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Case Study Topic 03: Tamerlane8 July 2018

This page presents an overview of the rise and impact of the Turco-Mongol emperor Timur (Tamerlane) - the founder of the Timurid empire stretching across Persia and central Asia It will include a variety... more

Do we have a Hollywood view of History? (June 2018)1 June 2018

History is a great topic for movies and a great way for people to find out about historical events…or is it?This is the historian Antony Beevor’s view on war movies in an article from The Guardian... more

History Wars (February 2018)16 February 2018

'Selection' of Hungarian Jews at Auschwitz II (Birkenau) in Poland during the German occupation Polish government has recently passed a controversial... more

Case Study 4: The Abbasid Civil War 809-8137 February 2018

In this page, you will explore the causes that led to the internal Abbasid dynastic conflict between two brothers and the consequences of the conflict. You will examine and assess different sources and... more

3. PS1 Military leaders: Full source papers4 January 2018

On this page you will find full source papers and mark schemes for both case studies.The first document focuses on Richard's treatment of minorities and other non-Christians; click on the eye or download... more

Stalin: Essay planning for Paper 2free3 January 2018

Essay planning for using Stalin as a case study for Topic 10This pages contains essay planning activities for using Stalin as the case study when discussing authoritarian states.See also the page on comparative... more

If we remove statues, are we 'erasing history'? (August 2017)free2 January 2018

A hot debate at the moment in the US is the issue of removing statues of people who are associated with a repressive regime, oppression or racism. This raises interesting questions regarding the extent... more

Napoleon in the news (September 2017)2 January 2018

Read the this newpaper article from The Guardian newspaper. more

Nicholas II: Russian history re-written? (Sept 2017)free2 January 2018

There is controversy in Russia over a new film called 'Matilda' which portrays the last Tsar of Russia - Nicholas II - having an affair with a ballerina.Read the full controversy on the BBC website here: more

What if Russian Revolution had never happened? (Nov 2017)free2 January 2018

On the 2017 Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, there are many articles on the revolution in the news. This New York Times article considers what might have happened had the Revolution never taken... more