The InThinking Physics site has been a life saver. Chris's explanations of syllabus content and assessment criteria have helped enormously with planning and programming. The inclusion of marked IAs in particular was really beneficial when I started teaching...

Kate Baldry, The Friends School, Australia

I was new to teaching IB and moved to a brand new school with no other Physics teacher and no resources at all... With the huge help from the InThinking Physics site I was able to put in place a course with no problems at all. It has been like having...

Graeme Keer-Keer, Alcanta International School, China

This site is well organized and thorough. It gives great insight into the content and how connections can be made for students. I have been using it to help me prepare for the 2016 assessment, and have used resources for each content area and laboratories...

Steven Rines, American School of Bombay, India

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Measuring angles from photo

25 September 2019

Amtul asked how to measure angles on a digital photo of light reflecting off a curved mirror, here's how to do it in GeoGebra.First I insert... more

The big bang

10 September 2019

The PhET simulation is great but you can't beat real balloons for introducing electric fields. This year I bought extra big ones, not so good... more

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  • 13 Oct Chris Hamper
    Wave nature of matter
    Strange. The D-G experiment definitely uses the maximum but 2dsintheta instead of d. I reckon they are expecting students to use the single slit formula even though they use d and not b. Would be interesting to know what alternative answers...
  • 13 Oct David Hawthorn
    Wave nature of matter
    A beam of electrons each of de Broglie wavelength 2.4 x10^-15m is incident on a thin film of silicon-30. The variation in the electron intensity of the beam with scattering angle is shown [standard Davisson-Germer experiment graph shown but...
  • 12 Oct Chris Hamper
    Wave nature of matter
    Hi David; Reading what I wrote on p289 I can see that it might lead to some confusion as I mention the pattern looks like that made by a circular aperture then use the diffraction grating equation. A full understanding of the Davisson - Germer...
  • 11 Oct Chris Hamper
    Wave nature of matter
    I am at the airport with only my phone. I’ll get back to you when I’m home.
  • 10 Oct David Hawthorn
    Wave nature of matter
    "Describe the two slit experiment for electrons." I'm a bit confused about this after reading the markscheme for 2019 TZ1 HL paper 2 Q2a)i) The markscheme uses the angle for a minimum intensity rather than a maximum intensity. The syllabus...
  • 8 Oct Chris Hamper
    Ideas for investigations
    Yeah should be ok.
  • 8 Oct Chris Hamper
    Individual investigation
    Could be ok but would need to define efficiency. Do they have a model car with at least 5 different sizes of wheel.
  • 6 Oct Amtul Qayyum
    Ideas for investigations
    Instead of the ball can he use a square sheet.
  • 6 Oct Amtul Qayyum
    Individual investigation
    Chris one of my student would like to do an IA on "Does the radius of a car tyre affect its efficiency?" Will that make a good IA?
  • 1 Oct Chris Hamper
    Thanks Roberta, now fixed.
  • 1 Oct Roberta Rodriquez
    Hi Chris, the link above doesn't work, but this does
  • I'm afraid not. Maybe I'll make one :-)


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