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Finally an InThinking site for IB History – and what a great one! Full of superb teaching ideas, materials and practical advice. Both my students and myself have benefited immensely from the wealth of guidance and inspiration on the site. Highly...

Dr Tatjana Muth, Bilinguales Gymnasium Phorms München, Germany

Being such a content heavy course, it's important to keep activities engaging and interesting for students. InThinking helps you do just that. Creative, outside-the-box and critical thinking lessons abound. Can't recommend it enough!

Jacki Ronalds, Uptown School, Dubai, UAE

The website is an excellent resource for teachers to enhance their own understanding and provide stimulating resources and guidance for students. The History pages are very well structured, easy to access and with a clear focus on the core content and...

A Shelley, Institut Montana, Zugeberg, Switzerland


September: Site update and International Day of Peace

17 September 2018

Several pages have been added to the site in the last month; also a new BBC drama on Rwanda and this month's International Day of Peace provides... more

August: Student access and History site updates

18 August 2018

A reminder on how to give your students access to this site and other new developments!As this is the start of the academic year for many schools,... more

July: Site update and Reith lectures on War

19 July 2018

This year's Reith Lectures focus on war and society. Margaret MacMillan provides a historical perspective on war from the view of combatants,... more

Subscriber comments

  • 21 Sep Jim Antony Howard Bushby
    3. Theme 3 - Cold War Crises (ATL)
    And actually, nor for Cuban Missile Crisis??
  • 21 Sep Jim Antony Howard Bushby
    3. Theme 3 - Cold War Crises (ATL)
    The material under the link for Berlin Crisis does not seem to fit? There is nothing in this section on the Berlin wall; am I missing something? Regards Jim
  • Hi Alan Really glad to hear that you enjoyed the training in Dubai! Stalin does tend to come up a lot but I would definitely cover post 1953 as well - there are in fact only 2 bullet points on Stalin in this topic - the other 3 are post 1953...
  • Hi, Jo. I really enjoyed the PD you led in Dubai in 2016 and when I came across this website I convinced my school to subscribe. I have noticed that the past exam papers for the Soviet Union and Russia 1924-2000 always has a question on some...
  • 3 Sep Jo Thomas
    Option 4: History of Europe
    Hi Jack. The next ones in the pipeline are for paper 3 - American Civil War and Political developments in Latin America for the Americas Region and Japan, 1912 - 1990 for the Asia Region. We'd love to do the Renaissance topic - but it will...
  • 2 Sep Jack Light
    Option 4: History of Europe
    I am looking for resources for Paper Three Topics, P3 Renaissance, Exploration, and Absolutism. Does InThink have any available or in development? Many thanks.
  • 1 Aug Sarah Murray
    2. Source work activities
    Thanks very helpful
  • 12 Jul Jo Thomas
    2. Source work activities
    Hi Sarah - Thanks for the suggestion - I've added feedback now - you can click on the eye beneath the slide!
  • 12 Jul Sarah Murray
    2. Source work activities
    Can you provide feedback as to why some of the answers are not accepted by examiners for qu 2?
  • 22 Jun Emil Hanssen
    3. IA: Graded student examples
    It's working perfectly! Thank you Jo!
  • Hi Emil I've changed it so there is now one IA per page as I think there was an issue with going over the word count! So you should be able to see it Ok now :)
  • 21 Jun Emil Hanssen
    3. IA: Graded student examples
    Hey Jo! Is it possible to get the entire IA about Midway? The "eye" seems to be missing some of the investigation and the reflection section! Cheers! :)