This website allows teachers and students to have more information than just in the textbook and gives them the opportunity to practise IB style questions with each lesson unit. The video links are a great resource and the handouts practical.

Ronan Lynch, Leysein American School, Switzerland

A fantastic and comprehensive teacher produced site, which outshines all the current IB books and resources available of the market. Your students are sure to have great success with this site supporting them and their teachers.

Charlotte Lemaitre, British School of Brussels, Belgium

A fantastic collection of resources for the new IB Geography syllabus presented and organized in an easy to find manor.

Sion Brocklehurst, Leysin American School, Switzerland

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  • Hi Trevor, sorry for my delay in replying. Factors that impact are broad and so yes students could focus on mitigation as you suggest, but also the nature and magnitude of the hazard. They could also develop spatial patterns on how storm surges...
  • 25 Nov Draško Perać
    Modern Threats
    In "Starter Activity_Norse Cyber Attacks Map_ Processes and Spatial Interactions" link in second task not working 
  • Hi Paul, can you clarify the guidance on the 10 mark prompt, "Examine the factors that influence the impacts of hurricanes on people and the environment"? If the question is asking for examination of the factors that influenced the impacts,...
  • Hi Paul,Can you provide feedback -One of my students wants to do an EE on Urban Environments.RQ-To what extent has urban development encouraged the construction of smart cities and their impact in Mauritius.Urban development is the social,...
  • Hi Alison. The quiz questions can be completed if set as a task to the students using student access. It will grade it automatically and recorde it the mark book for you.Best wishes,Paul
  • Hi Paul The starter activity quiz buttons don't seem to be working and don't check the correct answer or give an overview of the score:( Allie
  • 19 Nov Julie Caccamise
    Global Networks and Flows
    The blueshift link is no longer active.
  • 9 Nov Paul Christmas
    Understanding Assessment - Paper 1
    Hi Damian, I don't see the updated guide in MYIB. I only see the 2019 first examination guide. Could you point me in the right direction on where I can get hold of it.Much appreciated,Paul
  • Hi, Sion, I've managed to find the film and it's back on the page. Thanks for taking the time to let me know, much appreciated.Paul
  • Hi Paul,The video on the Lagos free trade zone is unavailable.Thanks.
  • 25 Oct Paul Christmas
    Powerful Organisations and Groups
    Thanks Damian, I've added a link to the article in the student textbook page, where I have written quite a bit about it there.
  • 22 Oct Damian Werczyński
    Powerful Organisations and Groups
    Hi Paul, I found interesting short article about NDB and its criticism: / Because it is a young institution, not too many professional opinions (especially critical) are presented, so I hope it helps and you maybe add it to resources. Regards,...