InThinking Language and Literature has been invaluable help during my first two years of teaching. Again and again I return to the examples, explanations, and teaching materials to assist me in building useful lessons for my students.

Karen Klein, International School of Krakow, Poland

This is an outstanding site. It has virtually replaced our paper texts. The material is thoughtfully selected, the tasks are engaging and focussed and the task-related material is comprehensive and illuminating... I have found it very easy to build my...

[Brony Tyrrell, Scotch College, Australia

The site is an absolute life-saver. Great resource materials are updated regularly and have been useful either as stand-alone lessons or as a springboard to develop a unit. Highly recommended. Keep it coming !

Zara Clayton, German Swiss International School, Hong Kong

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Fake News, Bodies of Work, and Oh So Many Questions

12 September 2019

This week, I’ve been focusing on updating our resources and lessons around “fake news.” I’ve broken it up into a four-part unit. ... more

#MeToo Body of Work Update

29 August 2019

This week, I’ve been working on updating some of the #MeToo resources on the site to make them applicable to the new course. There’s a... more

Subscriber comments

  • 19 Sep Amanda Bird
    Hello, I am also looking for the headlines activity and keep getting redirected to the main page. Thanks for any guidance you can provide. Amanda
  • 19 Sep Steve Brittain
    Bodies of work
    Hi Tim, Do I understand that TV shows count as non-literary texts - as in we could use Blackadder Goes Forth in conjunction with teaching Wilfred Owen's war poetry? Thanks, Steve
  • 19 Sep John Richardson
    Concepts (2021 exams)
    I thought I read somewhere, perhaps in my training, that we have to cover every concept for every text or body or work. Is that true?
  • 19 Sep Saba Nizami
    Thanks for the feedback, David. It's reassuring! Of course, I'd be going beyond these non-literary units for teaching various text types and the skills of paper 1. As you said, these units would be more for assessment purposes.
  • 19 Sep Alexandra Mazarakis
    Hi Tim, Thanks so much for your response. This is very helpful as we continue to delve into the new oral. Cheers.
  • 19 Sep David McIntyre
    Your choices are just fine, Saba. Keep in mind two tings (although I think you already get this): (i) The notion of authorship is important. For example, the letters you choose, to be considered a body of work, must be written by the same...
  • 19 Sep David McIntyre
    Course Outlines
    Hi Bridget, There are, obviously, a wide range of themes that you could connect to other works. You could find links here. I wouldn't (only) think in these terms. It is very possible that the Paper 2 questions (of a general literary nature)...
  • Hi, Just found out that Tagore is in the PRL for Bangla literature. Can't use his essays then. Regards, Swapna
  • Hi Tim, Me again! Will Rabindranath Tagore's Selected Essays qualify as a non-lit text? Want to use a few from the book as BOW. Thanks. Swapna
  • Thanks Tim. Now I need to check if there is enough substance in these worth exploring. Best regards, Swapna
  • 19 Sep Saba Nizami
    Sorry, Wilfred Owen is British.
  • 19 Sep Saba Nizami
    Dear David, Thank you for your pains! How does the following list look to you for HL? Please, give your honest opinion. Many thanks. Saba literary texts: 1. Persepolis: the story of a childhood and the story of return by Marjane Satrapi (Graphic...