PS5: Conflict and Intervention

Prescribed subject 5: Conflict and intervention

This prescribed topic focuses on two case studies which show the impact of both intervention and non-intervention in two very different conflicts.

The main themes for this topic are outlined below but the full syllabus can be found here

It is important that you read the IB introduction to this topic carefully as well as the prescribed content.

This topic focuses on conflict and intervention in two very different 20th Century case studies.

  • The first focuses on the genocide in Rwanda, starting with the outbreak of conflict in 1990 and ending with the establishment of the International Criminal Court in 1990.
  • The second case study focuses on the ethnic conflict in Kosovo between 1998 and 2002.

Three key themes are identified for each case study: the causes of each conflict, the course of the conflict and international intervention, the impact of the conflict and of the international intervention.

As with the other Paper 1 topics, the themes for each case study are the same to allow teachers to draw comparisons between the case studies. However, exams will only ever be set on one of the case studies and will never be of a comparative nature.

See the link above for the full details of each theme.

1. Rwanda (1990–1998) (ATL)

Here are some different activities that you can do for this unit. There is a mixture of starter activities on this page plus source practice, summary activities, analytical activities, individual work...

2. Kosovo (1989–2002) (ATL)

These pages will give you some ideas for teaching and learning activities for the case study 2: Kosovo (1989–2002). We have included a range of activities which include comprehension exercises, role...

3. Rwanda and Kosovo: Videos and activities

On this page you will find some suggestions and links to videos that can be used as well as teacher notes with suggestions as to how the videos can be used with students. Questions for each video are...

4. PS5 Conflict and Intervention: Full source papers

On this page you will find full source papers and markschemes for both case studies.Source AAn official United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda photograph of a French soldier protecting a camp in...

5. PS5 Conflict and Intervention: Extra resources

On this page we have included some extra websites, reading, fiction and films that are useful for pursuing this topic further. Both of these case studies would be possible areas for further research for...

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