This website provides an extensive range of rich resources that are implementation ready. There is something for everyone in here. Both new and experienced teachers will find value, ranging from practical lab activities as well as online database/simulation...

Christina Wilson Bowers, Meridian School, Texas, USA

As a first-year ESS teacher, this website has helped me immensely. In particular, I have been able to see the course more holistically and can map out which topics can be taught together. The time I have spent lesson planning has been significantly reduced...

Tara Hasan, Australian International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I really love that you have so many activities and video that would engage in classes. All the teaching material are ready to use; and the tests and annotated marking of works are super helpful!

Sov Atkinson, Atlantic College, United Kingdom

Subscriber comments

  • 22 Sep ELEMA WARIO
    Modelling Feedback
    Hi. Kindly share sample graph and data table for this practical. Thanks.
  • 21 Sep Janet Janet Madera
    Checking Your Understanding
    Same. May I know if these questions have keys?
  • 20 Sep Michelle Kaszuba
    4.2 Access to Water
    Do you have a set of answers for the questions in this video? Thanks
  • 19 Sep Laura Hamilton
    1.2 What is a System? The Basics
    Thank you Deborah, I loved the dust episode. I honestly think society is catching up with the ESS curriculum! We have banged on about interconnectivity for a decade now and we are seeing more and more documentaries tackle it. The other one...
  • 17 Sep Laura Hamilton
    Paper 1 example - Pandora
    Thanks so much Deborah, love to hear great feedback! Good idea to bring this into 1.1 in a fun way too
  • 16 Sep Deborah Cannon
    Paper 1 example - Pandora
    I love this resource. I already use Avatar in Topic 1.1 as a student-friendly way to compare EVS (Na'avi v. humans), but I never thought to make it into a case study / Paper 1. Genius!!
  • 16 Sep Deborah Cannon
    1.2 What is a System? The Basics
    Anyone seen the Netflix series 'Connected'? Yes, some episodes are a bit loopy - but S1E3 (called 'Dust') is a good example of a global scale system involving lithosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. After in-class learning about the components...
  • 16 Sep Deborah Cannon
    1.3 Tipping Points Activity
    I love this activity - thank you for the suggestion. This concept is tricky for students and this activity is very helpful in deepening their understanding.
  • 13 Sep Clayton Rushing
    1.3 Equilibrium and Feedback - Review
    Hello! After reviewing the Google Slides in this activity, it appears that the information provided in the presentation only assists in helping students answer the first 6 questions. Is there another resource from which the remaining question...
  • 13 Sep Pedro De Carvalho Maalouf
    4.4 and 2.5 Water Quality and Indicator Species
    Hi Zoe, I see that you propose using a diversity index (Simpson's) while the Guide asks to look at biotic index. I know the later could be quite complicated to develop in class, and would require a complete data sheet of sampling. So I...
  • 13 Sep Radhika Mathur
    Topic 1.2 Quiz - 5 Questions
    Hi, Could you please clarify Q3. Transformation of ice into water occurs only if energy in the form of heat flows into ice, so it does involve energy.
  • There are definitely no May 2020 papers but we can update the tables for November 2020 and May 2021. Thanks Sheetal.