I was very impressed with the site. It is very user friendly, gives students (and teachers) easy access to excellent resources. I also enjoyed the opportunity to be able to check my marks (and my students peer marking) for tasks against IB criteria and...

Martyn Fernandes, Australian International School, Singapore

It's easy to navigate, straightforward, and helpful. Even for an experienced IB teacher, the website provides helpful ways to reconsider curriculum and lesson plans.

Abigail Xiaoxuan Chen, Taipei American School, Taiwan

I wish I'd had something like this when I first started teaching IB Lit!

Alexa Mazarakis, International School of Manila, Philippines

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Paper 1 sample responses

8 May 2021

Sample paper 1 responsesFor those schools taking the examination route in May 2021, the Paper 1 examination is happening on Monday May 10th.... more

May & November 2022 announcement: no paper 2

27 February 2021

No Paper 2 for May and November 2022 examination sessionsThe IB recently announced changes to the components and examinations for May and November... more

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  • 14 Jun Solange Cifre
    Paper 1 sample response #9
    What is the IB's stance regarding the use of gender neutral pronouns in essays? Many students have opted for the singular they when referring to a narrator or persona whose gender is not known.
  • 10 Jun Mark Beverley
    Global Issues
    Hello Jill: this question has come up a few times and it is not straightforward to answer because of course it depends on the amount of 'information' presented in each panel and the nature of the content. As an examiner of this component, however,...
  • 10 Jun Jill Batty
    Global Issues
    If we use a text such as persepolis - how many pages might constitute a 40 line passage?
  • 7 Jun Mark Beverley
    Readers, writers and texts
    Sounds like a plan, Charles! Having gone through the course once i suspect lots of people (myself included) will spend time reflecting on how it has gone and potentially make changes.
  • 7 Jun Charles Barry
    Readers, writers and texts
    Thanks for the questions! AOEs have been with us all year but now as the year ends we have time to focus on them at leisure!
  • Hi Juanita: p.46 of the subject guide is worth addressing here. There is no specific limit to the feedback, but line by line would be way too much, I would say. Intermittent marginal comments that comprise questions and/or suggestions are fine...
  • Is there a limit to the feedback we are allowed to offer on the first draft? I seem to remember something about not doing line-by-line feedback or there being a limit to the amount of feedback we should give to students. Any clarity on this...
  • 28 May Rosie Magee
    Higher Level Essay
    Thank you Mark for your advice, really appreciate it.
  • 28 May Mark Beverley
    Paper 1 sample response #2
    Hi Sylvia - working on it now - will be up in a couple of days..
  • 28 May Mark Beverley
    Higher Level Essay
    Hi Rosie: the bottom is line is that you need to sign off on the work declaring that to your knowledge there has been no collusion. Perhaps making sure that the essays pursue a different argument or angle on their chosen topic would help?
  • 28 May Mark Beverley
    Individual Oral: further advice
    I don't see why not, Julie - they are two separate texts by two different authors. As long as one is in translation, the choice of the second work is up to you .
  • 27 May Rosie Magee
    Higher Level Essay
    Hello, could you kindly help me with something. I have a very small HL class (5 students) and two of the students have created two questions/ area of focus that are quite similar on the same play. I am wondering if there is any issue with this?...