This website allows teachers and students to have more information than just in the textbook and gives them the opportunity to practise IB style questions with each lesson unit. The video links are a great resource and the handouts practical.

Ronan Lynch, Leysein American School, Switzerland

A fantastic and comprehensive teacher produced site, which outshines all the current IB books and resources available of the market. Your students are sure to have great success with this site supporting them and their teachers.

Charlotte Lemaitre, British School of Brussels, Belgium

A fantastic collection of resources for the new IB Geography syllabus presented and organized in an easy to find manor.

Sion Brocklehurst, Leysin American School, Switzerland

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Climate Change Impacts at the Regional Scale

5 October 2018

These excellent maps provide a detailed spatial pattern of climate change impacts at the continental scale. It overlaps specific climate threats... more

Exploring Map Evidence to Explain the Impacts of the Palu Earthquake and Tsunami

2 October 2018

Earthquakes produce both primary and secondary hazards. Primary hazards inlcude shaking ground and collapsing buildings. Secondary hazards... more

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  • 14 Dec Paul Christmas
    Sample Exams - Paper 1 (Free Access)
    Hi Ava I think you are looking at the worng page. You need to go to the full page for Paper 1 sample. This page that you've messaged from is just the free samples. The markschemes are written within the site. Good luck with it, it's a busy...
  • 14 Dec Paul Christmas
    Examplar 1
    Hi Mike I don't have a graded one with annotation but this is a good idea! You will find a grading sheet that I use in the Teacher support - Introduction and Methodology page. I use it to highlight key things missing in their IAs and I write...
  • Hi Paul Any idea if the Food and Health and Urbanisation mark schemes will be up soon? I'd like to use for my mocks but only if a mark scheme is ready. Thanks again for all this.
  • 12 Dec Mike Bergmann
    Examplar 1
    Do you have a graded version with annotations? Also, is there a rubric for grading I.A.s that you use?
  • 11 Dec Paul Christmas
    Glacial Environments
    Hi Anne It requires your Adobe Flash Player to be fully updated on your computer. It's free to download and it should take you directly to the download page. I hope this helps. Paul
  • 10 Dec Anne Froidcoeur
    Glacial Environments
    Hi Paul, I would like to give my students a chance to take the virtual glacier tour. When I have downloaded the VirtGlac, I am stopped from moving further as I think I need a certain program to run this. Can you help me out? Thanks, Anne
  • Wonderful, thank you!
  • Hi Nell I'm aware the link doesn't work but it's strange because it still goes through to the page. I've left it there in case it's corrected but I've added the video as an alternative resource to the link. I hope this helps. Regards, Paul
  • / Link does not work!
  • 2 Dec Danielle Farmer
    Sample Paper 1 - Urban Environments
    Fantastic, thanks so much Paul!
  • 30 Nov Paul Christmas
    An Aging Crisis in China
    Also fixed, thanks for spotting for me!
  • 29 Nov Nell Delport
    An Aging Crisis in China
    No link for the Interview with Howard French