Getting Started

Hurricane-IreneThis section of the site is aimed at new teachers to ESS but there may be something for everyone.

How you approach the design of your ESS course is very personal and will depend on many factors including your own strengths, your location and the constraints or opportunities you have at your school.
  • ESS is currently only offered at SL due to a technical IB rule which applies to interdisciplinary courses but this is likely to change in 2022.
  • ESS combines the approaches of a Group 3 (Individuals and Societies) course and a Group 4 (Sciences) course
  • The course should encourage students to take a holistic approach to environmental problems and there are "Big Questions" designed to help this process
  • A practical approach to the course is acknowledged by a 25% weighting of the internal assessment (IA). This IA is an individual investigation and should take about 10 hours.
  • Along with the individual investigation students participate in a Practical Scheme of Work (PSOW) which should be a minimum of 30 hours (including the IA)
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