InThinking is by far my number one go to resource for teaching my DP class. It is intuitively organized, substantial in its materials, and up to date.

Peter Pfister, Sekolah Ciputra School, Indonesia

Whether you are the educator who wants to generate resources yourself or the one who is looking for inspirations, InThinking website subject sites will ensure that you gain motivation for becoming the educator that cares for the well being of your students...

Janis Zeimanis, Riga State Gymnasium No. 1, Latvia

InThinking provides resources, support and guidance that are useful whether you are new to teaching the programme or highly experienced. The layout is accessible and the forum comforting to have.

Patrick Curran, St. Louis School, Italy

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Should We Study Current Events in Language and Literature? A Partial Reaction to the 2018 Subject Report

25 October 2018

The subject report for the May 2018 examinations was recently released. I read it every year because it gives us insight into the course and... more

Why Caring Matters

4 October 2018

A recurring joke – my children might prefer to say a ‘tired joke’ – at my family’s dinner table goes something like this: One of my... more

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  • 15 Dec Nimat Dandashly
    WT2 Questions & samples
    I forgot to add the title of the book she's focusing on: A Doll's House by Ibsen.
  • 15 Dec Nimat Dandashly
    WT2 Questions & samples
    Dear Tim and David, Hope this mail finds you doing very well. One of my students decides to write WT2 on Part 3 of the course, in response to the THIRD Question. Here are the key points she likes to discuss in her task: -How and why women...
  • 15 Dec Shaimaa Abdelhafez
    Hello Tim and David, My plan was to teach Much Ado About Nothing, Brave New World and the complete Persepolis for my Part 3 works. However, due to time limitations, I am thinking of only teaching Book one of Persepolis. Do you think this is...
  • 15 Dec Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Jane, I would do both. Hyperlinks are more authentic and how it is done in the real world. However, good academic practice requires them to cite their sources, and this can happen in a bibliography or Works Cited. The bibliography doesn't...
  • 14 Dec Jaimeson Lynch
    Individual oral commentary
    Great. That is how I interpreted it. Thanks.
  • 14 Dec Jane Hazle
    Hi Tim and David, I have a formatting question. If students are writing a WT1 editorial, should they imbed hyperlinks into their text which take the reader to a source (as digital editorials for major publications do), or should they add a...
  • 14 Dec Kate Kelly
    Paper 2
    Thanks for your quick reply - that's really helpful to know!
  • 14 Dec David McIntyre
    Paper 2
    Hi Kate, No. HL students can choose two of the works studied in Part 3, but these do not need to come from the PLT. SL students, as you understand, have no choice! Kind regards, David
  • 14 Dec Kate Kelly
    Paper 2
    Hi, Just checking which texts students must answer on for Paper 2. Is it correct that they must respond to the PLT at both SL and HL and one other text, possible two if they are HL. Thanks for your help!
  • 14 Dec Tim Pruzinsky
    WT2 Tips
    Hi Peter, They have to answer the question. In answering the question, if they look at stylistic devices and the context, that should meet it. Of course, how well they do this and the depth with which they do will matter. And if they don't...
  • 14 Dec Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Christa, There really aren't any restrictions for a "text" in Part 1 or 2 except for the ones you mention . As long as it isn't literary (meaning a poem, for example), you should be just fine. And while we find it helpful to work with...
  • 13 Dec Lara Green
    Beyond Baby It's Cold Outside
    Well done.