4.1 Ocean Circulation

This review activity will help students familarise themselves with the effects of different types of ocean circulation - the movement of energy and matter around the earth. They need to understand the impact of oceans on climate and it helps them understand some  aspects of environmental systems which may be mentioned in resource booklets but are not explicitly in the syllabus such as the knock on effect on food production and the inter-relationship with El Nino or La Nina.

 Here is the handout to go with the presentation 

As a class Try this short Kahoot quiz with your students

1. Why does water heat up and cool down more slowly than land?

2. What effect does this have on climate of land near water?

3. What causes the giant gyre in the middle of the North Atlantic?

4. Name two important cold water ocean currents.

5. Name the warm water current that flows across the North Atlantic towards northern Europe.

6. What would the climate of Great Britain be like without this current?

7. Explain why an upwelling current is important?

8. Describe the path of the Great Ocean Conveyer Belt.

9. Explain how the Ocean Conveyer Belt functions.

10.Why is the Ocean Conveyer Belt important?

11. Explain how an El Nino event occurs.

12. Describe the impact of an El Nino event on two different regions.

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