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2021 Paper 1: Sample Response 2 (Infographic)

18 November 2021

I've been working on Paper 1 this week. You can find a new Paper 1 sample response that deals with the infographic from the May 2021 examination... more

5th Individual Oral

4 November 2021

We’ve published a 5th Individual Oral today. You can find it here. This is the last IO we are planning to publish from the May 2021 exam... more

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  • 1 Dec Rajesh Vasudevan
    IO sample work
    Thank You TimYes, of course- while reading Macbeth under power politics and justice , Designated Survivor and other TV shows in the same line were watched and studied to explore fair and unfair wielding of power, questions of equality, discrimination,...
  • was wondering that too synthia!
  • 1 Dec Johan Van Zyl
    Hi David, Thank you very much for the response. That makes it much clearer. RegardsJohan  
  • Hi Shaun,This is a good question. The answer is yes, but I think you should consider whether or not you should (and I leave this to you to decide). Today, as it happens, I am starting some work on the HL Essay with a group of students. I have...
  • To add a little to this (and finding myself in agreement with both of you, Pitt and Tim), there is an issue I don't understand, and to date have received no satisfactory answer to. To wit, let's suppose a student does an IO, selecting as works...
  • 1 Dec David McIntyre
    Hi Mohseena,If you teach them as part of your course of study, they may be considered part of a non-literary work/body of work for the IO.Kind regards,David
  • 1 Dec Mohseena Hussain
    Hi Tim,Can video games be considered a non-lit text for the IO?
  • Thank you this is great, if my students are using Liza Donnelly am I able to do this activity with them?
  • Hi Pitt,First, may I say that I sympathize with your comments.  There's real frustration here and I understand where you are coming from.  If you read the comments David and I wrote to Dianne - which you have already done - you can...
  • 30 Nov Tim Pruzinsky
    IO sample work
    Hi Rajesh,My understanding of "Designated Survivor" is that it is a TV show.  If so, it's fine to use as a non-literary body of work.  However, you must have taught the TV show in class.  If you did so, students can use it.  If...
  • HiI would like to raise a question about the nature of this book as a 'non-literary' text. I have studied 'Between The World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates as a non-literary text in our Lang and Lit course. Yet, after reading in the comment section...
  • 30 Nov Rajesh Vasudevan
    IO sample work
    Thank you David; One more clarification required. A student in my class, for his IO wants to take Macbeth and "Designated Survivor" web series  as an NLT, in the field of Politics, power and justice . Are we going in the right track?