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6. The Occupation of Sicily 17 July 2018

In this section, Richard's occupation of Sicily will be outlined covering the causes, key events and effects along with relevant sources and questions on those sources. [Map: Kingdom of Sicily 11:54... more

7. The Conquest of Cyprus17 July 2018

Richard invaded Cyprus on his way to liberate Jerusalem during the Third Crusade. A number of sources from varied origins, different contexts and ideological backgrounds do recount the events related... more

5. Richard Overseas: The Third Crusade16 July 2018

On this page, you will look at Richard's military expedition abroad in the Middle East under what is called "The Third Crusade". You will also examine his leadership and achievements from various sources... more

3. The Chivalrous Warrior: Personality, Perspectives and Leadership16 July 2018

On this page, you will find primary and secondary literature on the personality of Richard I as well as the different perspectives on his character and leadership qualities. Guiding Questions: more

2. Early Life: Richard's Rise to Power16 July 2018

On this page, you will examine Richard's early life and later life. Through primary and secondary sources, you will also understand the factors that shaped him as a young knight, king and then crusader. more

1. England 1150-122016 July 2018

Guiding Questions:What was life like in Medieval England?What was the feudal system and its effect on life in England?What was the government like in medieval England?How does the life and governance... more

2. Source work activities13 July 2018

Generally it's a good idea to find provocative, challenging and unusual sources wherever possible and to integrate the source work into every unit rather than having just stand-alone source lessons. Getting... more

7. Impact of the Crusades (ATL) 8 July 2018

In this page, you will complete a variety of activities on both the immediate and long-term impact of the crusades on the Middle East and Europe.On this page, you will find additional activities on the... more

6. The Fourth Crusade (ATL)8 July 2018

This page contains some ATL activities on the Fourth crusades ranging from its causes, immediate consequences and long-term impact.This page contains several activities specifically on the Fourth Crusade.... more

3. Pilgrimage, Preaching and the Crusade (ATL)8 July 2018

In this page, you will find ATL activities on the pilgrimage and religious preaching and their relation as a cause of and tool within the crusades.ATL: Thinking Critically and Communication more