This site has helped me tremendously by clarifying the IB literature and by providing informative, engaging lesson plans that conform to the Language and Literature curriculum.

Elena Barrett, Imatran Yhteislukio, Finland

InThinking provides resources, support and guidance that are useful whether you are new to teaching the programme or highly experienced. The layout is accessible and the forum comforting to have.

Patrick Curran, St. Louis School, Italy

I can think of no other IB resource I access that is more carefully curated and responsively updated than InThinking. David's materials and IB philosophy honor the spirit and the letter of the program and help me navigate our first pass at this course....

Mary N. Norris, Saint Louis Park High School, USA

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August Updates - New Individual Oral on the Site

15 August 2019

The InThinking English A: Language and Literature website is now fully functional for the new course with first exams in May of 2021. We spent... more

Summer Reading 2019

4 July 2019

We all have a lot going on in our lives. Compound that with a new IB curriculum starting in August (or January for others), and it can get... more

Subscriber comments

  • 23 Aug Sarah Carr
    Bodies of work
    Could a study of Trevor Noah's video commentaries be considered a non-literary body of work? Also, he is South African, but his show is in the USA. So, which country would it be considered?
  • 23 Aug Sangduk Park
    Higher level essay
    Hi. Based on the guidebook p.43, it did not say the works which is not translated are inappropriate. Instead it said, " If using language texts in translation, these must be professional and published translations of the text." Can you clarify...
  • 23 Aug Nate Noorlander
    Written tasks
    Very helpful, thank you.
  • 23 Aug Nate Noorlander
    Further oral activity
    I'm sorry if this question has an obvious answer. In the new syllabus, the students are allowed an outline for their IO. In the old syllabus (2020 exams), are there guidelines on stimulus material students are allowed for their FOA? E.g.,...
  • Hi there, besides the May papers, do you happen to have some sample essays for the Nov 2019 paper 1 HL/SL? Thank you
  • 23 Aug Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Anna, Give a look at the HL WTs in the subject reports. At HL, in the 2013-2020 syllabus, students write 2 WTs and each are worth 20 points. I'm almost positive they have the number out of 40 and then show what a 1-7 looks like out of...
  • 23 Aug Tim Pruzinsky
    Bodies of work
    Hi Michael, It is my understanding that no, a body of work cannot contain different text types. Does this confuse us all and conflate it all? Probably. But I am pretty sure they must all come from the same text type. Of course, in this...
  • 22 Aug Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Delzetha, You are required to have two places, two time periods and two literary forms. Rossetti is your literary work from the 19th century, you have the US and Europe represented, and you have both poetry and novels. In the eyes of...
  • 22 Aug Tim Pruzinsky
    WT1 Tips
    Hi Matt, It's okay to explain it in the rationale. It's also okay to use another one of the learning outcomes in Part 3. It doesn't have to be that one. As you state, it's pretty hard to show the impact on the reader if two characters are...
  • 22 Aug Michael Lamb
    Bodies of work
    Can a BoW contain different text types? I've read on various groups "yes" and "no." Seems like this would be encouraged. Any updates?
  • 22 Aug Anna Jordan
    Hi Tim and David, I contacted IBIS regarding grade descriptors for the new course and like I thought they won't happen until after the first exams. I can correspond all the other assignments papers to the old grade descriptors but how do we...
  • 22 Aug Rachel Jacob
    PowerPoint Introductions
    Thanks Tim and David- great support.