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This site has helped me tremendously by clarifying the IB literature and by providing informative, engaging lesson plans that conform to the Language and Literature curriculum.

Elena Barrett, Imatran Yhteislukio, Finland

The InThinking resources really help me focus on what I need to be teaching my students. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by the Lang & Lit course, I go to the InThinking web site and it puts me back on track.

Aletha Rossiter, Renaissance College, China

The InThinking website has, in a nutshell, changed my life! The resources are incredibly helpful, but also knowing that there is actually someone there at the end of a mail to answer course specifics is incredibly reassuring, especially for a school...

Fiona MacLeod, ebica international, France


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21 December 2017

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Summer Break Reading

22 June 2017

Summer is a great time to catch up on your reading. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere – and we realize not all of our subscribers are... more

Welcome to the InThinking Family

25 May 2017

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Subscriber comments

  • Hi Scott, I would be very surprised if a student failed because of this. They will most likely be marked down in criterion B, but that should be the only place, and remember that B is filled with a whole bunch of other requirements, and so...
  • 21 Feb Tim Pruzinsky
    Criteria (first exam in 2018)
    Hi Rima, Remember that we are under a new EE syllabus. I don't expect the grade boundaries to change, but they might. Use the 2015 ones. They should be fine. If they aren't exact for this year, they will be close enough. Usually 30+ is...
  • 21 Feb Tim Pruzinsky
    The course
    Hi Elizabeth, There might be something on MY IB. That's going to be your best bet in finding what you are looking for in this instance. Best, Tim
  • 21 Feb Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Brian, Because I don't know your context or your students, it's a bit tough to offer very concrete advise. However, most teachers find they focus on close language analysis in this part of the course as the IOC demands it. Passage analysis...
  • Hi Tim In Unit 2, my students studied the fake news phenomenon after having gone through the structural and stylistic conventions of news writing. A few students submitted fake news articles for their Written Task 1 assignments and the feedback...
  • 21 Feb Rima Moukarzel
    Criteria (first exam in 2018)
    Thank you David! I looked up the extended essay subject report and the most recent one I found was English A May 2015 EE report. Do I use it in order to put my predicted grades? Or is there something else? I looked up all documents related...
  • 21 Feb Cel Coscolluela
    Extended Essay
    HI David, From what I gather she wrote about the figure of the character of doppelganger as representation of fear over different time periods. She examined gothic texts, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, then examined...
  • 21 Feb Brian Craig
    Does anyone have any suggestions regarding how you approach the teaching of texts in Part Four with these Outcomes in mind? For example, I am currently teaching Orwell essays. How would you go about teaching "North and South" in a way that...
  • 21 Feb David McIntyre
    Extended Essay
    Hi Cel, I can imagine that a written text (i.e. a screenplay) could be regarded as literary. To advise further, I'd really need to know more about the idea. My first instinct is to say that the student is making the task more complicated than...
  • 21 Feb elizabeth smith
    The course
    Dear Tim and David Are you able to advise me on where I can get hold of a presentation that provides an overview on the key components of the course. The audience will be parents and students. I am just trying to save myself some time. Best...
  • 21 Feb Cel Coscolluela
    Extended Essay
    Hi David, A student has written an EE on doppelgangers using two novels and two films. This was registered as a Cat 1 paper. I am wary that while the discussion is focused on characterization of doppelgangers, the inclusion of film texts...
  • 20 Feb David McIntyre
    Criteria (first exam in 2018)
    Hi Rima, You need to look at the subject report for year in which the essay was written. This provides a conversion from marks to grade boundaries, and is available on the PRC/My-IB (which your coordinator should give you access to). Kind...