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The CP coordinator role23 November 2021

If you are reading this, chances are you are either considering taking on the role of CP coordinator at your school or are new to the role. There could be a chance that you have taken on the role as your... more

The Career-related Programme23 November 2021

Welcome to the first stage of the ThinkIB CP website! Access free teaching ideas, resources and advice on the reflective project. This autumn, the focus is on developing resources for the Personal and... more

CP news10 November 2021

Here you will find updates on the CP as well as spotlights on the new standards and practices and additional support material to aid collaboration and understanding amongst staff and students. Creating... more

Ethical Thinking 21 October 2021

At the heart of ethical thinking is the ability to consider the dynamics of people, actions and consequences in a balanced way. Developing ethical thinking is a complex process that takes time not just... more

Applied Ethics21 October 2021

The IB learner profile characteristic of 'principled' requires students to develop responsibility not only for their actions but the consequences as well. Applied Ethics is most immediately associated... more

Intercultural Understanding8 October 2021

Students explore the significance of cultural identity and diversity as the ability to understand and appreciate multiple cultural perspectives leads to highly effective and empathetic people within personal... more

Thinking Processes8 October 2021

Students need to develop and be able to utilise a wide range of thinking skills to be able to thrive. This page introduces this theme and demonstrates different directions it can be taken in. Furthermore,... more

Effective Communication8 October 2021

Being an effective communicator is a key capability for the workplaces of the future. This page introduces this theme and demonstrates different directions it can be taken in. New for Autumn 2020 are... more

Personal Development6 October 2021

The personal development of the student is clearly paramount in the CP. This page introduces the theme for students to find their motivation, vision and 'buy-in' they need for their CP course and life... more

Core: Language Development6 October 2021

Making up on of the four key core elements, Language Development celebrates the individual's unique lifelong relationship with language learning and intercultural understanding. The role that culture... more