Whether you are the educator who wants to generate resources yourself or the one who is looking for inspirations, InThinking website subject sites will ensure that you gain motivation for becoming the educator that cares for the well being of your students...

Janis Zeimanis, Riga State Gymnasium No. 1, Latvia

The InThinking Lang & Lit website is the single most useful resource I have found. Not only does it provide ideas and resources for teaching and learning but also the samples of answers are a great help.

David Preece, International School of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The site is an absolute life-saver. Great resource materials are updated regularly and have been useful either as stand-alone lessons or as a springboard to develop a unit. Highly recommended. Keep it coming !

Zara Clayton, German Swiss International School, Hong Kong

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August Updates - New Individual Oral on the Site

15 August 2019

The InThinking English A: Language and Literature website is now fully functional for the new course with first exams in May of 2021. We spent... more

Summer Reading 2019

4 July 2019

We all have a lot going on in our lives. Compound that with a new IB curriculum starting in August (or January for others), and it can get... more

Subscriber comments

  • 24 Aug Tim Pruzinsky
    HLE sample work
    Hi Quana, I was just emailing David - we email A LOT - and the hope is that there will be a HLE sample on the site in 14 days or less. Check back on Friday, September 6th and again we hope to have something by then. Best, Tim
  • 24 Aug Tim Pruzinsky
    Bodies of work
    Hi Sarah, What a question! I just don't know. My sense is that yes, his video commentaries could be considered a body of work. But for absolute clarity, I would ask IB Answers. Again, this feels like it is in the spirit of "bodies of work,"...
  • 24 Aug Tim Pruzinsky
    Higher level essay
    Hi Sangduk, Let's see if I can clarify. Literary works will almost always be professionally translated. So they are fair game for any assessment. Gabriel Garcia Marquez's literary works have been translated into English, by a professional...
  • 24 Aug Tim Pruzinsky
    Further oral activity
    Hi Nate, The FOA is pretty fast and loose and you'll find that the IB doesn't have or hasn't set clear guidelines. Use your best judgement. How much is too much for a presentation/debate/oral activity? What feels inauthentic? What doesn't...
  • Hi Bruce, Unfortunately, we don't have November 2018 P1s. We have what you see on the site (which we think is quite substantial). However, as you've noted, we don't have as many past exams from November sessions. We realize this, but it...
  • 23 Aug Quana Bice
    HLE sample work
    Hello! When will samples be available for this assessment? I see samples for all of the new assessments except this one. Thanks.
  • 23 Aug Anna Jordan
    Oh yes, perfect, I completely forgot that the HL total for WT was out of 40. This helps a lot. Thanks Tim.
  • 23 Aug Sarah Carr
    Bodies of work
    Could a study of Trevor Noah's video commentaries be considered a non-literary body of work? Also, he is South African, but his show is in the USA. So, which country would it be considered?
  • 23 Aug Sangduk Park
    Higher level essay
    Hi. Based on the guidebook p.43, it did not say the works which is not translated are inappropriate. Instead it said, " If using language texts in translation, these must be professional and published translations of the text." Can you clarify...
  • 23 Aug Nate Noorlander
    Written tasks
    Very helpful, thank you.
  • 23 Aug Nate Noorlander
    Further oral activity
    I'm sorry if this question has an obvious answer. In the new syllabus, the students are allowed an outline for their IO. In the old syllabus (2020 exams), are there guidelines on stimulus material students are allowed for their FOA? E.g.,...
  • Hi there, besides the May papers, do you happen to have some sample essays for the Nov 2019 paper 1 HL/SL? Thank you