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Finally an InThinking site for IB History – and what a great one! Full of superb teaching ideas, materials and practical advice. Both my students and myself have benefited immensely from the wealth of guidance and inspiration on the site. Highly...

Dr Tatjana Muth, Bilinguales Gymnasium Phorms München, Germany

The website is an excellent resource for teachers to enhance their own understanding and provide stimulating resources and guidance for students. The History pages are very well structured, easy to access and with a clear focus on the core content and...

A Shelley, Institut Montana, Zugeberg, Switzerland

My students have found the InThinking History site to be a really valuable learning tool, full of excellent advice about how to master the IB. As a teacher I regularly use the resources as part of my lessons and for homework. The InThinking site team...

David Griffiths, Jerudong International School, Brunei


July: Site update and Reith lectures on War

19 July 2018

This year's Reith Lectures focus on war and society. Margaret MacMillan provides a historical perspective on war from the view of combatants,... more

June update: the power of photos and another anniversary

12 June 2018

What can we learn from a photo? Also, the significance of Bobby Kennedy's assassination and an update on new materials to the site. more

May update: Changes to IB History and the 'specter' of Marx

10 May 2018

Update on changes to the IB History course, commemorating Marx and additions to the site!The IB have made some minor changes to the IB history... more

Subscriber comments

  • 12 Jul Jo Thomas
    2. Source work activities
    Hi Sarah - Thanks for the suggestion - I've added feedback now - you can click on the eye beneath the slide!
  • 12 Jul Sarah Murray
    2. Source work activities
    Can you provide feedback as to why some of the answers are not accepted by examiners for qu 2?
  • 22 Jun Emil Hanssen
    3. IA: Graded student examples
    It's working perfectly! Thank you Jo!
  • Hi Emil I've changed it so there is now one IA per page as I think there was an issue with going over the word count! So you should be able to see it Ok now :)
  • 21 Jun Emil Hanssen
    3. IA: Graded student examples
    Hey Jo! Is it possible to get the entire IA about Midway? The "eye" seems to be missing some of the investigation and the reflection section! Cheers! :)
  • Hi Damian - the link is now fixed!! Thanks
  • Hi there. I can't seem to download the examiner's comments to Sharpeville Paper (the last link on the page). There may be a glitch. Is there any other way to access them? Many thanks.
  • Hi Steve Yes, sorry it should say source A not source C - have changed. I think that the key aspect of the limitation here is that it is a speech to motivate the generals at a moment of crisis and as such could be exaggerated in terms of Hitler's...
  • I think that for Hitler's motivations, question 1a is mentioning the wrong source. The answers here look like source A, not source C. Also for the OPCVL, I can't understand how these are 'limitations'. I think those answers (as exemplars) should...
  • 27 Apr Jo Thomas
    7. The Cold War: Quizzes
    Hi Matthew - answers are now there!
  • 27 Apr Matthew Tomich
    7. The Cold War: Quizzes
    For quick reference, do you have the answers to the other two quizzes? Thank you!
  • Hi Jason - Yes, it should be for Source C - have changed it on the paper - thanks for spotting it!