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Whether you are a new or experienced educational leader, this site has a wealth of stimulating ideas and is a great resource for deepening your understanding.

Mark Frankel, International School of Prague, Czech Republic

This site is an outstanding overview of many of the issues that face an IB leader, from leadership itself, to teaching and learning, to the intricacies of the IB.

Jim McConnell, Independent consultant, Canada

Thank you so much for the website. I am really enjoying it!!! It's IB and beyond, that's why it is so engaging. I am learning a lot and like your references to the most innovative ideas in education and especially leadership ideas. It's so smart and...

Madlena Shanginyan, Letovo School, Moscou, Russia


2018-2019: A New School Year

13 August 2018

The beginning of a new school year is a good opportunity to remind all the school community what your big idea(s) are, not least because you... more

August Update

4 August 2018

Over the past month I have been fascinated to collate all the excellent material out there on what has been called 'the science of learning':... more

June Update

29 June 2018

Approaches to teaching and learning: With near half a million words on this website it is not always easy to pick out what has been recently... more

Subscriber comments

  • 7 Jul Chris Wright
    Informed by assessment
    Dear Anuradha, thank you so much for your question. I have now included a debrief after the activity. I hope that this helps. Please come back to me with any other questions - it always helps me to improve the site. Chris
  • 6 Jul Anuradha Sridhar
    Informed by assessment
    Thanks for this website. It's a great article. I was wondering... for activity 1, what would be the possible debrief. Kindly help.