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The site offers an engaging and imaginative approach to IB English - clear and informative it would be of use to both new and experienced teachers alike.

Jane Henshaw, Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

An excellent and invaluable site that will make the teaching of IB Literature both fun and engaging for students and teachers. The quality and quantity of material, tips and resources is impressive.

Samantha Chesler-Leiman, International School of Brunei, Brunei

It's easy to navigate, straightforward, and helpful. Even for an experienced IB teacher, the website provides helpful ways to reconsider curriculum and lesson plans.

Abigail Xiaoxuan Chen, Taipei American School, Taiwan


The Results are in...

9 August 2018

I was talking recently to a Head of English who was scratching his head having received a huge spreadsheet of data on this year’s IB results... more

'Taking Ownership...'

20 April 2018

'Taking Ownership' is a phrase that I find myself using a lot in lessons and it relates to a central idea that can be applied in various ways... more

Luddites, Laputans and Literature teachers

30 March 2018

Five recommendations, after a preamble about technology, teachers and Literature...If there is a stereotype of a Literature teacher (and I am... more

Subscriber comments

  • 20 Aug Simon Thom
    Marking Paper 2
    Looking at the poetry exemplar (Hughes and Plath), I was surprised that only two poems were addressed: I normally advise my students to look at three per poet (if they are just looking at two poets), and to make passing reference to others,...
  • 14 Aug David White
    HL exemplar 3: poetry
    This particular student may well be aiming higher than that... Your point that such model answers can be unhelpful and overwhelming to students is still important. If we do use such samples, it is probably better to select a part or a paragraph...
  • 13 Aug Paul Welch
    HL exemplar 3: poetry
    Wow, well I take back my assertion. Mea culpa. I find it incredible that they were able to read, organize and plan, and write so much under those two hours.The claims and analyses themselves are very good, but not unobtainably so when taken...
  • 13 Aug David White
    HL exemplar 3: poetry
    HI Paul. This was an authentic answer, done under exam conditions. Answers as detailed as this are rare and it may not be helpful to show this to students, depending on your class, but it is a genuine example of what some students are capable...
  • 12 Aug Paul Welch
    HL exemplar 3: poetry
    This is certainly an impressive commentary, but I don't believe that this is authentic student work. It is ten paragraphs amounting to almost 1800 words, which surely is impossible to write with this quality given the time constraints of Paper...
  • Thank you!
  • 11 Aug David White
    Sample Extended Essays
    Hi Anne. I don't have access to any Visual Arts EEs I can share - try your HOD Art or IB Coordinator, or if you search online you will probably find some examples.
  • 11 Aug David White
    Stage 4: The Written Assignment
    Hi Sara. There should be a bibliography. Other than that there is no specific guidance but students should use standard fonts, sizes and spacing (e.g. Times New Roman, font size 12, at least 1.0 spacing)
  • Hi everyone, is there specific formatting the WA is meant to follow? (font size, spacing etc, bibliography etc)
  • 8 Aug Anne de la Paz
    Sample Extended Essays
    Is is possible to get access to sample EE in the Visual Arts? I have a student who is writing hers in this topic area...and it would be helpful for me to see what a VA EE Looks like...
  • 6 Jul Flavia Marin-Drews
    Marking the IOP
    Exemplars are very helpful for newbies. Thank you for uploading the ones above. If you have any more examples, I would be very grateful if you could upload them.
  • 2 Jul David White
    Extended Essay criteria
    Hi Anne. While this is a nice idea, you are right that this would not be accepted as a literary analysis essay, which is what the EE needs to be. The topic itself could work although it needs to be firmly rooted in the analysis of specific...