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This website contains a plethora of resources and... is moderated by a highly experienced & caring educator whom you can direct your questions to and get clear responses from right away. I highly recommend this site for beginning IB teachers, who could...

Helen Hyun, American Creativity Academy, Kuwait

We have found your page to be a source of varied and interesting resources for our classes. There is always challenging and creative articles, tasks and points of view, which have helped us develop our course, providing us with activities and procedures...

Carlos Boix, Gimnasio Femenino, Colombia

The InThinking website has, in a nutshell, changed my life! The resources are incredibly helpful, but also knowing that there is actually someone there at the end of a mail to answer course specifics is incredibly reassuring, especially for a school...

Fiona MacLeod, ebica international, France


Summer Break Reading

22 June 2017

Summer is a great time to catch up on your reading. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere – and we realize not all of our subscribers are... more

Welcome to the InThinking Family

25 May 2017

When I began here at InThinking, I wrote a blog post introducing myself through an ice-cream metaphor. I’m the second scoop in your InThinking... more

Curriculum Change: 2019

18 May 2017

Last month (in April 2017), the IB published a ‘second report to teachers’ outlining the Language A: Language and Literature curriculum... more

Subscriber comments

  • 27 Jul Tim Pruzinsky
    Part 3
    Hi Dorcas, There is a large gray area here about novellas. The PLA says students should study "two or more shorter texts such as novellas." Coming in at 64 pages (depending on the edition), this text would be considered a novella. The...
  • 27 Jul Dorcas Tirhas
    Part 3
    Hi David/Tim, Could I ask if "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" is a suitable text to do in Part 3 or is it too short and not considered a Novel? Thanks Dorcas
  • 26 Jul Tim Pruzinsky
    Criteria (first exam in 2018)
    Hi Rima, It depends on the reference. There are excellent academic journals that are all online now. Taken from there, it would be considered a solid reference. Of course, there are also terrible online sources as well. It will depend....
  • 26 Jul Rima Moukarzel
    Criteria (first exam in 2018)
    Thank you, Tim! I am wondering if it is wrong to have all secondary sources in the extended essay taken from websites. Shouldn't the student have a book at least as a reference?
  • 25 Jul Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Margaret, It refers to independent reading texts. There is a belief out there that many of us prescribe to that students should be free to read what interests them, in addition to the required texts by the IB. This doesn't mean that...
  • 25 Jul Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Maha, Unfortunately, you can't choose "Jekyll and Hyde" for Part 4. It's not on the PLA. You could for Part 3 for your free choice text. If that happened, I would suggest a poet for Part 4 - Duffy, Atwood, Frost, or Heaney maybe. You...
  • 25 Jul Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Noah, It really depends on the question. If it is a question about setting, then genre differences would most likely be a part of the response. There are drama specific conventions that would allow the student to show explicit knowledge...
  • 25 Jul Maha abou chaar
    Hi Tim and David, I have chosen Pygmalion, Collection of stories (Edgar Allan Poe) and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for part 4. I also chose Persepolis for part three. Can you please suggest two more titles for part 3? Thank...
  • 24 Jul Margaret Das
    Hi Tim, When you say Students own texts, do you mean that every student chooses a text and there is no common text that the class does? OR is this for the free choice only that each chooses an individual text? If so, what an interesting concept....
  • 24 Jul Jemma O'Connor
    Requirements (first exam in 2018)
    Dear Tim, Thank you for your detailed reply; it is enormously helpful and reassuring. Jemma
  • 24 Jul Noah Mass
    I've settled on a somewhat idiosyncratic list for my Part 3: Ibsen's A Doll's House (from PLT) O'Brien's The Things They Carried (from PLA), and Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake (as a free choice). My question is more about mixing genres than about...
  • 23 Jul Mariam Hussain
    Hi Tim/David, Your reply awaited. Thank you. Mariam