This area of the site is devoted to the compilation of a range of generic teaching and learning resources.

There is obviously an inexhaustible list of ideas, suggested classroom practices and (frequently downloadable) materials that could be included, and so we expect this section to grow considerably .  Please make suggestions about things you would like to see in the comments section at the bottom.

Perhaps the most significant 'growth area' will be in the range of resources we make for the teaching of individual texts, and to begin with we will of course try to prioritise the more common choices.  However, if you are short of ideas for particular works then please let us know and we will do our best to make suggestions and find or create suitable support materials for you.

In addition, in the pages linked below, you will see suggestions for tackling more generic skills that underpin the course, including the all-important need for quality essay writing.  This is all too often a rather thorny area, in relation to which teachers can sometimes voice different points of view. Undoubtedly, we are always in a space between providing concrete help, direction and sometimes useful scaffolding for our students  - whilst (hopefully) refraining from prescribing the ways in which essays should be written.  (The notion, for instance, that all essays should have five paragraphs is sometimes said - and is surely an idea that should be resisted.)  The more control over the structure and the direction of the essay a student can exert, then the more likely it is that they will demonstrate independent ownership as well as exhibit all important higher-order thinking skills.  

Finally, we have begun to create pages that relate to other relevant fields, including formative assessment and assessment for learning, revising literary works and ways in which you can adopt particular teaching and learning strategies in your classrooms - including, in the first instance, the value of role play and drama more generally.  

More to follow... !

Selected Pages

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