See, Hear, Feel

The Tool

This tool is very useful as a means of collecting evidence on a given subject. This market place activity asks colleagues to make a subject visible by asking what do they hear, see and feel.

How to use

  • collecting evidence
  • collaborative learning

The See, Hear, Feel tool has multiple uses:

  • to collect evidence to support verification or your evaluation self-study
  • teacher or leadership development: what do you hear an effective leader say, see them do, how do they make people feel?
  • collaborative discussion around making a school policy visible


  • Place THREE flip charts around the room. Give each one of the following titles: What I See, What I Hear, What I Feel
  • Introduce the topic you wish to discuss
  • Provide all participants with colored post-it notes, a different color for SEE, HEAR, FEEL
  • Ask them to write one word responses on the post-its
  • Leader to act as facilitator in a plenary session to collate group learning: affirm the things going well, identify any gaps where evidence is not clear and work for further development.

Helpful tip:

Encourage participants to write down the actual words they would hear and not a sentence about the things they would hear.

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