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The South China Sea10 March 2019

This page builds on the previous lesson in regard to tensions in the South China Sea. It provides the framework for a meaningful class debate where students represent the sovereign interests of competing... more

Teacher Assessment Map 10 March 2019

This page outlines a map of assessment through the unit, including skill based questions, short writing responses and extended writing responses including essays. It includes planning frames, essay guides,... more

Strategic Value of Oceans10 March 2019

This page provides a more in-depth look at the tensions and power dynamics in the South China Sea as well the continued sovereignty threats from piracy off the coast of East and West Africa. The activities... more

Evaluating the Management of Ocean Pollution10 March 2019

This page provides resources for two hours of teaching and allow for students to take different pathways through the resources. They can be used in a linear way by the teacher through two lessons. Alternatively... more

Biotic Resource Use10 March 2019

This page provides loads of choice in terms of resources on the trends and impacts of intensive fishing, aquaculture, whaling and sealing. It provides clear policy directions such as the Common Fishing... more

Sovereignty, Territorial Waters and EEZsfree10 March 2019

This page introduces students to marine zoning and the classification and regulations in place for territorial waters and EEZs. It begins with a brief look at the tensions in the English Channel between... more

Mangroves, Stakeholders and Management10 March 2019

This page takes a close look at mangrove ecosystems and their characteristics. It goes on to illustrate the competing stakeholders based on a number of mangrove contexts, before developing in more depth... more

Land-use Pressures and Outcomes in Thailand10 March 2019

This page develops the land use pressure case study in Thailand. It provides a detailed insight into the specific pressures on the Thai coast, including, tourism, foreign investment, intensive aquaculture... more

Coastal Land-use Pressures 10 March 2019

This page introduces the concept of conflict and competing stakeholder through a conflict grid. It goes on to develop a number of located examples including the historical development of the Mediterranean... more

Coastal Management Methods10 March 2019

This page explores the advantages and disadvantages of different coastal management methods in regard to flooding and cliff erosion. It develops student inquiry through photograph analysis and maps. Much... more