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The site offers an engaging and imaginative approach to IB English - clear and informative it would be of use to both new and experienced teachers alike.

Jane Henshaw, Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

An excellent and invaluable site that will make the teaching of IB Literature both fun and engaging for students and teachers. The quality and quantity of material, tips and resources is impressive.

Samantha Chesler-Leiman, International School of Brunei, Brunei

I wish I'd had something like this when I first started teaching IB Lit!

Alexa Mazarakis, International School of Manila, Philippines


Luddites, Laputans and Literature teachers

30 March 2018

Five recommendations, after a preamble about technology, teachers and Literature...If there is a stereotype of a Literature teacher (and I am... more

Happy New Year

7 January 2018

Are you one for new year’s resolutions? Browsing around for inspirational quotations, I come across this from G K Chesterton: "The object... more

A Christmas Present

19 December 2017

Here's a Christmas present for you: Dylan Thomas reading his story, A Child’s Christmas in Wales. Find below this virtual Christmas tree,... more

Subscriber comments

  • 15 Apr David White
    Marking Paper 2
    Hi Chuck. We have put up two since then - one on Streetcar and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and another on Streetcar and Amadeus. You can find all Paper 2 exemplars under Part 3 Genres > Marking Paper 2
  • 15 Apr chuck henry
    Marking Paper 2
    Gentlemen, on March 16th Mark mentioned he would put up some more Drama exemplars. Has that happened? Where can I find them?
  • Sorry they're on the left of screen!
  • Where are the 'subsequent pages [that] look at more specific conventions of prose fiction.'?
  • 10 Apr David White
    Extended Essay: the basics
    Hi Anna. If she just focuses on Kendrick Lamar, this would be a Category 3 essay (see above), as his lyrics would not be classified as a "literary work" on this course. We have not really covered Cat 3 essays on this site as they are not...
  • 9 Apr Anne de la Paz
    Extended Essay: the basics
    Hi David, I have a student who is interested in a question about rap lyrics of a certain rapper Kendrick Lama ...Her argument that poetry is not read today by youth ...rap lyrics have an what extent are Kendrick Lamar´s rap...
  • Hi Jennifer. Not sure I understand - the question is at the top of the page and is about writers "who adapt or import historical material" into their works, which the essay is clearly answering. Are you looking at a different question?
  • Hi, Does the question fit the essay. My students and I have used this as a practice and we think the question is more about journeys. Thank you, Jennifer Ericson
  • You may well be right, Jacob - examiners often seem reluctant to give full marks (partly because of the seeding system, which requires them to be "within tolerance" of the senior examiner's mark and which therefore makes giving full marks something...
  • I think this essay should achieve full marks, certainly on language. It feels like two marks were deducted for the sake of not awarding full marks.
  • 4 Apr jaya sharma
    HL exemplar 1: prose
    Can you please mail me the May 2012 Hl paper, which h as this passage. I could not find the passage, and the one that we have in school, the passage has been removed for copyright reasons.Or could you send me an on line link where this passage...
  • Glad you think so, Jorge. Thanks for the feedback.