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Mangroves, Stakeholders and Management10 March 2019

This page takes a close look at mangrove ecosystems and their characteristics. It goes on to illustrate the competing stakeholders based on a number of mangrove contexts, before developing in more depth... more

Land-use Pressures and Outcomes in Thailand10 March 2019

This page develops the land use pressure case study in Thailand. It provides a detailed insight into the specific pressures on the Thai coast, including, tourism, foreign investment, intensive aquaculture... more

Coastal Land-use Pressures 10 March 2019

This page introduces the concept of conflict and competing stakeholder through a conflict grid. It goes on to develop a number of located examples including the historical development of the Mediterranean... more

Coastal Management Methods10 March 2019

This page explores the advantages and disadvantages of different coastal management methods in regard to flooding and cliff erosion. It develops student inquiry through photograph analysis and maps. Much... more

Sand Dune Development10 March 2019

This page provides a simple path through the main processes that form dunes and builds on an earlier activity based on coastal processes. It begins with a number of student enquiry activities, including... more

The Advance and Retreat of Coasts10 March 2019

This page leads students through all the factors leading to coastal advance and retreat. It first examines processes of coastal erosion and deposition focusing on the Holderness Coast of northeast England.... more

Landforms of Deposition10 March 2019

This page develops resources on landforms of deposition including beaches and beach features and spits. It begins with a detailed but supported photograph analysis based on beach profiles. Students then... more

Physical Processes at Coastlines10 March 2019

This page develops a number of lessons based on physical processes at coasts, including waves. It includes a very detailed worksheet that takes students through all the processes of waves and tides, sediment... more

Hurricane Distribution, Formation and Impacts10 March 2019

This page provides detailed resources on hurricanes, their distribution and impacts. It then provides an outstanding set of resources to examine the factors that explain why spatial variation in impacts... more

The Geographical Impacts of ENSOfree10 March 2019

This pages looks in depth at the geographical impacts of ENSO cycles. It develops a number of skill based activities based on well chosen graphics as well as providing a broad range of detailed examples... more