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Ready for results?

30 June 2021

Results 2021In another unusual year, find below an outline of what the release of results and subsequent enquiry upon results services (EUR)... more

Paper 1 sample responses

8 May 2021

Sample paper 1 responsesFor those schools taking the examination route in May 2021, the Paper 1 examination is happening on Monday May 10th.... more

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  • 22 Sep Johana Tapia
    HL Essay: final checklist
    Hi One of my students did her HL essay on Rent by Jonathan Larson and I can not seem to find him in the PRL. If he is not there, is it ok for my student to use that essay?
  • 22 Sep Vikki Bell
    Internal Assessment
    Thank you for the advice, David!
  • The student goes over by a few lines, but some of them are very short. It would be odd to accept 40 lines of detailed, lengthy prose, and not 42 - some of which comprised of only one or two words. That said, the Strindberg passage in particular...
  • Is the limit not 40 lines for each extract?
  • 21 Sep Mark Beverley
    The course (2021)
    Hi Ryan: the grade boundaries for individual components are found on the breakdown of results that the IB will have sent to you. Your IB coordinator should have these. The boundaries for this year were as follows: HL Grade boundaries May...
  • 21 Sep Ryan Whittle
    The course (2021)
    Hi David--To follow up on this question from Merzeen back in May, do you know if schools received grade boundaries for individual components? Because my school supposedly did not and the boundaries I find on MyIB are only for the overall course....
  • 20 Sep David White
    Internal Assessment
    Hi Vikki. There is no official line on this other than the statement, 'Individual bullet points must not be excessively long'. It is more a matter of personal judgment - that the students give themselves sufficient detail in the bullets to...
  • 19 Sep Ella Murdoch
    Non-fiction sample extracts
    Is it possible to get any teacher comments or student responses for these please before we head in to the November exam period. It would really help those new to teaching the course and marking these papers. Many thanks.
  • Hi Ella - I agree that the examiner's mark for C feels harsh, however it does reflect the issue of a need for balance of analysis between the extract and the work as a whole. The comment you quote (apart from the first phrase) mostly relates...
  • A word of caution: According to the MyIB lit forum the subject guide for 2021 that is currently on the My IB site is NOT accurate -- it has not been updated with all of the changes from last year. They plan to update it in November. Why they...
  • Why so low in organisation if the comments from the marker are thus: "He organises the oral in a way that feels deliberate and is sensitive to the details and subtleties of the passages and their contexts - well avoiding what could have been...
  • 17 Sep Charles Barry
    Practise Paper 1 Skills: poetry
    This is a nice intro practice :)