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  • 19 Nov Jim Noble
    Focus - Cumulative Frequency
    Hmmm - always possible. Thanks for spotting, I'll have a good look, thanks Michael
  • 18 Nov Michael Zwosta
    Focus - Cumulative Frequency
    I think that some of the slides with the cumulative frequency curves have inaccurate data values.
  • Hmmm, Hi Miguel, sorry you are struggling with this, can I check the obvious about making sure you select the correct class to assign in it to? Students should see it on their dashboards. Is it just this page or have you had this problem with...
  • 17 Nov Miguel Cuadrado
    Sinusoidal functions - practice
    Hi. When I assign a task to a class, it does not appear on the task list for the student so they don't know they hava a task to complete. Any advice on how to fix this? 
  • 15 Nov Virginia Oad
    Toxic Waste Dump problem
    This is so confusing
  • 6 Nov Jim Noble
    Practise Explorations
    Hi Peter,This sounds great and a perfect opportunity for your student to see the mathematics in a very real context. We have some good stuff from author Peter Morris on SIR models here if that is a help! My only nagging thought about pandemic...
  • 1 Nov Brinda Joseph
    SL Exam Practice - Paper 2
    Dear team it would be helpful if you could create  a set of questions and and marking scheme separately for  AI HL students.
  • 28 Oct Peter Jackson
    Practise Explorations
    Hi Jim, have a student who is interested in using the  S I R model to investigate the spread of COVID. It might be possible to use the model to predict the increase in infections for different countries up to December 2020. The model...
  • Thanks Jimmy for sharing & posting. 
  • HP Prime has an unacceptable rounding issue...  Try calculating the birthday paradox compliment e.g. (365!/342!)/365^23 Since it rounds the numerator to 1. Or the sqrt(2)^2
  • 20 Oct Jimmy Mao
    SL Probability of events
    There are some slight errors with the Venn Diagram worksheet. On # 3 there is an on V in the middle column where you have the intersection of 3 sets. In #4 the middle column has MS as a set when MS is not a part of the sets. It is correct on...
  • 17 Oct Oliver Bowles
    HL(SL) Functions - Teacher notes
    Hi Peter, absolute functions appear in the pre-requisite knowledge and in the Guide's notation list. Whilst no knowledge of 'absolute function' (as required in analysis/legacy HL ) appears in the syllabus, it looks like students are expected...