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Intercultural Understanding8 October 2021

Students explore the significance of cultural identity and diversity as the ability to understand and appreciate multiple cultural perspectives leads to highly effective and empathetic people within personal... more

Personal Development6 October 2021

The personal development of the student is clearly paramount in the CP. This page introduces the theme for students to find their motivation, vision and 'buy-in' they need for their CP course and life... more

Ethical dimensions, issues and dilemmas. 11 August 2021

Finding a suitable ethical issue and dilemma to analyse critically is at the centre of the reflective project process. However a student also needs to be able to understand the ethical ramifications of... more

The Career-related Programme23 November 2021

Welcome to the first stage of the ThinkIB CP website! Access free teaching ideas, resources and advice on the reflective project. This autumn, the focus is on developing resources for the Personal and... more

Ethical Thinking 21 October 2021

At the heart of ethical thinking is the ability to consider the dynamics of people, actions and consequences in a balanced way. Developing ethical thinking is a complex process that takes time not just... more

Core: Personal & Professional Skills6 October 2021

Personal and Professional Skills is a compulsory component of the CP core: a 90 hour course of personal and professional transferable skills for students to develop over the two years of the CP course.... more

Applied Ethics21 October 2021

The IB learner profile characteristic of 'principled' requires students to develop responsibility not only for their actions but the consequences as well. Applied Ethics is most immediately associated... more

Starting the project11 August 2021

Students need to take ownership of their reflective projects; this page is about kickstarting the reflective project and establishing the Researcher's Reflection Space with recognising the usefulness... more

Thinking Processes8 October 2021

Students need to develop and be able to utilise a wide range of thinking skills to be able to thrive. This page introduces this theme and demonstrates different directions it can be taken in. Furthermore,... more

The CP coordinator role23 November 2021

If you are reading this, chances are you are either considering taking on the role of CP coordinator at your school or are new to the role. There could be a chance that you have taken on the role as your... more

Effective Communication8 October 2021

Being an effective communicator is a key capability for the workplaces of the future. This page introduces this theme and demonstrates different directions it can be taken in. New for Autumn 2020 are... more

Core: The Reflective Project27 July 2021

The reflective project is one of the four elements that make up the core programme unique to the CP. Focusing on the process as much as the product, it is an independent piece of work that focuses on... more

Assessing the reflective project: exemplars24 June 2020

There are different ways of interacting with the reflective project as explored in Giving feedback and Supervising too. This page will build in additional resources that are pertinent to understanding... more

Creating a Research Question25 May 2020

Without the right research question, there is a limit to how successful the whole reflective project can be. Yes, students will still have the opportunity to employ ethical, critical and reflective thinking... more

The Options9 August 2021

It can be tempting to consider one option easier than the other; what is right for the student must come first and care should be taken to guiden them to make a choice that will give them the most rewarding... more

Exercises in Empathy28 February 2021

Understanding empathy can be tricky - least of all differentiating it from sympathy. Through the work of neuro psychologists and academics, we explore its definition and real world application. Students... more

Critical Thinking26 September 2021

Critical thinking can sound scary and unattainable for students but it is a lot more accessible than they imagine. Returning to the learner profile to consider the inquirer and communicator can prompt... more

Core: Service Learning12 September 2021

Service Learning is a compulsory element of the CP core, constituting a minimum 50 hours of the student's CP course. Whether you are well established in your DP and CP course offerings or completely new... more

Starting discussions and debates10 November 2020

A key way to develop confidence in personal and professional skills and foster curiosity is through continuous debate and discussion about the world around us. A PPS teacher's main hurdle is keeping resources... more

Skills 25 May 2020

The reflective project demands students develop a number of complex skills. It can be hard to juggle especially with every student's needs different from the next. Find here accessible lesson ideas to... more

Planning and process management25 May 2020

The student's planning skills, throughout the reflective project experience, must not to be overlooked. This ensures that the process does not just become about the final piece but is seen as an opportunity... more

CP news10 November 2021

Here you will find updates on the CP as well as spotlights on the new standards and practices and additional support material to aid collaboration and understanding amongst staff and students. Creating... more

The Core - overview28 February 2021

The Career-related Programme core makes the programme unique. It is a substantial course designed to focus on the individual students' needs and personal and professional development. It is also a place... more

Supervising 11 December 2020

Supervisory sessions can be made more dynamic with user-friendly activities and tools to support discussions. Students can receive up to five hours of supervisory support throughout the reflective project... more

Responding to change 29 January 2021

The ongoing global pandemic has brought to the forefront of young people's minds that change on a mass scale can happen seemingly overnight. What can we learn from ways 'leaders' have responded locally,... more

Understanding 'Truth'31 December 2020

Here, we start to chip away at the idea of truth and how finding it in today's world demands highly developed critical thinking tools. Whilst the intention is to provide sources to prompt inquiry from... more

Career skill: Interviews21 November 2020

The notion of an interview can be a scary prospect because it symbolises a step into the unknown and very much about risk-taking. At the heart of any interview scenario is being able to answer and ask... more