Graded student essays for Authoritarian States

Paper Two essays will expect students to analyse one or two authoritarian states on a topic inked to one of the themes on the prescribed content. If two examples are required these will need to be from different regions.

1. Graded student examples with one case study

  1. To what extent was the role of propaganda used to consolidate and maintain one authoritarian state. (Stalin)
  2. ‘Authoritarian states always achieve social and cultural aims.’ With reference to one state, discuss this claim. (Nasser)

2. Graded student examples with two case studies

  • Examine the impact of the foreign policy of two authoritarian states on the maintenance of power in those states. (Hitler and Mao)
  • Compare and contrast the impact on women of the policies of two authoritarian states, each chosen from a different region. (Hitler and Mao)
  • To what extent was authoritarian control achieved in two 20th-century states? (Hitler and Castro)
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