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A well planned site with lots of informations in Physics!

Vinita Sharat, The Shri Ram School, India

This is a great resource for IB Physics teachers. I have been using it and will continue using the same in future. The resources of IA are great. I can strongly recommend to any Physics teacher of the world for this site. Thank you for maintaining the...

Arun Mukherjee, International School Of Penang (Uplands), Malaysia

I was new to teaching IB and moved to a brand new school with no other Physics teacher and no resources at all... With the huge help from the InThinking Physics site I was able to put in place a course with no problems at all. It has been like having...

Graeme Keer-Keer, Alcanta International School, China


Don't look at the laser

16 September 2017

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look at a laser? Shah wondered too but he's probably damaged his eyes enough looking at sunspots... more

That old chestnut

30 August 2017

It's an oldie but a goody, the one about the two perpendicular polarizers and a 3rd one is placed in between at 45°. Surprise surprise light... more

Sometimes I wonder

29 August 2017

Amalie and I have often wondered how you get circularly polarized light. Actually I have often wondered Amalie is proably a first time wonderer.... more

Subscriber comments

  • 23 Sep Sinan Kosak
    Core Topics
    Dead link at 1.3 Vectors
  • 21 Sep Colin Cuthbert
    Acceleration and suvat test
    They are now, thanks!
  • 21 Sep Chris Hamper
    Acceleration and suvat test
    It's here on the page, image and the link next to the tick. Are these not showing on your browser?
  • 20 Sep Colin Cuthbert
    Acceleration and suvat test
    Hi Chris, Do you have a link to the answer sheet for this one?
  • 14 Sep Chris Hamper
    Kirchoff's test
    Hi Nick; The current through the lower resistor is negative (this means it is in the other direction to that drawn) so, taking the loop clockwise, the potential drop across it will be positive. -14.4 +12 +2.4 = 0 I like to use Potential...
  • 14 Sep Nicholas Nannen
    Kirchoff's test
    Hi there Mr. Hamper, Thank you, InThinking has been a wonderful resource for me as I teach IB physics for the first time. However, I believe this test has an error. When I substitute the values you found for the currents back into the resistors...
  • 12 Sep Chris Hamper
    Practical work
    Yes, including stuff like that in appendices would be fine.
  • 12 Sep Onur Gundogdu
    Practical work
    Thanks Chris (very sorry for my wrong spelling earlier!!) Would it be OK if students put sample calculations or details of how they used a kind of software, e.g. audacity, in appendices? I guess appendices are not included in the word count.
  • 11 Sep Chris Hamper
    Practical work
    I don't think it is necessary to show example calculations, it would detract from the flow of the essay. I mean that they can use other methods like standard deviation or statistical methods that are beyond the course. Max min method is OK...
  • 10 Sep Onur Gundogdu
    Practical work
    Hi Kris, In EE *Do student's have to show sample calculations and explain how they obtained uncertainty or would quoting on the table correctly be sufficient? *What do you mean by "Process data ... or similar to find the uncertainties."? Would...
  • 8 Sep Chris Hamper
    Solutions moved
    The solutions to the second edition are in the ebook.
  • 7 Sep Dames Boire
    Solutions moved
    I found them under ajaxPages sub folder! thanks! Dames


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