6. PS4 Rights and Protest: Extra resources

On this page we have included some extra websites, reading, fiction and films that are useful for pursuing this topic further. Both of these case studies would be possible areas for further research for IAs or Extended Essays.

Case Study 1: Civil Rights movement in the United States (1954 - 1965) 


The Eisenhower archives which has some excellent primary documents on Little Rock


This website has an interactive map to show where key civil rights' protests took place:


The UK National Archives which has primary documents and other useful resources such as a timeline:


The website which accompanies the 'Eyes on the Prize' documentary and it includes some great resources including primary documents, information on key individuals and key civil rights's groups and key milestones in the fight for civil rights:


Spartacus is a great website for extra information on all individuals involved in the Civil Rights campaign. At the bottom of each profile, you will also find primary sources.



The Help (see above)



A fun musical comedy set in the 1960s and dealing with the issue of integration on a dance show on television.


Reading fiction is always a great way to engage students and give them a real feel for the era and the issues. There is some great fiction on this topic.

To Kill a Mockingbird


The classic novel dealing with racial injustice during the 1920s

The Help - also a movie


This is set in the 1960s so at the height of the civil rights movement and it focuses on teh lives of AFrican American maids working for white families in Jackson, Mississippi. A white woman decides to write down their stories with interesting consequences...

Case Study 2: Apartheid South Africa (1948 - 1964)


Lots of useful resources on this website including cartoons and links to other sites


The pbs website on Long Walk to Freedom has a timeline and many interesting primary documents


This is the ANC website which also has some primary sources


This is the Global nonviolent data base which has good information about the different protest campaigns:


This website includes  analyses, chronologies, historical documents, and interviews from the apartheid and post-apartheid eras.



Cry Freedom! 


This movie focuses on the actions of Steve Biko who is not listed as one of the individuals to study in this PS, but it is excellent for giving students an idea about Apartheid.

Cry the Beloved Country is both a book (by Alan Paton) and a movie - excellent for showing the racial divisions in South Africa under Apartheid

Dry White Season

Again this is both a book (by Andre Brink) and movie showing the realities of Apartheid.



This movie is set in the Soweto riots so too late for the syllabus, but again excellent for understanding life and protest under Apartheid.


Cry the Beloved Country (see above) by Alan Paton who has written other books about Apartheid such as 'Ah, but your Land in Beautiful'.


Andre Brink has written several good books set in Apartheid South Africa including A Dry White Season


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