Finally an InThinking site for IB History – and what a great one! Full of superb teaching ideas, materials and practical advice. Both my students and myself have benefited immensely from the wealth of guidance and inspiration on the site. Highly...

Dr Tatjana Muth, Bilinguales Gymnasium Phorms München, Germany

The website is an excellent resource for teachers to enhance their own understanding and provide stimulating resources and guidance for students. The History pages are very well structured, easy to access and with a clear focus on the core content and...

A Shelley, Institut Montana, Zugeberg, Switzerland

It's only my second year teaching the IB and InThinking continues to be a lifeline for my success! Activities with ATL skills identified, videos and graphically organized content on all the topics I teach, and more, are all in one place! The content...

Erin Mills, Uruguayan American School, Uruguay

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Ready for results day?

28 June 2021

Results Day is Monday 5th July.As in 2021, departments might like to consider purchasing a Category 2A Return of Materials for the IA to find... more

June: Site update and competing narratives

25 June 2021

This is the latest page to be added to Topic 10: The Emergence of Americas in global affairs: In addition there is a new graded sample for... more

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  • Hi Hyowoo Thanks for the feedback - we'll definitely look into adding one for Castro!Jo
  • 30 Jul Jo Thomas
    The IA
    Hi Michael Yes - short URLs are fine as long as the student is consistent with one standard method of referencing :)
  • 26 Jul Michael Pitblado
    The IA
    Hi, Jo. Hi, Quick formatting question: can students use a URL shortener for URLs they are citing in their footnotes and bibliography in the IA and the EE? Thanks!!
  • Hi Jo, thanks for the great exemplar essays. I wonder if you happen to have some samples on Castro as well? maybe in comparison to Hitler? Thank you!
  • Hi Weston Yes - there are lots of themes going on in this question - maybe something on the lines of 'How far did the new government fulfil its promises to...' and the students would neeed to add dates in or if they wanted to cover more than...
  • 1 Jul Weston Hudson
    2. IA: Getting the question right
    Good day Jo, How would you change this IA Question. "What was the people´s expectations towards the new Iranian regime´s promises and what were the results?" This is a weak question but I´m struggling to modify it.
  • Hi Anna First one: Might be better to have ..How significant was Marie...(at the moment there is both TWE and significant - easier to keep the latter..) 2. We're not sure about the wording here. Maybe - TWE was the Reagan administration's...
  • 22 Jun Anna Millican
    IA Sample 4: Operation Gibraltar
    Dear Jo, Please could I check the following questions with you in terms of whether or not they are viable for the History IA? 1. To what extent was Marie Popelin significant in developing the feminist movement in Belgium by 1915?’ 2. To...
  • 20 Jun Jo Thomas
    2. Assessment for Paper 2
    No problem - hope all going well. Get in touch if you have any more questions!
  • HI Nadia - good point - thanks!
  • 20 Jun Matt Greensides
    2. Assessment for Paper 2
    Hello Jo, OK, thank you for clarifying that. O am new to IB history and so I am being over conscientious! Thanks
  • 20 Jun Nadia Piazzi
    3. Growth of Muslim separatism
    Hello, The photo above does not show Jinnah and Gandhi, but Jawaharlal Nehru and Gandhi. Kind regards


The Move to Global War (Paper 1)

The Move to Global War (Paper 1), by Jo Thomas and Keely Rogers. Published by OUP

This text-book covers all aspects of the Move to Global War prescribed subject for Paper 1. Not only are the key themes explored, we also provide many source exercises including a full Paper 1 at the end of each chapter.

more info

The Cold War: Superpower Tensions and Rivalries (Paper 2)

The Cold War: Superpower Tensions and Rivalries (Paper 2) by Jo Thomas and Keely Rogers. Published by Pearson

This text-book comprehensively covers the key themes for the Paper 2 Cold War topic. Alongside the content, we provide essay frames and guidance on essay writing skills.

more info

Causes and Effects of 20th Century Wars (Paper 2)

Causes and Effects of 20th Century Wars (Paper 2), Jo Thomas and Keely Rogers. Published by Pearson

This text-book comprehensively covers the content and skills that you need to be able to write essays on the 20th Century Wars topic for Paper 2 of the IB History examination. We cover a range of wars and focus on how these can be used as case studies to answer comparative style essay questions.

more info

European States in the Interwar years

European States in the Interwar years (Paper 3) by Jo Thomas and Keely Rogers. Published by Pearson

This text-book focuses on Topic 14 of the European region for IB Paper 3, The Interwar Years . We cover Germany, Italy and Spain as well as the Soviet Union, focusing not only on the content but the skills needed to write essays for Paper 3.

more info

History for the IB MYP 4 & 5: By Concept

History for the IB MYP 4 & 5: By Concept by Jo Thomas and Keely Rogers. Published by Hodder

For those of you doing MYP this book provides a concept-driven and assessment-focused approach to MYP History, presented in global contexts.

more info