7.1 The Great Energy Transition

A Discussion of the Energy Transition Ahead

This is a great discussion opportunity. The video from Al Jazeera discusses a Greenpeace report on how it is possible for the world to rely upon renewable energy alone by 2050. Three energy analysts discuss this proposal. You can watch the video as a class. If you do, keep a word wall of the advanced vocabulary used in the video and then discuss the meaning of the vocabulary together. This helps native English speakers and EAL students. A set of guiding questions is given and these can be completed individually or collaboratively as a class in a Google environment. This can also be set as a home learning activitiy.

The video is about 25 minutes in length. Here's a direct link to the Al Jazeera story and video.

Student Task:

Questions from Al Jazeera Inside Story: Can We Rely on Renewable Energy?

  1. What would be the costs and savings per year worldwide to convert to 100% renewable energy?
  2. How does Greenpeace suggest we should transition to 100% renewables by 2050?
  3. What are the economic drivers for this transition? Does it need subsidising?
  4. Has Greenpeace been reliable in its past predictions for renewable energy development?
  5. How would systems thinking transform the conversation about electric vehicles?
  6. How could the Dutch experience help us think about the challenges of moving industries such as steel and cement away from fossil fuels?
  7. How is Germany transitioning to renewables? What are its characteristics?
  8. Explain how it is possible to transition to 100% electric vehicles.
  9. What are the challenges to a transition to renewables everywhere?
  10. What are the attractions for LEDCs of renewable energy?
  11. What is the link between the carbon bubble and the divestment campaign?
  12. Do you expect that we will transition to 100% fossil free energy by 2050? Why?

    Al Jazeera Inside Story: Can We Rely on Renewable Energy?



    COP21 - Paris - Conference of Parties

    grid infrastructure


    LED lighting

    carbon capture & storage

    "Hedge against fluctuations"

    "the human rights issue of the moment"

    circular economy

    indigenous resources

    concrete / chemical / steel / technology industries




    stranded assets

    carbon bubble

    peak oil

    "driven by"

    regional/local communities

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