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InThinking is an invaluable resource to which I return time and time again. David McIntyre is always very helpful, and quick to answer queries and provide pragmatic advice and tips! In short, this website is a resource your school can hardly do without!

Sonja McCarthy-Strand, Porsgrunn Videregående skole, Norway

I really like the resources that this site provides..they are very helpful in planning my teaching.

Ratnapria Datta, The British School, India

Very concise with updated guidelines, this site is a real pillar for IB teaching.

Roopa Gosain, Chinmaya International Residential School, India


Welcome to the InThinking Family

25 May 2017

When I began here at InThinking, I wrote a blog post introducing myself through an ice-cream metaphor. I’m the second scoop in your InThinking... more

Curriculum Change: 2019

18 May 2017

Last month (in April 2017), the IB published a ‘second report to teachers’ outlining the Language A: Language and Literature curriculum... more

The Walls That Divide Us

23 February 2017

I have many memories of walls.My earliest of these memories is in the garden of our recently built terraced house. The terrace parallels another... more

Subscriber comments

  • 28 May Marion Plantagie
    Thank you (once again) Tim and David! Most helpful :)
  • 26 May Tim Pruzinsky
    Curriculum Change: 2019
    Hi Kate, It's on the L/L page and under the 7th heading titled "Curriculum Review." It will be the 2nd pdf you see and they have titled it "Language A: literature curriculum review and Language A: language and literature curriculum review:...
  • 26 May Tim Pruzinsky
    Criteria (first exam in 2018)
    Hi Sam, I'm going to answer your questions in reverse order. 1. Structure and layout: The research paper is presented with consistent referencing, quotations and formatting. The title page, bibliography or works cited, table of content,...
  • 26 May Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Marion, Please see David's comment above and the question that preceded it. Look at the criterion and mark accordingly. Is it excellent in knowledge and understanding? Why? If you can justify the marks and someone listening to it...
  • 26 May Kate Weston
    Curriculum Change: 2019
    Dear David, Could you please tell me where exactly I can find the ‘second report to teachers’ on the IBO’s OCC? I've looked but I can't find where it's stored. Kind regards, Kate Weston
  • 25 May Sam Levien
    Criteria (first exam in 2018)
    Hi there, Thanks for the very detailed information. I just had one quick question. You mention that Cat 1 and 2 can be a "continuous body of text." Does this mean there no longer have to be a load of sub headings within the text? That was...
  • 25 May Marion Plantagie
    Greetings gentlemen :) I am in thick of IOC grading by listening to the recordings and scoring according to the criteria. How important is it for the student to include a discussion of the guiding questions in the IOC. I have a couple students...
  • 25 May David McIntyre
    Hi Erin, I think, in a way, you answer the question yourself: If you are of the view, having followed the marking criteria, that understanding is excellent, then understanding is excellent and you should award marks accordingly. It is true...
  • 25 May Erin Burton
    Hi David, The students are giving the two guiding questions- my quetsions is: what if they focus more on one than the other. For example, the student does a close analysis on a poem focusing with detail on the guiding question about "language"...
  • 24 May Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Cassandra, At SL, poetry and prose fiction will not be used. At HL, poetry or song lyrics is often found on the exam. Memoir, biography, or a letter occurs regularly as one of the two choices at SL: think prose other than fiction which...
  • 24 May Cassandra Van Oort
    Greetings, I have heard from a colleague that paper 1 now rarely includes literary works such as poems or extracts from novels... is this true? Is there a trend towards articles and online resources? I just want to make sure we use our time...
  • 24 May David McIntyre
    Extended Essay
    Hi Roopa, A graphic novel 'works'. I don't, however, understand what 'the linguistic factors of words' means (despite a postgraduate degree in linguistics!). Can you explain, please? Thanks, David