Teaching and Learning

  • What are we teaching for?
  • What do we mean by 'learning'?
  • An introduction to Cultures of Thinking project
  • 21st century learning needs
  • Workshop: Expert vs Experienced Teachers - what does the John Hattie's research tell us?
  • Workshop: What do we believe about the ability of students to learn? Do we have a fixed or a growth mindset?
  • Guide to concept-based instruction and learning
  • Guide to inquiry-based learning
  • Guide to collaborative learning
  • Workshop: Asking the right questions to extend learning
  • IB approaches to teaching and learning
  • Pedagogical leaders - their roles
  • Professional development
  • School improvement tools

Selected Pages


Our Students Are Digital Natives 11 October 2020

Main message: In 5 traits of a digital native, Nathan Bracy describes digital natives as “those that were born into the...

WHAT is well-being? 8 May 2021

"Child well-being is not something you can easily delegate to families and social environments; schools need to take a more...

How do students actually learn? 4 April 2021

Main Message: As teachers we need to know how to develop our students' cognitive (mental), affective (emotional) and psychomotor...

Evidence informed teaching 23 March 2021

Pedagogy is both a science and a craft. As teachers we make decisions every lesson: decisions about how to engage students...

Knowledge vs. skills? 4 January 2021

Main message: Being an IB student requires getting on top of a lot of academic knowledge. But at the same time the IB approaches...

Our '21st Century' Context 31 July 2020

"This is a story about … whether an entire generation of kids will fail to make the grade in the global economy because...

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