I have been using the InThinking site now for a year, in my teaching of IB Diploma English Language and Literature - it has been incredibly useful for both my students and to myself. The sample material and resources provide excellent scaffolding. I...

Peter Dunoon, Edubridge International School, India

The InThinking Lang & Lit website is the single most useful resource I have found. Not only does it provide ideas and resources for teaching and learning but also the samples of answers are a great help.

David Preece, International School of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I can think of no other IB resource I access that is more carefully curated and responsively updated than InThinking. David's materials and IB philosophy honor the spirit and the letter of the program and help me navigate our first pass at this course....

Mary N. Norris, Saint Louis Park High School, USA

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Creating Student Accounts

5 April 2019

Dear Fellow IB Language A: Language and Literature Teachers,Firstly, a big thank you to you and your schools for subscribing to the English... more

8 Total Course Outlines!

4 April 2019

InThinking has now published eight course outlines on the site. You can find the final two Standard Level course outlines here. Whether you... more

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  • 20 Apr Kate Doyle
    Part 4 (2020 exams)
    Hi, I have a question regarding the appropriateness of posting brief commentary-like podcasts on my school's learning management system. I teach SL students in Sudan, which as you may know, is going through significant political change. Our...
  • 20 Apr Jennifer Austin
    Individual oral commentary
    Tim, Thank you so much for your detailed response. Your suggestions and tips for the IOC extracts and guiding questions are very helpful and much appreciated. Sincerely, Jennifer
  • 19 Apr Tim Pruzinsky
    WT2 Questions & samples
    Hi Janet, If done well, one short story should work. However, depending on the argument the student takes she can use more than one. Best, Tim
  • 19 Apr Janet Liew
    WT2 Questions & samples
    Hi David, My student intends to write a WT2 on just the short story 'The Bloody Chamber' from Angela Carter's book 'The Bloody Chamber'. Her question of choice is 'How does the text conform to, or deviate from, the conventions of a typical...
  • 19 Apr Tim Pruzinsky
    P2 Sample work
    Hi Abdes, I'm a tad confused here. Can you provide the entire question as worded by the IB and the exam year? I didn't see the question in my quick search of past questions in the May P2 exams and I don't have access to all of the November...
  • 19 Apr Tim Pruzinsky
    Individual oral commentary
    Hi Jennifer, Use the same guiding questions for duplicate extracts. For example, in your situation, I would have created 12 extracts for examination purposes (while I realize 10 is the requirement, 12 makes it an equal shot at any of the...
  • 19 Apr Abdes Kaur
    P2 Sample work
    Hi Tim and David, I'm working on unpacking Paper 2 questions with my students, and I had trouble explaining what is "intellectual concern".Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated! Thank you Regards Abdes
  • 18 Apr Jennifer Austin
    Individual oral commentary
    Hi, David and Tim: This is my first year teaching the IB Language and Literature course and we will be starting our IOCs soon. I understand that for my class or 26 students I need 10 extracts divided equitably among the works we studied in...
  • 17 Apr Cynthia Hallett
    Resources (2021 exams)
    The PRL is still only online as of April 2019
  • 17 Apr David McIntyre
    PowerPoint Introductions
    Sorry, I have been travelling and forgot to address the issue. However, I have revisited the page and worked with the files. They opened for me before and they open for me now. If the issue continues, please let me know and I will get our technical...
  • 17 Apr Katharine Hutson
    PowerPoint Introductions
    Hi David and Tim, I have really enjoyed (and greatly appreciate) the plethora of guidance you have posted already - the course outlines are brilliant!! Unfortunately, I, too, am unable to open these presentations. I'll check back to see if...
  • 17 Apr Kristin Bond
    PowerPoint Introductions
    David and Tim, I am already appreciating the plethora of information already uploaded to give guidance to the new guidelines and I am excited for a change of scene. I look forward to viewing these powerpoint presentations, but I, too, am having...