This website provides an extensive range of rich resources that are implementation ready. There is something for everyone in here. Both new and experienced teachers will find value, ranging from practical lab activities as well as online database/simulation...

Christina Wilson Bowers, Meridian School, Texas, USA

I really love that you have so many activities and video that would engage in classes. All the teaching material are ready to use; and the tests and annotated marking of works are super helpful!

Sov Atkinson, Atlantic College, United Kingdom

Very comprehensive overview of the course. As an experienced ESS Teacher, it was still useful to see new/additional resources and to have everything in a resource. I have used InThinking for IB DP Chemistry before and do use it regularly as a teacher....

Sarah Urquhart, Yokohama International School, Japan

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Reviewing - Quizlet Live

10 November 2019

Quite a while ago, I developed quizlets on each subtopic which included key definitions and concepts. I missed the definitions in the latest... more

Our ESS Journey

16 April 2019

It is an immense privilege to teach this course but it also has many challenges. Students may choose it because they "hate" science, some may... more

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  • 13 Nov Rosalyn Manio
    Mini Case Study - The Nile
    than you so much Laura and Zoe :)
  • Are the slides for 2.3 (there are 2 different presentations in the materials) available for download?
  • 12 Nov Jennifer Baldacci
    2.2 Drawing Ecological Pyramids
    I guess I just wasn't expecting to make such a tiny graph. Do you also take the 10m2 into consideration? What units would you use for these numbers? Sorry for the delay - no alert comes to let me know you answered the question.
  • 12 Nov Zaigham Zia
    Revision Poster Answers
    Hey, This is Great. Can you please make this available to be downloaded as .pdf file?
  • 11 Nov Larysa Darchuk
    7.1 The Great Energy Transition
    Dear, Zoe and Laura, could you please upload proper answers for this student task? because for a few questions in the list answers are not clear.
  • 11 Nov Clemencia Lasso
    1.4 Comparing EIAs
    Hi Zoe. Can you please share it with me. Thanks
  • 11 Nov Zoe Badcock
    1.4 Comparing EIAs
    For all - please know that there is no magic in the shared document - it's just what my students messily tried to extract from research. The important learning was how the processes of an EIA can be impacted by the country with corruption or...
  • 11 Nov Zoe Badcock
    1.4 Comparing EIAs
    Ok Wendy and Madhumita - shared.
  • 11 Nov Zoe Badcock
    Paper 1 practice
    Hi, Laura did this one so I'm sure she's working on this and will share soon.
    1.4 Comparing EIAs
    Hi Zoe .Can you please share it with me.Thanks!
  • 11 Nov Rachel Bartlett
    Paper 1 practice
    Hi, have you got answers for this case study like you've done for the Nile case study. thanks
  • 10 Nov Zoe Badcock
    6.4 Acid Deposition - A Review
    Ok it's now corrected