This site is an outstanding overview of many of the issues that face an IB leader, from leadership itself, to teaching and learning, to the intricacies of the IB.

Jim McConnell, Independent consultant, Canada

The website speaks of immense expertise and genuine heart to help out administrators and teachers in their leadership journey.

Carlos Enriquez, Chinese International School Manila, Philippines

Thank you so much for the website. I am really enjoying it!!! It's IB and beyond, that's why it is so engaging. I am learning a lot and like your references to the most innovative ideas in education and especially leadership ideas. It's so smart and...

Madlena Shanginyan, Letovo School, Moscou, Russia

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Michaela Community School

12 October 2019

I find that one of the best forms of professional development is to learn from what works in other schools. This blog focuses in on one specific... more

Are you a designer of learning?

4 October 2019

"Educators need to think of themselves as designers of learning...We are convinced that we need to move rapidly to the place where all learners... more

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  • 15 Nov Chris Wright
    Key documents
    Many thanks for spotting this. I have now changed it.
  • 14 Nov Joseph Chong
    Key documents
    the OCC has been closed and replaced by MyIB. It seems that this page needs to be updated ASAP.
  • Dear Elaine, I have sent the slides to your school subscription email address. I hope that they are helpful. Chris
  • Hi Becky, I have sent the slides through to your school subscription address. All good wishes, Chris
  • Hello Chris, Thank you for condensing all this information into one amazing place. May I please have the slideshows in power point format? Thank you, Becky Oliver
  • 22 Sep Chris Wright
    Standards and Practices
    Hi Helen, The revised Standards (PSPs as they are referred to) are on the IB Portal and will come into effect this time next year. I have been one of the two lead developers writing the workshops for Heads of School (at the moment called Administrators)...
  • 21 Sep Helen Jeffery
    Standards and Practices
    Hi Chris: Are you starting to work on the March 2019 Standards and Practices?
  • 17 Sep Fatou Amany
    Standards and Practices
    Thank you so much Chris.
  • 17 Sep Chris Wright
    Standards and Practices
    Dear Fatou, I have just sent it to your email address. Please ask if you want anything else. Chris
  • 16 Sep Fatou Amany
    Standards and Practices
    Dear Chris, Would it be possible to have the slideshow available for download, please? Thank you.
  • 29 May Chris Wright
    General Regulations
    Dear Elaine, Very happy to do so. Which email address shall I send them to?
  • 28 May Elaine McGirl
    General Regulations
    These slides are just what I have been searching for! Fantastic and visually very attractive and engaging! Thank you. Please could you provide them in a downloadable format so I can present them offline? Thanking you in advance