The site offers an engaging and imaginative approach to IB English - clear and informative it would be of use to both new and experienced teachers alike.

Jane Henshaw, Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

An excellent and invaluable site that will make the teaching of IB Literature both fun and engaging for students and teachers. The quality and quantity of material, tips and resources is impressive.

Samantha Chesler-Leiman, International School of Brunei, Brunei

It's easy to navigate, straightforward, and helpful. Even for an experienced IB teacher, the website provides helpful ways to reconsider curriculum and lesson plans.

Abigail Xiaoxuan Chen, Taipei American School, Taiwan

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How to revise for English?

12 April 2019

This is a question most English teachers have heard, probably most years, as many students seem to find it hard to see English as a subject... more

A New Year and a new course...

2 January 2019

As we look ahead to 2019 and all the things that a new year may bring, not the least will be developments in the Group 1 courses. As you will... more

Subscriber comments

  • 24 May Blythe Williams
    Overview of the new course
    Thanks, Mark. Looking forward to the new course Workshop in Berlin this August.
  • 24 May David White
    Analysing Graphic Novels
    Hi Bora I think for the new course Persepolis can be classified as non-fiction. When I asked the IB a few years ago for the old course (last exams 2020) I was told no, it was just classified as a graphic novel, but my understanding is that...
  • 23 May David White
    The Extended Essay
    It is although you need to be careful - the examiner's report has cautioned against this, saying YA is not always "rich enough" to support in-depth literary analysis. However, I have seen exceptions to this so it can depend on the text and...
  • 23 May David White
    Extended Essay: the basics
    That's ok, Anna - that's what we're here for! A Category 2 essay is a comparison between a text originally written in English and a translated text. There are different approaches to comparison in terms of how an essay is structured; to...
  • 23 May Anna Knowles
    The Extended Essay
    Thank you David! I also have a student who is writing about the literary merit within a YA novel. Is this allowed under the Literature curriculum?
  • 23 May Anna Knowles
    Extended Essay: the basics
    If a student is classified now as Category 2, does this mean that the essay needs to be comparative or may they use the translated text(s) to inform the progress of their arguments? I apologize for the questioning, it's my first year with the...
  • 23 May David White
    Analysing Graphic Novels
    Yes, or as a footnote is also fine.
  • 23 May Paul Welch
    Analysing Graphic Novels
    Thank you, David. Should the students put the citation under the panel as a caption, e.g. (Satrapi, 35)?
  • 22 May Bora Rancic
    Analysing Graphic Novels
    On another note and in regard to Persepolis 1 by Satrapi - in terms of literary form some believe there is an argument to classify it as prose non fiction as well as a graphic novel/prose fiction. Would this be allowed do you think? A different...
  • 22 May David White
    Analysing Graphic Novels
    Hi Paul. As you say, the IB state that appendices are to be avoided and so there is no guarantee a marker will look at them. The best approach is to embed the panels in the body of the essay where necessary, which is what Film essays do with...
  • 22 May Paul Welch
    Analysing Graphic Novels
    We've had a question at our school about how to refer to graphic novels in EE's and Written Assignments. If the student is referring to graphic elements as part of the analysis, is it advisable to attach a scan of those panels as an appendix....
  • 22 May Mark Beverley
    Stage 1: the Interactive Oral
    Anna: there is no need to think that the RS will relate in any way to the WA. It is more likely, in fact, that there will be a complete separation between the discussion and RS and then the SW and the WA. The only place where a connections...