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Ready for results?

30 June 2021

Results 2021In another unusual year, find below an outline of what the release of results and subsequent enquiry upon results services (EUR)... more

Paper 1 sample responses

8 May 2021

Sample paper 1 responsesFor those schools taking the examination route in May 2021, the Paper 1 examination is happening on Monday May 10th.... more

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  • 5 Aug David White
    Preparing the Presentation
    Are you logged in Lori? When you log in the page should appear.
  • 4 Aug Lori Sterne
    Preparing the Presentation
    Hi! I don't see information here.
  • Hi Nancy. The guide states that "teachers should give regular feedback on students' work" but "not edit or correct their work directly." So, yes, your suggestion of breaking the process up at these stages and giving regular feedback, probably...
  • What are your suggestions on the best way to break up the process of writing the HL essay in order to give proper feedback? For example, do you have them turn in brainstorming, thesis, outline, draft?
  • Hi Rohan: if it was originally written in English then you should be fine. Perhaps - to make double sure the examiner is aware, you might make it clear in the marking notes that you send with the recording.
  • Hi Mark, one of the authors on the PRL, Khalil Gibran, is listed as writing in Arabic. However their text, The Prophet, was originally written in English. Should this text be considered a work in translation or a work in English? It strikes...
  • 21 Jul David White
    HL Essay: final checklist
    Hi Michael. The IB are strict on word count so students should stick to 1500 or below for the essay.
  • 19 Jul Michael Di Ciaccio
    HL Essay: final checklist
    Hello, I hoping to seek clarification on the rules for the word count. Typically, most academic institutions accept a 10% leeway on the length of essays. Is that the case for IB? IS the limit absolutely and strictly no more than 1500 words...
  • 23 Jun Brian Taylor
    Individual Oral samples
    Thanks for replying Mark - that fits what I have heard. It seems the samples uploaded here don't all have body of work comments (Lear, Antigone), and none talk 50/50 about the extract vs body of work. IB examination markers seem to have marked...
  • 21 Jun Mark Beverley
    Annotating texts
    Hi Sam: this page was written quite some time ago and I am afraid I don't have the essays. The point was to try to highlight more significant features of the annotation process. There is more, however, on this page - - a video for students...
  • 21 Jun Mark Beverley
    Individual Oral samples
    Hi Brian: you are right, and the IB provided some guidance on this in the FAQs document that came out a while back - let me know if you can't find this and I will post it. In short, 'balance' means equal time spent between the two texts, and...
  • 21 Jun Sam Tapp
    Annotating texts
    Would it be possible to see the final essay that came out of these annotations please? Thank you.