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Cross-curricular linking

30 November 2021

This is Hector, he was one of my students, he is now one of MIT's students. More about him later. Last weekend I was at a climbing competition... more

Swimming pool investigations

28 November 2021

There is a swimming pool next to my school, I thought it might be fun to think up some investigations that could be carried out there, here's... more

Subscriber comments

  • 30 Nov Amtul Qayyum
    Gas laws
    Dear Chris, In the gas law test: The answer to the question, state the law it represents, shouldn't it be the statement of the law rather than the name of the law
  • Hi Michael; Yes this is the point of the experiment, it is very difficult to get good results. There are a lot of small adjustments to be made and even then the result is quite far from expected. The support page gives some hints. The idea...
  • and it's very difficult to drop the card exactly when the initial speed of card is zero , which implies the card's initial position is zero 
  • at first glance , the design of the experiment looks nice , but my questions is how to make sure the strip of the card falls vertically downward . since the timers tell the time when the card block the beam of the laser emitter by the...
  • 22 Nov Chris Hamper
    The one hour first draft
    Exactly, Michael. It's good to start off simple and build complexity into the evaluation.
  • 22 Nov Chris Hamper
    MCQs: Global warming
    Thanks Charles; now fixed.
  • 21 Nov Michael Zhu
    The one hour first draft
    the complexity increases a lot when students take torque and rotational inertial into account . the data fits much better .
  • 19 Nov Charles Wade
    MCQs: Global warming
    Hi, I think the wording and stated rationale for Question 3 are wrong.  The question should read, "The many little VALLEYS are best explained in terms of".  Then choice B is correct, but the rationale is that plants ABSORB CO2.  Thanks...
  • 17 Nov Amtul Qayyum
    Unit Planner: Relativity
    Thank you Chris
  • 16 Nov Chris Hamper
    Unit Planner: Relativity
    Schwarzschild wormholes, also known as Einstein–Rosen bridges[15] (named after Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen),[16] are connections between areas of space that can be modeled as vacuum solutions to the Einstein field equations, and that...
  • 16 Nov Amtul Qayyum
    Unit Planner: Relativity
    Dear ChrisOne of my student would like to write his extended essay on "To what extent has the concept of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge affected the possibility of time-travel?"Kindly provide your feedback to this question?
  • 16 Nov Frances Down
    Virtual IA marking tutorial
    Hi ChrisI have just had my students do their IAs - first time for us!  Many questions come to mind  about the marking - thank you for this virtual tutor it was very valuable.Firstly the max number of pages and use of appendices.  12...


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