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InThinking’s Language and Literature site has been indispensable for my course. Not only does it provide quality content and explanations that help me understand the program better, it has had an indelible effect on my students' study of literature.

Randall Girdner, American International School Dhaka, Bangladesh

I can think of no other IB resource I access that is more carefully curated and responsively updated than InThinking. David's materials and IB philosophy honor the spirit and the letter of the program and help me navigate our first pass at this course....

Mary N. Norris, Saint Louis Park High School, USA

An invaluable asset to the IB Diploma English Lang and Lit course with some excellent resources and advice.

David Allen, Taihu International School, China


Approaching Exams: An Open Letter to Students

5 April 2018

Dear Students,Rites of passage, including coming of age, often involve elaborate and sometimes painful rituals. From around the world, some... more

Best Books of 2017

21 December 2017

I’m increasingly coming around to the opinion that when the stress of lesson planning, grading, and IB deadlines pile up, instead of worrying... more

Summer Break Reading

22 June 2017

Summer is a great time to catch up on your reading. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere – and we realize not all of our subscribers are... more

Subscriber comments

  • 23 Apr Scott Edmonds
    WT1 Samples
    Great, thanks! The students do put the MLA8 reference to the TV show, but I was concerned the assessors might not take the time to do a full search without the link. Not sure how they work, but nearly all of my Written Tasks have the full primary...
  • 23 Apr Tim Pruzinsky
    WT1 Samples
    Hi Scott, My gut instinct is that an examiner would be fine with just the URL. They want access to the clip and this gives it to them. The problem arises, as you point out, when that URL is a YouTube link (for example) and it's taken down...
  • 22 Apr Scott Edmonds
    WT1 Samples
    Hi Tim and David For Written Task 1, many of my students chose to analyse short clips from TV shows. We studied cultural hegemony perpetuated in mass media and looked at how people are represented or messages are sent in the elements present...
  • 22 Apr Tayyaba Shahid
    Part 3
    Thank you, its a good suggestion that I use the articles or essays for the lang part of the course, and for part 3 select something from literature.
  • 22 Apr Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Isabel, You can study Persepolis 1, Persepolis 2 or the two of them combined. The choice is up to you. Best, Tim
  • Hi Mohammed, Unfortunately, this is not correct. Criterion A is called "Understanding and comparison of the texts." Explicit, direct, and substantial comparison is required in Paper 1 for HL. Best, Tim
  • Am I correct in recalling that the Paper 1 marking rubric doesn't explicitly mention comparison? Thus, could a student who wrote two perfectly perceptive analyses of each text without comparing - all other things being equal - be still awarded...
  • 21 Apr Isabel llewellyn
    Dear David and Tim, Following on from Farika's post and my own previous one, I have a technical question about Persepolis: my edition contains 2 separate books (or stories), one is called 'Persepolis 1, The Story of a Childhood' and takes...
  • 21 Apr Tim Pruzinsky
    Writing rationales
    Hi Jan, I think it's important for students to have a rough draft of a rationale written before the task, so they know their objectives and their audience is clear to them in the writing of the WT. However, it isn't until the WT is finished...
  • 20 Apr Quana Bice
    WT2 Tips
    Why thank you! I had a suspicion this would be the case and appreciate the confirmation (and the insight about defining terms in B).
  • 20 Apr jan jonk
    Writing rationales
    Question: Should a rationale be written before completing the written task, or after. yours, jan jonk
  • 20 Apr Justin Skea
    WT1 Samples
    Hi Tim, Thanks so much for your response. It puts my mind at ease and certainly confirms my initial thoughts - I suggested it would work better for Bahasa LL, especially because she is doing Bahasa A as well. So at least she has a WT1 for...