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This site has helped me tremendously by clarifying the IB literature and by providing informative, engaging lesson plans that conform to the Language and Literature curriculum.

Elena Barrett, Imatran Yhteislukio, Finland

I have found the InThinking website tremendously helpful as a relative newcomer to the English Language and Literature course. I have found nearly all aspects of the site useful--the suggested lesson plans (especially for Parts 1 and 2), the sample coursework...

Attilee Dalene, Arendal videregaaende skole, Norway

InThinking's English A: langage & literature site is nothing but a gold mine, full of tips on how to teach and structure the course, and with hands-on exercises in abundance to hone relevant skills. Not least, it is a time saver for the modern stressed...

Martin Idehall, Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet, Sweden


The Walls That Divide Us

Thursday 23 February 2017

I have many memories of walls.My earliest of these memories is in the garden of our recently built terraced house. The terrace parallels another... more

Best Books of 2016

Thursday 8 December 2016

The past six months have reminded me why I love stories so much: they’ve been a great escape from real life. With the U.S. presidential election... more

President Trump: Like?

Thursday 17 November 2016

Last week, the day after the US presidential election, I wrote a piece on Donald Trump’s victory. By the time I had written it, I had been... more

Subscriber comments

  • 29 Apr Maleha Arif
    The Language of Migration
    Hello gentlemen, I was wondering if there are any new activities/resources related to this topic on the website and if yes, could you please guide me in the right path :) Mel
  • 28 Apr Franklin Delano
    Sample essays
    Hi Dave and Tim, You have provided such helpful answers for me in LangLit in the past - hoping to get your advice now for EE too. I have a student who is interested in the poetry of Amiri Baraka -- not a poet with whom I'm familiar but she...
  • 28 Apr Michelle Westermann
    Extended Essay
    Thank you, Tim. Would it be enough to focus on just one of the poets? Would this RQ be more appropriate? How does Maya Angelou use poetic techniques to create meaning in her work?
  • 28 Apr Tim Pruzinsky
    Text types
    Hi Sajani, We have what's on the site and are constantly adding to it. I'm a big fan of "mentor texts" or studying an interview - in this case - and doing so using real world examples. I think "The Paris Review" is incredible. They are...
  • 28 Apr Tim Pruzinsky
    Extended Essay
    Hi Michelle, This sounds like a C1 EE. It's a comparative analysis of poetry. Because I see this as a C1 EE, for me, the RQ isn't literary enough. And I don't know how she answers the question. Yes, it empowers women? No, it doesn't?...
  • 28 Apr Tim Pruzinsky
    FOA Samples
    Hi Disha, I think the format depends on the "persona" they take on. Are they the researcher or are they the one who thinks/acts like the viewpoint they researched? While I would I'd nix the TedTalk, the others seem spot-on! A TedTalk...
  • 28 Apr Sajani Kaplingat
    Text types
    Dear David and Tim, Do you have something related to Interviews as a text type? I want something more technical than what I can tell my students. Thanks, Regards, Sajani
  • 27 Apr Disha Garcha
    FOA Samples
    Hi David and Tim, This is my first time teaching this course. For my FOA for Part 2, I had my students working in groups of 3 and following a specific news trend for 4 weeks. One student followed a Western broadcast, another Eastern and the...
  • 27 Apr Michelle Westermann
    Extended Essay
    Hi to all! I am working with a student in year one of her EE who is working on finalizing her RQ. Can you provide me with some feedback on what we've come up with so far? I'm new to the process and want to be sure she has something manageable...
  • 27 Apr Tim Pruzinsky
    Individual oral commentary
    Hi Jane, You are absolutely right that "The Things They Carried" is so rich, but I wouldn't use the O'Brien novel. The IB says 3 texts to be studied in this part of the course and they really want to ensure everyone sticks to that. And...
  • 26 Apr Jane Hazle
    Individual oral commentary
    Tim, Thank you so much for clarifying both of my questions. I will use 3 of the texts for the IOC (and focus on only 3 next time I teach Part 4--this is my first year...). One follow up question: could a student do a part 4 written task...
  • 26 Apr Tim Pruzinsky
    WT1 Tips
    Hi Annabel, Students who create blogs - from the perspective of a character - face this all the time. I don't see it as an issue. However, I do think she needs to acknowledge that fact in the rationale (briefly) and justify why is was still...