This website allows teachers and students to have more information than just in the textbook and gives them the opportunity to practise IB style questions with each lesson unit. The video links are a great resource and the handouts practical.

Ronan Lynch, Leysein American School, Switzerland

A fantastic and comprehensive teacher produced site, which outshines all the current IB books and resources available of the market. Your students are sure to have great success with this site supporting them and their teachers.

Charlotte Lemaitre, British School of Brussels, Belgium

A fantastic collection of resources for the new IB Geography syllabus presented and organized in an easy to find manor.

Sion Brocklehurst, Leysin American School, Switzerland

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  • 22 Sep Paul Christmas
    The Characteristics of Urban Places
    Hi Damian, thanks for your advice. When I said I would edit the text I just meant reframe it to avoid confusion. I've done that but it's not my intention to get into too much detail. As the purpose of the book is student revision.Thanks
  • 22 Sep Damian Werczyński
    The Characteristics of Urban Places
    Hi Paul, maybe instead of editing and erasing, it would be good to clarify criterion which causes that in some cases village are recognized as urban place, I mean the case when majority of occupations are outside the primary sector, especially...
  • 22 Sep Paul Christmas
    The Characteristics of Urban Places
    Damian, I'm speaking more generally really but I can edit the text. Thank you for helping out. Paul
  • 21 Sep Damian Werczyński
    The Characteristics of Urban Places
    Is it not a mistake in the first sentence about "villages"? According to Oxford Reference: Urban settlement - A densely populated settlement, which can take the form of a town, city, metropolis, conurbation, megalopolis, or world city. And...
  • Hi Anne I have made the infographic bigger and the image now can be presented by just clicking on it. I hope this helps. Thank you, Paul
  • Hi Mary, I have found a link for it. Thank you
  • Hi Paul, is there an alternative link for The Economist video?
  • Hi Paul, I tried to click on the infographic of economic superpowers but the website is 'not found'. Thanks, Anne
  • 26 Aug Johannes Sundström
    Chapter 1b - Global Superpowers
  • Hi Laura, the RQ needs narrowing from the city-scale to the-neighbourhood and the environmental sustainability aspecty needs to be narrowed to a specific aspect of environment. What about a study of urban microclimates - or just focus on the...
  • Hi Paul, I am struggling with EE questions, can help me and provide feedback onthe following RQ: To what extent the city of Nur-sultan (Kazakhstan) is environmentally sustainable in 2021? is it ok to take exact year or it can be without it....
  • I many respects Adia my comments on the 1st June are quite valid still. I think it is narrow in terms of the cyber revolution but could still be narrowed further, what aspects of cyber revolution? How will Miller's four axis be used? Is this...