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Tuesday 3 April 2018

Mirian regularly changes her hair style. In fact she regularly changes her hair, long, short then long again. It's all about braids, apparently. It came as no surprise that Mirian chose to do her EE on a hair related topic.

Here’s the fun part, I got my EE topic in the bathroom. I observed that it was easier to get out shower gel from its bottle when I let air in first and this happened when it was half way full. Since when a bottle is half way full there is more air compared to when it is full. When I first observed this, I never thought that it could be my research topic but later on I decided it could be something interesting to research. My research was based on the effect of air on the pressure in plastic bottles. I did some experiments before summer break. By applying a constant force on the bottle I varied the volume of water in a plastic bottle and I measured the pressure and the radii of the dent formed (I know it is confusing because it is supposed to be confusing, Ha!). I expected it to be easy but is anything ever easy? By August last year I was already blaming myself on why I chose to do my EE in Physics. The hardest part of doing my research was that there was almost no similar works online, so I had to do things on my own (with the help of Chris of course). And I never understood what was going on in the beginning. My EE involved a lot of ToK in it. In the beginning it felt easy to take the liquid out of the container but the results were different. It was interesting to see the relationship between perception and measurements. In my observation I perceived that it would have been easier to take the liquid out of the bottle when it was half way full but the measurements gave different results. I’m happy I did my EE in Physics and I think the topic I chose was good. Now thinking of it, it wasn’t that hard and I would probably have used two weeks to do the whole thing if I knew what I was doing in the very beginning. Doing my EE in Physics gave me thoughts of studying Physics in my further studies.

16 Apr 2018
31 Mar 2018


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