A well planned site with lots of informations in Physics!

Vinita Sharat, The Shri Ram School, India

This is a great resource for IB Physics teachers. I have been using it and will continue using the same in future. The resources of IA are great. I can strongly recommend to any Physics teacher of the world for this site. Thank you for maintaining the...

Arun Mukherjee, International School Of Penang (Uplands), Malaysia

I was new to teaching IB and moved to a brand new school with no other Physics teacher and no resources at all... With the huge help from the InThinking Physics site I was able to put in place a course with no problems at all. It has been like having...

Graeme Keer-Keer, Alcanta International School, China

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Making connections

21 November 2018

The end of the first term, yes, it's the end here, we break up on next Wednesday,. Anyway, the end of the first term is a good time to do a... more

Cross and dot

31 October 2018

Yesterday Rayan asked an interesting question. " Mathematically speaking, why is work a scalar?" In other words, why does multiplying two vectors... more

Subscriber comments

  • 26 Nov Chris Hamper
    Interactions between particles
    Try this Students are only expected to understand the basic rules
  • 26 Nov Sujatha Ashok
    Interactions between particles
    I am confused about Feynmann diagrams. Id there a site which explains this ? For example scattering off a electron antineutrino off a muon. If it says just muon is it positive or negative ?
  • 23 Nov Chris Hamper
    Activity: Stellar evolution
    HI Jaya, Thanks for reporting. It should be fixed now. Try reloading page and if still a problem clear the cache from your browser history.
  • 22 Nov Jaya Ramchandani
    Activity: Stellar evolution
    Hi, the equations in this entire section are not showing up
  • 20 Nov Chris Hamper
    It would do but there is no requirement for title, contents or appendix.
  • 20 Nov Sandra Fernandes
    Hi Chris, First of all thanks for the answer to all my other questions on this website, much appreciated. I have a question more to do with structure. Does the page count include the title page, the table of contents, the references list and...
  • 13 Nov Chris Hamper
    Ideas for investigations
    I think it is fine to use Algodoo in this way, wouldn't be easy to do it in real life.
  • 13 Nov Sandra Fernandes
    Ideas for investigations
    Ps. I am not teaching Imaging as an option so that is a new topic for him.
  • 13 Nov Sandra Fernandes
    Ideas for investigations
    Thanks, Chris :) Another question (sorry this is my first year with IAs and I have a lot of questions). A student of mine is proving the lens equation and he is using Algodoo to show the focal length changes with the refractive index (he is...
  • 2 Nov Chris Hamper
    MCQs: Circular motion
    Good point, I'll fix it.
  • 2 Nov Dustin Norton
    MCQs: Circular motion
    I really like question 2, but the given angle is not possible if the ball has no vertical acceleration (weight does not equal vertical component of T). I was really proud of a student who recognized this method of solving using Pythagoras'...
  • 1 Nov Chris Hamper
    Yes they can but I think it is much better to compare the simulation to real life. I also think that it is much better for a student to build their own simulation in Geogebra or Algodoo than use a ready made one.


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