We have found your page to be a source of varied and interesting resources for our classes. There is always challenging and creative articles, tasks and points of view, which have helped us develop our course, providing us with activities and procedures...

Carlos Boix, Gimnasio Femenino, Colombia

InThinking has proved to be an invaluable resource in my first year of IB. The course descriptions as well as the lessons and commentaries have made this transition enlightening and enjoyable.

Kevin Fallon, Brent International School, Philippines

The InThinking Site proved invaluable to me as a teacher new to the English LAL course and I continue to be a regular visitor two years later. Full of practical suggestions and resources to support both students and teachers.

Sue Budd, Skagerak International School High School, Norway

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August Updates - New Individual Oral on the Site

15 August 2019

The InThinking English A: Language and Literature website is now fully functional for the new course with first exams in May of 2021. We spent... more

Summer Reading 2019

4 July 2019

We all have a lot going on in our lives. Compound that with a new IB curriculum starting in August (or January for others), and it can get... more

Subscriber comments

  • 22 Aug Anna Jordan
    Hi Tim and David, I contacted IBIS regarding grade descriptors for the new course and like I thought they won't happen until after the first exams. I can correspond all the other assignments papers to the old grade descriptors but how do we...
  • 22 Aug Rachel Jacob
    PowerPoint Introductions
    Thanks Tim and David- great support.
  • 22 Aug Delzetha Sinclair Smith
    Good day, glad to be back from the break. However, I do need your help: I am teaching the new syllabus and have chosen the following texts, kindly tell me if they seem appropriate for my SL students: THE BELL JAR by PLATH, ROSSETTI' S POEMS...
  • 21 Aug Matt Jones
    WT1 Tips
    Dear David I have a written task question... If the written task for part three addresses the learning outcome "understand the attitudes and values expressed by literary texts and their impact on readers", does the task need to explicitly...
  • 21 Aug elizabeth smith
    Hi Tim Sorry for my vague email.I was referring to old course with exams in 2020... thank you for confirming that A Streetcar is acceptable. Best wishes Elizabeth
  • 21 Aug David McIntyre
    This is fine, Reka. 5-10 short stories is what the study guide prescribes. Kind regards, David
  • 21 Aug rwadubai 1
    Hi Tim, I was wondering if I could teach Kate Chopin short stories to HL students. She is listed on the PRL as an American author producing in English, 19th century. Would 5-10, minimum 5 short stories be enough to teach as a `body of work`?...
  • 21 Aug David McIntyre
    Written tasks
    Hi Nate, You have to make the call. If it were my student, I would be suggesting they find something a little less complex (and perhaps more apposite). Firstly, discussion of a text in a language other that English does not seem germane. Secondly,...
  • 21 Aug Badia Askari
    Course Outlines
    Thank you so much for your clarification.
  • 21 Aug Badia Askari
    Course Outlines
    Thank you so much for your valuable feedback.
  • 21 Aug Nate Noorlander
    Written tasks
    Hello. I have an HL student who wants to write WT2 about a translated work, but she wants to use the work in its original language and in English, to respond to the prescribed question, "How could the text be read and interpreted differently...
  • 20 Aug Tim Pruzinsky
    Area of exploration
    Hi Julie, I think it's a bit intense for students to have to complete their IO and their HLE at the same time (end of the first year). But this is just my own opinion. Others will feel differently. If you are open to changing where you...