Whether you are a new or experienced educational leader, this site has a wealth of stimulating ideas and is a great resource for deepening your understanding.

Mark Frankel, IS Prague, Czech Republic

The website speaks of immense expertise and genuine heart to help out administrators and teachers in their leadership journey.

Carlos Enriquez Jr, IB DP Coordinator at Chinese IS Manila, Philippines

This site is an outstanding overview of many of the issues that face an IB leader, from leadership itself, to teaching and learning, to the intricacies of the IB.

Jim McConnell, Independent consultant, Canada

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Great free video resources

24 January 2021

Tom Sherrington and Emma Turner, UK-based and internationally-recognized education authors and consultants, have a lot on their minds. From... more

Remote learning - what is research telling us?

18 January 2021

The Education Endowment Fund examines the existing research (from 60 systematic reviews and meta-analyses) for approaches that schools can use... more

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  • 17 Mar Chris Wright
    Standards and Practices
    Hello Erkan, I am very happy to do so - can you please send me your email? Thank you. Chris
  • 12 Mar Erkan Sağnak
    Standards and Practices
    Hi Chris, Thanks for sharing all this useful information. Can you send me the PPT as well?
  • Hello, I was just wondering where I could locate " the spreadsheet from the IB to understand the audience of each requirement"?
  • 29 Jan Chris Wright
    Theory of Knowledge
    Hi Alister, I have just sent the slides to your email accoun. I am sorry you have had to chase me for these - I have been chairing a conference of school leaders this week. All good wishes. Please reach out if you want anything else. Warmest...
  • 27 Jan Alister Minnis
    Theory of Knowledge
    Hello Chris. Johanna I think has already asked you this but I wonder if you would mind sending me a copy of the TOK presentation for the 2022 examination course ie. with exhibition etc. my email address is Thanks so...
  • 25 Jan Johanna Urquhart
    TOK in 10 slides
    Hi Chris is it possible to have the TOK powerpoint guide for the 2022 examination emailed to me? You did send one previously but it related to current arrangements not the new arrangements with the Exhibition etc. Thanks Johanna
  • 22 Jan Sandy Intrieri
    IB Learner Profile in 10 slides
    Hello, May I please have a copy of these slides?
  • 22 Jan Sandy Intrieri
    The IB in 10 slides
    Hello, This is very helpful. May I have a copy of these slides?
  • 21 Jan Chris Wright
    Standards and Practices
    Hi Teri, I have sent the PPT to the email address the site holds for the DP Coordinator. If you wish it to be sent to another address please email me at Please note that if you are being evaluated from September...
  • 20 Jan Chris Wright
    The Core
    Dear Johanna, I have sent it to your email address. All good wishes, Chris
  • 20 Jan Teri Kwiatkowski
    Standards and Practices
    Hello! This page is so useful and the resources are going to help our school immensely as we prepare for our self-study using the new Standards & Practices. Could you please email the presentation to me as well?
  • 19 Jan Johanna Urquhart
    The Core
    Dear Chris, I wonder if you could very kindly send the TOK presentation and notes to me please? Many thanks,