InThinking is by far my number one go to resource for teaching my DP class. It is intuitively organized, substantial in its materials, and up to date.

Peter Pfister, Sekolah Ciputra School, Indonesia

Very helpful website. It has kept me afloat during my first year teaching this course.

Lara Snobar, Amman Baccalaureate School, Jordan

The InThinking website has, in a nutshell, changed my life! The resources are incredibly helpful, but also knowing that there is actually someone there at the end of a mail to answer course specifics is incredibly reassuring, especially for a school...

Fiona MacLeod, ebica international, France

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PowerPoint Introductions

21 March 2019

PowerPoint is a bit like Brussel sprouts; you either love it, or you hate it. Personally speaking, my preference is for sprouts. Listening to... more

Two "Creative" Course Outlines

14 March 2019

I've updated the site and added two new Higher Level course outlines for first teaching in August of 2019 with first exams in May of 2021 (see... more

Subscriber comments

  • 26 Mar Catherine Artist
    Extended Essay
    Sorry, Tim. I should have told you that he has chosen "Ballot or the Bullets" and "I Have a Dream". Thank you for the advice about elements to focus on. Do you think he can also talk about the context of delivery (setting, rhythm, gestures/body...
  • 26 Mar Geetha Gopinathan
    Paper 2
    Dear David, I will definitely look into this. Thank you for the support.
  • 26 Mar Meera Sampath Kumar
    The Big 5
    Hi, In one of your handouts for textual analysis, big 5, I come across 'Out text' (In text Vs Out text). Could you explain what you mean by out text?
  • 25 Mar Tim Pruzinsky
    Extended Essay
    Hi Catherine, It's most likely too vague. What might help is pairing the speeches down. What exact speeches will he use? Once the student knows this, it will be easier to create a more defined RQ. So, how do the chosen speeches connect...
  • 25 Mar Catherine Artist
    Extended Essay
    Hi Tim and David, I am writing to get further advice from you. I have a student who has chosen to do a Category 3 topic. Do you think his RQ is too simplistic? How do Martin Luther King and Malcolm X use rhetoric to make their speeches...
  • 25 Mar Susan McBride
    Individual oral commentary
    Amazing Tim, thank you! This is incredibly helpful!
  • 25 Mar David McIntyre
    Paper 2
    Looks just fine, Geetha. One caveat: Chopin's work is often regarded as a novella. Normally you should study two novellas as a work. However, who can really determine whether a work is a novella or a novel? Many teachers have used The Awakening...
  • 25 Mar David McIntyre
    Understanding Modality
    Hi Stephanie, This is a literary work. I think it can work well as a text for a WT2 (depending on the question), but it must have been studied in parts 3 or 4. Kind regards, David
  • 25 Mar Geetha Gopinathan
    Paper 2
    Dear David, Kindly check this combination of texts for Part 3 and Part 4 are fine ( examination May 2020) Part 3: 'A Doll's House' (SL), 'Things fall apart'(SL) and 'Wuthering Heights' (for HL) Part 4: Wilfred Owen - Poems, (SL), 'Awakening'...
  • 25 Mar Andrew Harrison
    WT2 Skills
    Tim, That explains it! Thank you so much for your help. I'm looking forward to the updated curriculum and will probably have more questions for you when we roll that out next year. Sincerely, Drew
  • 25 Mar Stephanie May
    Understanding Modality
    I have a student that would like to complete a Written Task 2 for Part 1 of the course using this excerpt from Orwell's essay "Shooting an Elephant." Essays are often a gray area in terms of literary vs. non-literary, so I would love advice...
  • 24 Mar David McIntyre
    Course construction
    Thank you for your kind words, Jane. David