An excellent and invaluable site that will make the teaching of IB Literature both fun and engaging for students and teachers. The quality and quantity of material, tips and resources is impressive.

Samantha Chesler-Leiman, International School of Brunei, Brunei

I was very impressed with the site. It is very user friendly, gives students (and teachers) easy access to excellent resources. I also enjoyed the opportunity to be able to check my marks (and my students peer marking) for tasks against IB criteria and...

Martyn Fernandes, Australian International School, Singapore

It's easy to navigate, straightforward, and helpful. Even for an experienced IB teacher, the website provides helpful ways to reconsider curriculum and lesson plans.

Abigail Xiaoxuan Chen, Taipei American School, Taiwan

Subscriber comments

  • 19 Sep Mark Beverley
    Extended Essay: appropriate topics
    Hi Andrew - she is not permitted to use the text if it has been studied, though she could choose a different work by the same author. Page 21 of the new guide reads 'A language A: literature candidate may write his or her extended essay on...
  • 19 Sep Mark Beverley
    The new course
    Hi Joe - yes indeed - working on it!
  • Good morning, I have a student who is interested in doing a text that has been previously studied in class as part of Part 4 - Options. That said, she did not use the text for her IOP. As such, is she allowed to use a studied text for her...
  • 18 Sep Joe Johnson
    The new course
    I may be reading this page wrong or missing something. Will you be adding information on Paper 1 and Paper 2 exams for the new guide?
  • 17 Sep David White
    Hi Estella. There is nothing in the assessment criteria to indicate they need to directly compare the two texts so students do not need to create a comparative structure, although the nature of their extracts and their line of argument might...
  • Hi Carissa. Either approach can be taken although most teachers get their students to frame their title as an inquiry question.
  • 17 Sep David White
    Hi Christy. We are working each week to post updates for the new course, while also being mindful that many of our subscribers are still teaching the old course, so we are seeking to strike a balance between the two. Arguably the changes have...
  • 17 Sep Estella Gutulan
    Hello, please can you confirm that the IO does not expect the candidates to compare the two extracts? Also, should an IO be divided into a discussion of Extract 1 followed by Extract 2, or should the extracts be discussed simultaneously, ie...
  • 17 Sep Christy Willet
    Hi! New to IB and finally have access to this site, yay! I notice the Language and Literature page has a LOT more detail relating to the new course...I'm wondering when the Literature site will be updated?
  • 17 Sep Carissa Christensen
    An overview of the Written Assignment
    Hello! In reading the example student papers, I saw that the title of each paper was written as a question. Is this the SOP for WA titles? The Cambridge guide shows titles written in the traditional way.
  • 15 Sep Aurora Manaj
    Overview of the new course
    Hello Mark, thank you so much for your quick and helpful response. Kind regards, Aurora
  • 14 Sep Mark Beverley
    Overview of the new course
    Hello Aurora: yes, there is a brand new list of authors that replaces the old PLA and PLT. You get to it from the Programme Resource Centre on MyIB. It is in HTML format only so you can search more effectively (and also because it is a very...