Happy Holiday Reading!

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Happy Holidays everyone!  Many of us now get to take a well-earned break after a long and gruelling term. As we do so, we can joyfully push thoughts of Written Assignments, IOCs and EEs to one side (at least for a week or two), put our feet up and, if you are like me, turn to a pile of unread books that has been steadily growing over the weeks since the last holiday.

As an IB Literature teacher, of course I want to read for pleasure.  However, as an IB Literature teacher, my well-intentioned reading plans "gang aft agley" during term time, and so I look forward to the holidays as a time to turn to that pile of books, and to return to the pastime that led me to become an English teacher in the first place.  I am sure many of you are planning on doing the same for the next couple of weeks.  We wish you all a happy and restful holiday, full of joy and as much reading as you desire!


There are plenty of recommended reading lists out there, especially at this time of year as everyone compiles their nominations for 'best books of 2018.'. However, if you are interested in a more idiosyncratic and haphazard list, find below five of the books in the pile I am planning to work my way through over the coming weeks.  



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