The site offers an engaging and imaginative approach to IB English - clear and informative it would be of use to both new and experienced teachers alike.

Jane Henshaw, Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

I was very impressed with the site. It is very user friendly, gives students (and teachers) easy access to excellent resources. I also enjoyed the opportunity to be able to check my marks (and my students peer marking) for tasks against IB criteria and...

Martyn Fernandes, Australian International School, Singapore

It's easy to navigate, straightforward, and helpful. Even for an experienced IB teacher, the website provides helpful ways to reconsider curriculum and lesson plans.

Abigail Xiaoxuan Chen, Taipei American School, Taiwan

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Getting ready for the new course

9 June 2019

As those of you in May session schools bring the year to a close and look forward to a well-deserved holiday, we know you will also have an... more

How to revise for English?

11 April 2019

This is a question most English teachers have heard, probably most years, as many students seem to find it hard to see English as a subject... more

Subscriber comments

  • 18 Aug Kitty Fogliano
    Internal Assessment
    The description above identifies a possible global issue: "how authors portray freedom of thought and conscience (or lack thereof), and how their choices lead us to consider what this means in different contexts". I am lost at understanding...
  • 14 Aug Kimberly Caruso
    Overview of the new course
    Thank you very much for your suggestion.
  • 14 Aug Mark Beverley
    SL exemplar 2: prose
    Hi Gina: copyright issues make this diffiult for us to do. As an IB school, you should be able to gain access to past papers, however - this one from May 2013.
  • 14 Aug Gina Mc Carrel
    SL exemplar 2: prose
    Would it be possible to have the option to download the texts?
  • 13 Aug David White
    Example Course Outline 1 (HL)
    Hi Glenn. It is fine to have all choices from the PRL; the 4 free choices are there if you do want to use authors not listed but it is not a requirement.
  • 13 Aug Glenn Flood
    Example Course Outline 1 (HL)
    Hi. We are finalizing our choices for our HL Literature syllabus. The requirements indicate 4 free choice literary works. Is it compulsory to have 4 free choice works, or is it possible to construct a syllabus that has fewer than 4 free choices,...
  • 12 Aug David White
    Overview of the new course
    Hi Kimberley. I think either approach can work, or - my preference - a combination of both - so, one central question or SOI with further questions (inquiry, conceptual, provocative) used to structure the learning in the unit. There is a...
  • 12 Aug David White
    Course Requirements Tracker
    Yes, Robert - only authors and their associated literary forms are on the PRL now, not specific texts. So this means you can do any text by that author in that literary form if they are listed. As for your Shakespeare question you are correct...
  • 12 Aug Kimberly Caruso
    Overview of the new course
    David, what are your thoughts about using inquiry questions to guide units? For example, should we use one central question, similar to an Essential Question or MYP Statement of Inquiry, but aligned with an area of exploration and concept?...
  • 11 Aug Robert Munson
    Course Requirements Tracker
    Also, in the past you couldn't repeat an author within a part, but in year 1 we had Shakespeare (Merchant of Venice) and year 2 we had Shakespeare (Hamlet), but if I'm reading the guide correctly, we can repeat any other at all (unless it's...
  • 10 Aug Robert Munson
    Course Requirements Tracker
    Kafka is on the PRL, but I don't see The Metamorphosis actually listed. Is this still a work that is acceptable?
  • 10 Aug Mark Beverley
    Stage 4: The Written Assignment
    Hi Gina - no the title isn’t counted. I presume by ‘world cited’ you mean a bibliography..? If so, then no - that doesn’t count either. The word count relates to any text that appears in the main body of the essay only.