The site offers an engaging and imaginative approach to IB English - clear and informative it would be of use to both new and experienced teachers alike.

Jane Henshaw, Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

An excellent and invaluable site that will make the teaching of IB Literature both fun and engaging for students and teachers. The quality and quantity of material, tips and resources is impressive.

Samantha Chesler-Leiman, International School of Brunei, Brunei

I wish I'd had something like this when I first started teaching IB Lit!

Alexa Mazarakis, International School of Manila, Philippines

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A New Year and a new course...

2 January 2019

As we look ahead to 2019 and all the things that a new year may bring, not the least will be developments in the Group 1 courses. As you will... more

Happy Holiday Reading!

19 December 2018

Happy Holidays everyone! Many of us now get to take a well-earned break after a long and gruelling term. As we do so, we can joyfully push... more

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  • 21 Mar Mark Beverley
    Marking the Written Assignment
    Hi Sian: probably, especially if these facts were not particularly well known. I'd advise not referring to many, however, given that the focus is on literary elements.
  • 21 Mar Sian Davies
    Marking the Written Assignment
    Hello both. If students are referencing contextual facts (not focusing on, but referring to) in their WT, do they need to include a source list and bibliography for this information?
    Overview of the new course
    Mark, Thank you so much!
  • 20 Mar Mark Beverley
    Overview of the new course
    Hello Rachelle: I have double checked this because I didn't want to give the wrong advice, but this comes from the upper echelons of the IB: Guidelines for choosing works from the PRLs: Any author on the Prescribed reading list can be read...
    Overview of the new course
    Hello, Looking at the PRL--can you clarify the following: Will be allowed to teach anything by the author as long as they are on the list? Or, are we only allowed to teach the literary form of the author that is provided in the PRL? For example--I...
  • Thanks for your thoughts, David. Yes, that is what I've had in mind as well.
  • Hi Will. It's true that students do need to write a certain amount in order to meet the higher bands in some criteria, in particular in order to convey a thorough knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the texts. However, you need...
  • 19 Mar Sian Hill
    Overview of the new course
    Thanks, Mark. I suppose the site will be more interactive so perhaps I will just give students access to relevant page on the site. I think you are right about the interaction aspect as I suspect there will be lots of discussion when we start...
  • 19 Mar Mark Beverley
    The Higher Level Discussion
    Brenden: please note that there is no extract given in the discussion. HL students receive 20 minutes preparation time for their commentary, which is based on an extract. This lasts for 10 minutes (8 minutes of presentation and 2 minutes...
  • 19 Mar Mark Beverley
    Overview of the new course
    Hi Sian: no, Hannah and I have not written the course book this time - although I gather there is one in the pipeline. My preference was to concentrate attention on this site, to be honest -where we can upload a lot more material and encourage...
  • 19 Mar chuck henry
    Part 2 Detailed Study
    I understand. Thank you. That's helpful.
  • 19 Mar Brenden Ballinger
    The Higher Level Discussion
    HI - I'm seeking clarification. Is the student given an allocated time to peruse the extract for the discussion or do you literary finish the commentary and move into the discussion. Thanks Brenden