This is a great site for lesson material, tips and ideas. I keep coming back for more! My students are always interested in the topics I use from your site and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone teaching English Language and Literature. Thanks so...

Lorraine Evans, International School, Netherlands

The site is outstanding. We've based the majority of our IB Lang/Lit programme on the materials and recommendations on this site, and consequently teach with real confidence knowing that we're in line with a community of colleagues/departments teaching...

Dougal Fergusson, Asociacion Educacional Williamson Newton College, Peru

This website is invaluable, especially for a first time teacher of this course. It is clearly laid out and provides interesting lessons for the various parts of the course as well as examples of students' work for peer assessment. Thank you InThinking!

Tiffany Diamond, Berlin Cosmopolitan School, Germany

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Fake News, Bodies of Work, and Oh So Many Questions

12 September 2019

This week, I’ve been focusing on updating our resources and lessons around “fake news.” I’ve broken it up into a four-part unit. ... more

#MeToo Body of Work Update

29 August 2019

This week, I’ve been working on updating some of the #MeToo resources on the site to make them applicable to the new course. There’s a... more

Subscriber comments

  • 20 Sep Robin Carnegy
    Do the texts from Part 4 have to come from two time periods? I've got Handmaid's Tale (PLA) Waiting for Godot (PLT) and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (free choice) but realised they are all the same century. I've searched for the time period...
  • 20 Sep Dorothy Gregory
    The course (2021 exams)
    Hi Tim, Sorry for the delay in getting back. This is IB's response on Beard's work: 'Much depends on the judgement of the teacher and the way the text is taught. Neither of the authors mentioned is on the Prescribed reading list and neither...
  • 20 Sep Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Amanda, That's odd. It works for me. Again, I realize some of you have this issue with this page, but on a tech side of things, I just don't get why. Try this link as it will take you where you need to go and I'll see what I can do on...
  • 19 Sep Tim Pruzinsky
    Bodies of work
    Hi Steve, Yes, TV shows count as non-literary bodies of work. This would seem fine to do. Best, Tim
  • 19 Sep Tim Pruzinsky
    Concepts (2021 exams)
    Hi John, No, that is not true. It would be almost impossible to do this. Instead, you should be covering the concepts - and coming back to them repeatedly - throughout the 2 year course. But no, you do not need to cover every concept each...
  • 19 Sep Amanda Bird
    Hello, I am also looking for the headlines activity and keep getting redirected to the main page. Thanks for any guidance you can provide. Amanda
  • 19 Sep Steve Brittain
    Bodies of work
    Hi Tim, Do I understand that TV shows count as non-literary texts - as in we could use Blackadder Goes Forth in conjunction with teaching Wilfred Owen's war poetry? Thanks, Steve
  • 19 Sep John Richardson
    Concepts (2021 exams)
    I thought I read somewhere, perhaps in my training, that we have to cover every concept for every text or body or work. Is that true?
  • 19 Sep Saba Nizami
    Thanks for the feedback, David. It's reassuring! Of course, I'd be going beyond these non-literary units for teaching various text types and the skills of paper 1. As you said, these units would be more for assessment purposes.
  • 19 Sep Alexandra Mazarakis
    Hi Tim, Thanks so much for your response. This is very helpful as we continue to delve into the new oral. Cheers.
  • 19 Sep David McIntyre
    Your choices are just fine, Saba. Keep in mind two things (although I think you already get this): (i) The notion of authorship is important. For example, the letters you choose, to be considered a body of work, must be written by the same...
  • 19 Sep David McIntyre
    Course Outlines
    Hi Bridget, There are, obviously, a wide range of themes that you could connect to other works. You could find links here. I wouldn't (only) think in these terms. It is very possible that the Paper 2 questions (of a general literary nature)...