Onenote + Share student Videos

Onenote - even faster, & deeper, feedback than when working Face-to-Face?

Onenote synchs really fast
(in our experience), and if it doesn't, I combine it with Google Hangout/Meet or Zoom, with students sharing their screens so I can quickly see, at all times, how each of them is getting on (see image below, but instead of "people's faces" on the video, each those thumbnails is a "students onenote working out" pad). Double clicking on one of their "shared screen" thumbnails in Google Hangout/meet or clicking through each Students assigned Tab=workspace directly in Onenote, allows me to watch, live, what they do and don't understand and quickly give feedback.

Set your class a task, and in Onenote (synched via microsoft365), watch, live, which ever student tab you choose to click on, as they solve each question. We have the luxury of having used Onenote in this way for the last 4 or 5 years with our Grade11+12/Year12+13 students. I love it, for the following reason.
> Spot quickly who is struggling
> Give timely, tailored to the individual feedback, before they spend 10minutes on an unproductive line of inquiry/working out.
> Share students work quickly and anyonymously - I take a screenshot of their working out, it's rare a student who can tell who produced what work just from looking at how they write numbers/algebra etc. 
> Organising Student notes & finding them quickly - no more "lost notes" (they're all in the cloud) or "I can't find it". It also allows a teacher to quickly share examples of "well organised sections and pages (titled, Hwk section, Revision, Formula book section etc.)" and poorly organised (few section titles, few page titles etc.etc!).
> Teachers notes shared immediately - most of the time, the synching is so good students can see my working out live on their screens as I am writing on the board (in Onenote).

I used it in class too, via a VPN (e.g. Senso, Impero), which show all students screens directly on my screen as thumbnails. I find monitoring the working out of the whole class, simultaneously without having to peer over each student's shoulder and try and read clearly their working out a huge leap forward (I also use cheap, white, wallpaper around the walls, erasable pens for writing on windows and a set of giant whiteboards, but in this online environment, that is no longer possible!).


Sharing Student Videos - 'My Life in Confinement'

The minister for education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, has suggested that the government is currently looking at the 4th May 2020 for a return to school in France. Unlike the UK's GCSEs(15/16year olds) and A-levels(18yr olds), Scottish Standard&Higher exams(first time they will be cancelled since their founding in 1888), Cambridge IGCSEs and the International Baccalaureat, France has not yet cancelled exams for its 18 year olds.

Unlike Anglophone countries, with universities being, for the vast majority, publicly funded, there is no system of predicted grades, this may be an important factor in why such a decision is harder to make. The last (and only, outside of war time?) that the Bac was "modified" was during the Teacher and Student strikes in May 1968. Every student sat an oral exam, covering all subjects, face-to-face with one teacher, who decided their results. All students sat it on exactly the same day: 27th June 1968! Some teachers who had taken part in the strikes were probably more sympathetic, than objective: 81,3% pass rate, compared with 62% the year before, in 1967, and 67%, the year after (1969). This translated into 78 000 more students accepted into French universities than had been anticipated (additional irony, this figure became the "target" for admissions in future years (is this in line with the rise in population?)!).

I'd looked into 'Fligrid' the weekend before we went into confinement (4th/5th March) and was reflecting on what sort of lesson/topic/activity this could be useful . . .

Well, with the increasing likelihood of a long confinement, I figured, like me, my students could probably use some ideas on the below key questions that occupy my mind! Each one was given until PSHCE next week to make their 2min video (see description below) and load it up to Flipgrid. Next week, we'll use the time to watch each other's videos, aim: have loads of ideas on effective, and varied ways to relax, keep fit, spend 'quality' time with family and get the most out of online learning!

Make a short (2minute maximum) video on "My Life in Confinement".

Practice what your going to say and show before recording your video.

In it you should include the following information:
> Most fun thing I've found to do to relax during confinement  
> Good "keep fit" idea during confinement
> A good activity to have fun with your family, whilst confined
> A lesson activity I've particularly enjoyed since confinement

I'm looking forward to harvesting a whole class set of new ideas to help get us through confinement!

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