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Feel my pulse 23 August 2012

The OCC forum is a place where IB teachers can post questions and have discussions about IB subjects and procedures. Over the past couple of days there has been an interesting discussion about wave propagation.... more

Temper temper 15 August 2012

Here's a cheap and cheerful way of doing datalogging for very little money. I got this USB temperature sensory from ebay for £1.99 (plus £4.99 postage to Norway from China). It comes with a CD of the... more

Close but not that close 10 August 2012

Some of the swimming events have very close finishes, for example in the 200m butterfly Chad le Clos beat Michael Phelps by 0.05s. This is pretty close but not the closest. In the 1972 Olympics in Munich... more

Jessica Ennis 5 August 2012

For the past week I have been watching the Olympics and being a Brit I've been particularly looking forward to Jessica Ennis performing. Jessica is a heptathlete which means she has to participate in... more

Leg lift 1 August 2012

Ever since I went on that treadmill in Kazakhstan I've been thinking about the mechanics of running up a hill when you're not running up one. The reason it's more difficult to run on an inclined treadmill... more

Slaboratory 31 July 2012

A slab is a piece of rock that is less than vertical. I don't normally climb slabs preferring pieces of rock that are more than vertical, these suit the way I climb, without feet. Just by the road leading... more

Interactive physhing 25 July 2012

When it's raining the only thing to do is go fishing. I prefer to fish with a fly but sometimes use a spinning rod as shown in the photo. This technique involves casting out a shiny metal lure then reeling... more

Experimenting with alcohol 24 July 2012

After Geoff's comment on my last blog post I thought I'd try to experiment with alcohol. That doesn't sound so good. What I mean is that I'd try heating alcohol with my hand to see if the difference... more

Dream comes true 22 July 2012

My last blog post was about an experiment that didn't work, well it's raining outside so I thought I'd return to the lab and try again this time with a better temperature sensor and a more careful technique.... more

Hand hot 22 July 2012

Yesterday at about 5 am I was lying in bed trying to get back to sleep when I had a great idea for a new practical. I've been trying to think of a lab that connected biology, chemistry and physics. It's... more