Whether you are a new or experienced educational leader, this site has a wealth of stimulating ideas and is a great resource for deepening your understanding.

Mark Frankel, IS Prague, Czech Republic

This site is an outstanding overview of many of the issues that face an IB leader, from leadership itself, to teaching and learning, to the intricacies of the IB.

Jim McConnell, Independent consultant, Canada

Thank you so much for the website. I am really enjoying it!!! It's IB and beyond, that's why it is so engaging. I am learning a lot and like your references to the most innovative ideas in education and especially leadership ideas. It's so smart and...

Madlena Shanginyan, Letovo School, Moscou, Russia

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International Mindedness - A competition

7 January 2019

Here's one way you could help develop students' international mindednessAt the heart of the IB mission is the goal of developing young people... more

Happy Holidays!

24 December 2018

2018 was a milestone year for the IB: their 50th birthday. If you wish for a very quick introduction to the IB visit their 50th anniversary... more

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  • Hi Chris Could I please have these slideshows as a powerpoint also? Many thanks Elaine
  • 9 Jan Chris Wright
    Language Policy
    Dear Elaine Many thanks for drawing my attention to this. I have now corrected links - they should work. All the best Chris
  • 9 Jan Elaine McGirl
    Language Policy
    Some of the limnks above do not work. Where on the PRC do we locate these same key documents? Thank you!
  • 4 Jan Chris Wright
    Standards and Practices
    Can you please check your messages box on this site. I need an email account where I can send the PowerPoints to. I could use your school account which is attached to this account - however, it does not contain your name and so am not sure...
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    Standards and Practices
    Thank you so much, Chris. I have checked my email account here on this site and I don't seem to have it yet. Maybe I am looking in the worng place!?
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    The IB Philosophy
    Dear Elaine, I am very pleased that you are finding the website userful. I have sent you an email so that I can send you the resources you require. All good wishes, Chris
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    Standards and Practices
    I am very happy to send them to you. I have sent you an email. All good wishes, Chris
  • 2 Jan Elaine McGirl
    Standards and Practices
    Would it be possible to have the slideshow available for download, please? Thank you!
  • 2 Jan Elaine McGirl
    The IB Philosophy
    Would it be possible to have these slideshows available for download as PPT, please? Excellent resources, thank you!
  • 12 Sep Chris Wright
    What's worth reading?
    Thank you Laura for recommending these books on such a vital topic for all school leaders. I appreciate Elena Aguilar's key messages: community is something that has to be consciously built, the quality of relationships are key and trust is...
  • 11 Sep Laura Maly-Schmidt
    What's worth reading?
    I have found Elena Aguilar's books on building teams to be very helpful. Here is a link to her first book- +aguilar