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Education outside the classroom20 February 2017

How do you plan learning so that what happens in the classroom connects with life outside the classroom? One way is to recognise that learning can happen anywhere and everywhere and to ensure that you... more

US and Canada - Educational Landscape19 February 2017

IB programmes are run in over 3,000 schools in more than 30 countries in North, Central and South America. This accounts or over 60% of all IB schools. The IB's Global Centre in Bethesda, Maryland, is... more

Websites on leading, teaching and learning17 February 2017

Short articles can be used to stimulate discussion and debate.This page contains links to some helpful websites.You may like to consider using the following protocols when discussing these articles: more

Case Study15 February 2017

This case study comes from the International School of Helsinki. It tells the story of how one school applies the Lewis Model of Culture to help it understand how cultures work and interact in order to... more

Self-Assessment11 February 2017

Assessment is a tool to help students learn. Self-assessment is an important of the learning process and a key skill in developing student agency over their learning.This page is an introduction to self-assessment... more

What makes school leadership effective?free26 January 2017

International literature confirms the centrality of leadership to school improvement and student outcomes, and that it most effectively influences school outcomes indirectly through multiple variables... more

Are you a change leader?26 January 2017

Click here for a summary of Leading in a culture of change and here for a really helpful workbook that accompanies Leading in a culture of change. The workbook has a number of scenarios you could use... more

Case Study18 January 2017

This page provides one example of a Principal's values statement. It can be used to initiative a discussion about the values you and your team hold dear. What do these values look like 'on the ground'?... more

Leading in a time of political change15 January 2017

The political context can have a huge impact on your leadership as this case study from Egypt illustrates.In 2012, I moved with my family to Cairo, Egypt, where I was to be Superintendent of Cairo American... more

Leadership case studies15 January 2017

This section of the website contains a number of case studies from headteachers in international schools.These case studies are provided so that we can learn from each other. They are reflective pieces... more