Core Topics

Topic 1: Physics and physical measurement

1.1 The realm of physics
1.2 Measurement and uncertainties
1.3 Vectors and scalars
Addition of vectorsAddition of vectors link icon

Topic 2 : Mechanics

2.1 Kinematics
Visualising vectorsVisualising vectors link icon
Graphs of motionGraphs of motion link icon
2.2 Forces and dynamics
Forces in 1DForces in 1D link icon
BouyancyBouyancy link icon
Box on a rampBox on a ramp link icon
2.3 Work, energy and power
Energy changesEnergy changes link icon
2.4 Uniform circular motion
Body on a turntableBody on a turntable link icon

Topic 3 : Thermal physics

3.1 Thermal concepts
Friction and energyFriction and energy link icon
3.2 Thermal properties of matter
Solid liquid and gasSolid liquid and gas link icon
Gas moleculesGas molecules link icon
Properties of a gasProperties of a gas link icon

Topic 4: Oscillations and waves

4.2 Energy changes during simple harmonic motion (SHM)
4.1 Kinematics of simple harmonic motion (SHM)
Masses and springsMasses and springs link icon
4.3 Forced oscillations and resonance
4.4 Wave characteristics
Wave propagationWave propagation link icon
Waves in a stringWaves in a string link icon
Radio wavesRadio waves link icon
4.5 Wave properties
Ripple tankRipple tank link icon
Sound wavesSound waves link icon
InterferenceInterference link icon

Topic 5: Electric currents

5.1 Electric potential difference, current and resistance
EMF of batteryEMF of battery link icon
Simple CircuitSimple Circuit link icon
5.2 Electric circuits
Circuit constructionCircuit construction link icon

Topic 6: Fields and forces

6.1 Gravitational force and field
Solar SystemSolar System link icon
6.2 Electric force and field
John TravoltageJohn Travoltage link icon
Charged balloonsCharged balloons link icon
Electric fieldElectric field link icon
Charges in E fieldCharges in E field link icon
6.3 Magnetic force and field
Magnetic FieldMagnetic Field link icon
Force on a currentForce on a current link icon

Topic 7: Atomic and nuclear physics

7.1 The atom
Rutherfords experimentRutherfords exp. link icon
Hydrogen atomHydrogen atom link icon
Milikans experimentMilikans exp. link icon
7.2 Radioactive decay
Random decayRandom decay link icon
7.3 Nuclear reactions, fission and fusion
Nuclear reactionsNuclear reactions link icon

Topic 8: Energy, power and climate change

Animated enginesAnimated Engines link icon
8.1 Energy degradation and power generation
Wave PowerWave Power link icon
8.2 World energy sources
8.3 Fossil fuel power production
8.4 Non-fossil fuel power production
Energy ResourcesEnergy Resources link icon
Nuclear powerNuclear power link icon
Nuclear reactorNuclear reactor link icon
8.5 Greenhouse effect
8.6 Global warming
Black bodyBlack body link icon
Greenhouse effectGreenhouse effect link icon
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