thursday to see if the copy / paste feature works again... Honestly, I wouldn't need it if I could print out the resources and articles...anything on the site shows up blank...
  • 20 Aug Holly Walker
    Hi Tim, That is great news - thank you! Sorry, yes for Part 4 Plath poetry and Shakespeare's Hamlet. Thanks again!