Ethical Thinking

What is Ethical Thinking?

At the heart of ethical thinking is the ability to consider the dynamics of people, actions and consequences in a balanced way. Developing ethical thinking is a complex process that takes time not just over the course of the reflective project but over a lifetime as a lifelong learners. This is an area that students can find hardest. See below for advice on teaching ethics and exploration and interpretation of the criteria and the guide. There are also lesson plans, teaching resources, quick ideas to expand, checklists and top tips.

Lesson plans: Ethical thinking and the ethical dimension

Further Resources

Personal Development: Students in teams research morality tests and the type of questions that are asked. What are morality tests for? They then create their own morality test of ten questions.
Extend this by students taking 'the hardest morality test ever' and reflect on their findings. Go back to their teams and discuss points they feel comfortable discussing before reviewing their test.

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