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Performance Appraisal Resources21 August 2018

What is performance appraisal?The key function of performance appraisal is to present feedback on how you are performing in your role and to identify areas for growth. Performance appraisal should add... more

Site Update19 August 2018

A key advantage of using this medium is that the site can be updated and tailored to particular need on a regular basis. I am constantly adding, updating and correcting the site.This page will signpost... more

Odd One Out?19 August 2018

A way of introducing an inquiry. A discussion starter.Provide each group with a selection of pictures on a theme / concept you are about to explore.Each person in the group has to identify which picture... more

Operational documents19 August 2018

An introduction to the two key IB Diploma Programme operational documents: the Diploma Programme Assessment Procedures (2018) and Coordinator's Notes.An activity to help you find your way around 'My IB'... more

Unit Planning18 August 2018

How important is it to plan your teaching in advance? General Eisenhower said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”If course planning... more

Teacher journal clubs14 August 2018

Journal clubs are used by doctors.They are educational meetings where professionals meet regularly to critically evaluate recent articles in the scientific literature. They encourage the application of... more

Your toolkit12 August 2018

Your toolkit supports your role as a pedagogical leader within the school community. It provides you with the tools to facilitate adult learning and grow and develop your school as a professional learning... more

Digital technologies for collaborative learningfree12 August 2018

Professional Inquiry and Collaborative Learning lie at the heart of developing and sustaining a professional learning community.This digital toolkit provides facilitated activities that encourage knowledge... more

Resources12 August 2018

As a school leader you will be responsible for the learning of your staff within your professional learning community. This site is structured around collaborative facilitation tools that you can use... more

All about pedagogy7 August 2018

Written more as a blog post this page signposts two great sources of resources for exploring pedagogy and approaches to teaching and learning.The first is an introduction to 'Martin's five laws'. Martin... more