4. Case Study: Algeria

Algerian independence from France was achieved after a long struggle and a brutal war in 1962.  The Algerian nationalist movement fought for liberation from the French government but the situation in Algeria was complex as the European colonists, the colons or pieds noir, were determined to retain control of the country.

1. Origins and rise of Algeria's independence movement

Algeria's independence movement developed in response to French colonial policies and French actions both before and post Second World War.

2. Methods used and reasons for success

The Algerian War was one of the most savage African struggles for independence; it eventually became a four way struggle between the Algerian nationalists, the French government, the European colonists...

3. Challenges faced in the first 10 years and responses to the challenges

The Algerian War and its aftermath had seriously disrupted the Algerian economy and society. However, the first ten years was of independence was dominated by a political civil war within the FLN.

Comparative essay planning for Independence Movements

This page gives some suggestions for activities and plans which require students to use two case studies and/or to compare and contrast two case studies; this skill is key for this paper and students...


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