Case study: Algerian War

The Algerian War of 1954 to 1962 was one of the most brutal and devastating African struggles for independence. The war started on 1 November 1954 with an insurrection led by the Front de Libération Nationale (FLN) and it ended in 1962 when Algeria became independent. It was never a straight struggle  between Algerians and the French government, however. It eventually became a four-way conflict between the Algerian nationalists, the French government, the European colonists and, in the final stage, General de Gaulle as president of the Republic of France.

1. Algerian War: Causes

The long-term causes of the Algerian civil war lay in the nature of French rule in Algeria which led to rising nationalism, along with the refusal of France after 1945 to allow Algeria to move towards...

2. Algerian War: Practices

The fighting in this guerilla war saw civilians being targetted on both sides. The cycle of violence and retaliation led to the radicalization of both Europeans and Algerians.

3. Algerian War: Effects

Although Algeria had gained independence, the impact of the war was devastating in terms of loss of human life and the impact on the economy.

4. Algerian War: Essay planning for Paper Two

This page contains suggested essay titles for this topic as well as suggestions for content frames.The Algerian War is a useful case study for essays that require a discussion of guerilla warfare.

5. Algerian War: Extra Resources

On these pages you can find suggestions for useful websites as well as for historians' texts that students might find enjoyable to develop their understanding further.


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