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I could not have trained my first batch of English A: Language and Literature without the resources and teaching ideas from InThinking. Even now, as I prepare the second batch of English A: Language and Literature I gain a lot of inputs from the website,...

Sajani Kaplingat, Good Shepherd International School, India

InThinking resources have helped me enormously - they can be used as provided, and also inspire many intelligent methods of creating materials, anchored in good practice. Helps make teaching even more enjoyable!

Alison MacDonald, International School of The Hague, Netherlands

The site is an absolute life-saver. Great resource materials are updated regularly and have been useful either as stand-alone lessons or as a springboard to develop a unit. Highly recommended. Keep it coming !

Zara Clayton, German Swiss International School, Hong Kong


Summer Break Reading

22 June 2017

Summer is a great time to catch up on your reading. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere – and we realize not all of our subscribers are... more

Welcome to the InThinking Family

25 May 2017

When I began here at InThinking, I wrote a blog post introducing myself through an ice-cream metaphor. I’m the second scoop in your InThinking... more

Curriculum Change: 2019

18 May 2017

Last month (in April 2017), the IB published a ‘second report to teachers’ outlining the Language A: Language and Literature curriculum... more

Subscriber comments

  • 13 Dec megan wall
    The Biased Headlines link is not working, either on the page or in your response above. The links go to the home page. Thanks for looking into this. Megan
  • 12 Dec adina olteanu
    Criteria (first exam in 2018)
    Hi, Tim, Please advise on the following issue: if a student focuses on the RQ „How does T.S. Eliot use imagery of death and the multiplicity of voices in 'The Wasteland' and for what effect?", do you think that it would be a problem if he...
  • 12 Dec Niki Underwood
    What are the grade boundaries for SL Language & Literature?
  • 12 Dec elizabeth smith
    WT2 Tips
    Hello Tim I hope you are well. For their WT2 the students wrote a response on A Doll`s House which is one of their paper 2 texts. Will it therefore be possible for them to base their second one on A Streetcar Named Desire which was used for...
  • 12 Dec David McIntyre
    WT1 Tips
    Hi Chris, I think I got you. I am simply giving an example - explicit language - of where personal predilection may get in the way of professional judgment (the prescriptive mind of what ought to be competing with the descriptive mind of how...
  • 12 Dec Chris Kuczynski
    WT1 Tips
    Hi David, I think I was misunderstood. When I used the word "explicit" , I was using it as an antonym for subtle. My question was not about the use of course language in the written task( there is none) , but rather the nature and construction...
  • 12 Dec David McIntyre
    Paper 2
    Hi Nusrien, This looks about right, assuming Kafka's work is in the PLT and all part 4 works are from PLA writers. The Kafka work is conventionally regarded as a novella (but who is to decide that?). Generally, a work (for IB purposes) is...
  • 12 Dec David McIntyre
    WT1 Tips
    Hi Smriti, That is a fair point. This page was actually written prior to the launch of the course (when I was somewhat younger, and my hair a little darker). I don't think you have been plain lucky; you are right. A generic understanding is...
  • 12 Dec David McIntyre
    WT1 Samples
    Hi Priyamvada, I think it is important that, in the rationale, the student writes that she is is writing a diary entry or a pastiche. Students may only submit one text type. Whilst there is inevitably some overlap in this instance, it is better...
  • 12 Dec Nusrien Khan
    Paper 2
    Hi David/Tim, I just need some clarity please. It is related to a dicussion on another thread (which for some reason I cant post my question onto). For Part 3, can I use A Streetcar Named Desire, Metamorphasis and A Thousand Splendid Suns...
  • 12 Dec Nusrien Khan
    WT1 skills
    Thank you very much David - that was helpful.
  • 12 Dec Smriti Jaiswal
    WT1 Tips
    Dear David, My students have not always rooted their WT1 in a primary source. I went through the IB lang and lit guide to see where it says that WT1 HAS to respond to a primary source. I quote from the guide : " Where appropriate - for...