A well planned site with lots of informations in Physics!

Vinita Sharat, The Shri Ram School, India

I consider Chris Hamper's InThinking page for IB Physics to be an indispensable resource for the course. Whether you use his textbook or not the IA section alone is worth the subscription cost.

Bryon Farrow, Suzhou Singapore International School, China

I am very pleased with the website and the material. Love the animated multiple choice test questions. That is a great way to ask questions and cannot be accomplished with questions on paper. Also, the labs are very good and the suggestions are very...

Susan Vogel, Rockwall-Heath High School, USA

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Nebraska astro simulations

9 September 2021

Many years ago the university of Nebraska - Lincoln Astronomy dept produced a superb set of simulations. With the demise of flash... more

EE update

29 August 2021

The deadline for first draft is this Wednesday so I thought I'd give an update on progress. Many people think that 10 EE's is too many but so... more

Subscriber comments

  • 22 Sep Chris Hamper
    IA reflections 2021
    I'm not much of a tracker expert but maybe it's something to do with the video frame rate, try recording with a lower rate.
  • 22 Sep Peter Jackson
    IA reflections 2021
    Hello Chris, a few years ago when i was teaching IB Physics in Papua New Guinea, you recommended using Tracker for Video Analysis to investigate Mechanics. My students used it very successfully for class experiments and for IA work. I have...
  • I’m assuming that the end is used as the zero. If this is the case all measurements will be inaccurate but precise. If you subtracted the missing bit you would be accurate and precise
  • One of my students is arguing with an answer to a given question, "The end of a ruler is broken, this will affect:". They believe the answer is "neither accuracy or precision" and no matter the scenario I provide for reflection, the student...
  • 13 Sep Chris Hamper
    Mind-flash The complete core
    Hi Althea; They should run on the page but you shouldn't be able to access the original Google slides file without me sharing it with you. I am keen for them to be used but not copied :-)
  • 10 Sep Althea White
    Mind-flash The complete core
    I'm trying to open these in google slides but it doesn't work
  • 9 Sep Chris Hamper
    Light from stars
    Thanks for pointing this out. It was probably flash or java and won't run anymore anyway. I'll see if I can make a substitute in GeoGebra..
  • 9 Sep Richard Kennedy
    Light from stars
    Parallax Applet was not found
  • sent
  • Hello Chris, I'm a new teacher in IB. I am currently working on my resources. Would you mind sharing me the worked solutions too at Thank you very much. Regards, Joel
  • 2 Sep denis kuszynski
    Was the SL paper 2 too difficult?
    Hi Chris, I guess the 2022 exam marking protocols is an unknown quantity atm. eg IA sample or marking? Additionally, the exam of 2022 class has accumulated greater learning turmoil than any previous group so far so wonder if at all this will...
  • Hi Denis; Yes, a bit of a mess. The point you mention about different examiners marking IA's is a good one, it adds another layer on uncertainty to something with large random errors already.


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