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I was new to teaching IB and moved to a brand new school with no other Physics teacher and no resources at all... With the huge help from the InThinking Physics site I was able to put in place a course with no problems at all. It has been like having...

Graeme Keer-Keer, Alcanta International School, China

I am very pleased with the website and the material. Love the animated multiple choice test questions. That is a great way to ask questions and cannot be accomplished with questions on paper. Also, the labs are very good and the suggestions are very...

Susan Vogel, Rockwall-Heath High School, USA

InThinking Physics is a valuable resource. If you are teaching IB Physics for the first time, then it is an absolute must-have. The materials provided are practical, easy to follow and full of interesting resources.

Joylene Vette-Guillaume, Heidelberg International School, Germany


Golf trick real or fake?

18 August 2018

I saw this golf trick on instagram and was immediately suspicious, 40 years of teaching physics does that to you. The ball just doesn't seem... more

cable resistance

25 July 2018

Here's an interesting one. I got this compressor for painting my car, as it happens I'm not going to use it. All the mixing... more


19 July 2018

Lots of wasps around at this time of year, you can tell them by the way they buzz, not as frantic as a bluebottle, but more so than a bee. Have... more

Subscriber comments

  • 20 Aug Chris Hamper
    My practical programme
    They don't have to but can do.
  • 20 Aug Sujatha Ashok
    My practical programme
    While processing results do the students have to find the standard deviation / I do not find this explicitly mentioned in the syllabus.
  • 17 Aug Chris Hamper
    My practical programme
    I use a mac and I use loggerpro. Just need the mac version. email vernier if you need to renew your account.
  • 16 Aug Sujatha Ashok
    My practical programme
    Some of my students use Mac, they are not able to load Loggerpro on it, is there any alternative ?
  • 15 Aug Chris Hamper
    My practical programme
    Yes interactive physics is expensive, use Algodoo instead.
  • 14 Aug Sujatha Ashok
    My practical programme
    Is Interactive Physics a paid there any other alternative which students can install in their laptops
  • 10 Aug Keith Irvine
    cable resistance
    Because of the increased voltage drop in your cables the compressor motor does not receive the full 230V with a consequent reduction in back emf. The difference between the forward and back emf’s has now increased and more current is drawn...
  • 8 Aug Chris Hamper
    My practical programme
    All my students have a copy of lp on their laptops. This is allowed by the license agreement. I have 4 pasco benches but no dark room.
  • 8 Aug Sujatha Ashok
    My practical programme
    Loggerpro is procured by the school and installed in one laptop used in lab. How do all your students have access to Loggerpro ? Do you have dark room , with optical bench ? What other equipment are must have for lab ?
  • 1 Aug Chris Hamper
    Writing an Extended Essay
    Most do their IA on mechanics which is completed in term 1. By doing it early the students have no other commitments so can really focus on physics for a while. Students still remember how to use logger pro etc. if you leave it until after...
  • 1 Aug Sujatha Ashok
    Writing an Extended Essay
    If the students have to complete IA by May they would have started thinking about the topic sometime in January. By then we would be half way through SL syllabus. While students who take HL have to do IA in a topic suiting that level. How...
  • 31 Jul Chris Hamper
    Writing an Extended Essay
    I have collected IAs already at the end of May. They are not externally marked but a sample are moderated.


Higher Level Physics

Higher Level Physics by Chris Hamper. Comprehensive coverage of the entire HL course.

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