This website allows teachers and students to have more information than just in the textbook and gives them the opportunity to practise IB style questions with each lesson unit. The video links are a great resource and the handouts practical.

Ronan Lynch, Leysein American School, Switzerland

A fantastic and comprehensive teacher produced site, which outshines all the current IB books and resources available of the market. Your students are sure to have great success with this site supporting them and their teachers.

Charlotte Lemaitre, British School of Brussels, Belgium

A fantastic collection of resources for the new IB Geography syllabus presented and organized in an easy to find manor.

Sion Brocklehurst, Leysin American School, Switzerland

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  • 7 May Paul Christmas
    Urban Growth
    Hi Anita, I think there is enough guidance here in the student frame that is just below it. I hope this makes sense, Paul
  • 7 May Paul Christmas
    H Catherine, I fixed this! Thank you for letting me know, it's a video that frequently drops off.
  • 29 Apr Catherine Bartram
    Hi there, The first video on this page seems to have expired. Catherine
  • 29 Apr Paul Christmas
    Plate Movement
    Hi Jennifer, there seemed to be a missing resource here. the question was referred to in the assessment map for the theme but the outline is missing. I have placed the question here as smart written task. There is guidance for the question...
  • 28 Apr anita yu
    Urban Growth
    Hi Paul, there isn't any eye symbol in the last section: Student Assessment - Urban Growth - Places and Processes. Can you send the answer again? Thank you!
  • 26 Apr Jennifer Major
    Plate Movement
    Sorry Paul, I cannot seem to see the 6 mark assessment about plate movement that you mention in the teacher notes? I may well be being blind! 'Student Assessment - There is a clear brief for this 6 mark question to explain plate movement' Thanks...
  • 22 Apr Iwona Tumidajewicz
    Chapter 5d - Cultural Landscape Changes
    Thank you very much for your quick response and effectiveness :-)
  • Hi Iwona, thanks for your message, I've fixed it! Paul
  • 20 Apr Paul Christmas
    Exam Success
    Hi Edjiroh The upcoming exams will be based on the following Paper 1 - both SL/HL must answer on question - in your case theme E. This paper will be 40 minutes and include one 10 mark essay, but the students do have a choice of two essays. Paper...
  • 19 Apr Iwona Tumidajewicz
    Chapter 5d - Cultural Landscape Changes
    The icons of the cities in Attempts to stand out and Cultural landscapes (carousel gallery) don't work...
  • 19 Apr Edjroh Serge Franck Meledje
    Exam Success
    Hello Madam, please I would like to have the modification of test 1 and test 2 compared to the 2020-2021 exam session. Indeed the question of the section has been deleted, how will this test be composed 2. for Test 1, we have the theme E, how...
  • Sorry Amaya, I missed your question. The map shows obesity percentage in proportion to land area.