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I have been using the InThinking site now for a year, in my teaching of IB Diploma English Language and Literature - it has been incredibly useful for both my students and to myself. The sample material and resources provide excellent scaffolding. I...

Peter Dunoon, Edubridge International School, India

The site is an absolute life-saver. Great resource materials are updated regularly and have been useful either as stand-alone lessons or as a springboard to develop a unit. Highly recommended. Keep it coming !

Zara Clayton, German Swiss International School, Hong Kong

I have found the InThinking website tremendously helpful as a relative newcomer to the English Language and Literature course. I have found nearly all aspects of the site useful--the suggested lesson plans (especially for Parts 1 and 2), the sample coursework...

Attilee Dalene, Arendal videregaaende skole, Norway


Best Books of 2017

21 December 2017

I’m increasingly coming around to the opinion that when the stress of lesson planning, grading, and IB deadlines pile up, instead of worrying... more

Summer Break Reading

22 June 2017

Summer is a great time to catch up on your reading. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere – and we realize not all of our subscribers are... more

Welcome to the InThinking Family

25 May 2017

When I began here at InThinking, I wrote a blog post introducing myself through an ice-cream metaphor. I’m the second scoop in your InThinking... more

Subscriber comments

  • 20 Feb David Preece
    Why Myths Matter
    Powerful narratives or powerful patter - the religion of the bargain hunter - Guy Ritchie style -
  • Excellent as ever - could also discuss "You don't know nothing" - from the Arctic Monkeys "Still Take You Home"
  • 20 Feb Tim Pruzinsky
    Individual oral commentary
    Hi Lucia, I would argue that it depends on the poem. Some poems work really well chronologically, and students discuss a whole load of devices stanza by stanza. Yet other poems work better with a structure that is by device. In other...
  • 20 Feb Lucia Fayad
    Individual oral commentary
    Hi. I know there are different successful ways to organize an IOC on poetry, but I would like to know what could be better, specifically, to develop the body. Option A: Comment form/structure, literary devices, imagery, etc. Option B: Comment...
  • 19 Feb Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Rima, You are correct: no names, school names, or candidate numbers. In fact, they don't need a cover sheet. If you include one, put the title of the task, if it's WT1 or WT2, the text type, the word count, and so on. But the IB cover...
  • Hi Janice, The questions are there as a guide. It's like a huge spotlight saying "don't miss out on this key feature!" The first question should be a content question: something about characterization, setting, or theme are common. Do not...
  • 19 Feb Tim Pruzinsky
    WT2 Tips
    Hi Chonticha, This is perfectly acceptable. And if done well, it could be quite fruitful close analysis in this WT2. Best, Tim
  • Hi Deb, All should be good now. Please let me know if your students still have an issue with accessing the papers. Best, Tim
  • I am a little confused as to how to frame my guiding questions. My extracts will be from both short stories and poems. Can you give me some examples for each that I might model? I read on the IB website that students do not need to answer the...
  • 19 Feb David McIntyre
    WT1 Tips
    Hi Chonticha, A WT should never really be about, per se, a 'social issue'; rather, it should (here) be about a topic option. In this instance it is - language and persuasion/rhetoric. For this WT to work, the main focus does have to be on...
  • 19 Feb David McIntyre
    WT1 Tips
    Hi Lee, I'm not entirely sure. However, I would imagine that if the WT is going to be successful, the rationale should clearly express what the task is intending, and the task itself should 'speak for itself'. In addition, if the student did...
  • 19 Feb Alfonso Iannone
    Part 3
    Many thanks, Tim. I have Duffy and Austen lined up for Part 4 on the female author front. Thanks again, A