As a first-year ESS teacher, this website has helped me immensely. In particular, I have been able to see the course more holistically and can map out which topics can be taught together. The time I have spent lesson planning has been significantly reduced...

Tara Hasan, Australian International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I really love that you have so many activities and video that would engage in classes. All the teaching material are ready to use; and the tests and annotated marking of works are super helpful!

Sov Atkinson, Atlantic College, United Kingdom

An excellent resource for new teachers, putting together the first syllabus. It also helps more experienced teachers with new idea and new perspectives.

Nathan Hughes, TASIS, United Kingdom

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    Hi Regina After you log in, click on your name from the drop down menu and access groups from there. The "group" icon on this page is just a picture.
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    Hi- I am trying to click on the 'groups' icon- but it does not allow me.
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    4.3 Sustainable Aquaculture
    Thanks Sarah Ann, I've changed it.
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    4.3 Sustainable Aquaculture
    Dan Barbour is a chef, a much-recognized one from Tarrytown, NY, USA. Not a comedian despite being funny.