HL Matrix Transformations&Determinants (AHL3.9)

How do Matrices create transformations? What is the Geometric meaning of the Determinant?

On this page you can find a set of videos, created by James Tanton (training available here), for topics AHL 3.9 and 3.15 that provide a deep, conceptual insight into how/why matrices define transformations. An in-depth look at the geometrical meaning of a matrix's determinant and an introduction to Adjacency matrices are also provided.

Practice and Exam Style Questions follow at the bottom of this page (site membership is required for the exam style questions).

Matrices 7: Geometric Transformations

Optional Extra: A Full Understanding of one-dimensional Transformations

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Some standard Transformations: Reflections, Enlargements/Dilations, Rotations

Identifying Transformations with NO Memorization

Matrices 8: the Geometric Meaning of Determinants

Deeper: Oriented Areas and Negative Determinants

IB exam style questions

  Matrix Transformations , use these Exam style questions to test if you feel ready, or what you need to review, ahead of moving on to the new topic or your end of unit test/mocks/final exams!

SOLUTIONS to exam style questions (including a guideline markscheme)

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