This website provides an extensive range of rich resources that are implementation ready. There is something for everyone in here. Both new and experienced teachers will find value, ranging from practical lab activities as well as online database/simulation...

Christina Wilson Bowers, Meridian School, Texas, USA

As a first-year ESS teacher, this website has helped me immensely. In particular, I have been able to see the course more holistically and can map out which topics can be taught together. The time I have spent lesson planning has been significantly reduced...

Tara Hasan, Australian International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I really love that you have so many activities and video that would engage in classes. All the teaching material are ready to use; and the tests and annotated marking of works are super helpful!

Sov Atkinson, Atlantic College, United Kingdom

Subscriber comments

  • 15 Aug Tony Bauer
    1.5 Pollution Card Sort
    Wow! Thank you!
  • 14 Aug Zoe Badcock
    1.5 Pollution Card Sort
    Ok they are now available as a pdf
  • 14 Aug Zoe Badcock
    1.5 Pollution Card Sort
    Good question - We'll get one posted within a day. I still have the original one unsorted I think otherwise I'll make one - I'll create a sub-page here for teachers only.
  • 13 Aug Tony Bauer
    1.5 Pollution Card Sort
    Hi. Is there a key to the card sorting activity? Thanks.
  • 11 Aug Zoe Badcock
    Getting Started
    Hi Mandy, the rules about number of hours, whether you teach the course in one year or two years, are the same. You need 150 hours to cover the course (at a minimum). So the timing recommendations given on this site should still stand but you...
  • 10 Aug Jennifer Samaras
    Getting Started
    Hi Mandy, the ESS Guide shows the recommended teaching hours:
  • 10 Aug Mandy Machut
    Getting Started
    Are the recommended teaching hours that are listed for each topic for a class that is taken over 2 years or for a 1 year class? I teach it as a one year class and I cannot find recommended times for each topic whe taught over 1 year.
  • 7 Aug Zoe Badcock
    1.1 Tribal Societies
    You can purchase the series (it's all interesting) on Amazon +tribes&qid=1565154995&s=gateway&sr=8-1 but I also notice that you might be able to watch it on demand on Amazon as well. I use my own copy of the dvd. I hope you manage to watch...
  • 6 Aug Joy Higgins
    1.1 Tribal Societies
    This is nice however links are no longer available to access content if we wanted to use in the classroom here in the US.
  • 23 Jul Zoe Badcock
    1.1 Environmental Value Systems
    Hi Matthew, No it would be impossible to complete all the student activities. They are there for you to pick and choose to fit with your own style and teaching order. It's good to mix and match practical activities with the activities for learning. Zoe
  • 22 Jul Matthew Ellis
    1.1 Environmental Value Systems
    Are all of the student activities listed here expected to be completed, or can teachers choose from a selection of them in order to spend the recommended teaching tome on the topic?
  • 13 May Laura Hamilton
    Student Access
    Hi Regina After you log in, click on your name from the drop down menu and access groups from there. The "group" icon on this page is just a picture.