This website allows teachers and students to have more information than just in the textbook and gives them the opportunity to practise IB style questions with each lesson unit. The video links are a great resource and the handouts practical.

Ronan Lynch, Leysein American School, Switzerland

A fantastic and comprehensive teacher produced site, which outshines all the current IB books and resources available of the market. Your students are sure to have great success with this site supporting them and their teachers.

Charlotte Lemaitre, British School of Brussels, Belgium

A fantastic collection of resources for the new IB Geography syllabus presented and organized in an easy to find manor.

Sion Brocklehurst, Leysin American School, Switzerland

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  • Hi Paul Is the text about the things measured by each indicator correct? Your blurb says that FDI is excluded from economic flows but that sounds counter-intuitive and is at odds with what I have read elsewhere. Can you clarify for me please? Thanks Allie...
  • Hi Paul, could an exam ask for both corporate and non-corporate stakeholders in addressing climate change? What I mean is that I'm focusing a lot of my CC work on Bangladesh (as I lived there for a couple years and connected with some people...
  • 9 Nov Shengyi Fu
    Teacher Assessment Map
    A model essay for Discuss the challenges and opportunities for human development in regard to management strategies of geophysical hazard events (10) would be appreciated
  • 7 Nov Paul Christmas
    The Diffusion of Innovation
    Hi Fehim I hope you worked it out. If you are referring to the worksheet where students should identify different examples, there is no support sheet with text. They should consider it themselves. It's a what do you already know activity. Regards, Paul
  • 4 Nov Fehim Khan
    The Diffusion of Innovation
    Hi I cannot find texts on agricultural innovations?
  • Hi Claire, the link to the maps had changed. I've updated it so just click on the link below the map. Thanks for letting me know. Paul
  • Thanks for spotting this Peter, I've changed it!
  • Hi Trevor, yes I would say it's quite possible it features in an exam and yes it is a popular tourism location. Paul
  • Thanks for your help.
  • Hi. We were a bit confused about the fact that there were two convex labels in the labeling exercise above! Surely there should be two for concave (Stage 1 and 2), straight lines for Stage 3 and convex for Stage 4?
  • Hi Paul, is the term "honeypot" one that could conceivably show up in an exam? And would it be fine for students to define it as simply a popular location?
  • Hi Paul, This map looks great but I can only see the map for North America. Should I be able to see others? Where are they? Many thanks, Claire Reid.