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Spotlight on ... academic integrity in 2020 11 December 2020

Spotlight on academic integrity in 2020 Academic Integrity is a fundamental aspect of the CP course and no greater way is played out than in the reflective project process. For schools offering CP or... more

5 minute snapshot on... Effective Communication 4 September 2020

As part of a series of blogs this autumn, today we take a step back to consider aspects of PPS and the questions to ask when establishing your course. These blogs are a precursor and blueprint for new... more

Using PPS to find balance in a new world 7 July 2020

Never has there been a more needed call for regular reflective practice for students to consider the personal and professional skills they truly need; skills not just in the future but for right now as... more

Academic Integrity 20 January 2020

Summary of new guidelinesOn 10 October 2019, the IB published new guidelines on Academic Integrity the details of which are given below: Academic integrity is at the heart of assessment emphasizing its... more