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OCD: Cognitive explanationsfree28 September 2021

The cognitive approach argues that cognitive processes play a role in our mental health. OCD is characterized by a dysfunctional patterns of thinking , including an inflated sense of responsibility and... more

OCD: Biological explanationsfree28 September 2021

The biological approach argues that both genetics and the functioning of the brain may explain the origin of OCD. For this component of the module, you will learn about both the genetic argument and... more

Cognitive approach to OCD28 September 2021

Everyone finds their mind wandering occasionally. Being distracted by our thoughts is a common experience, but people with OCD experience intrusive thoughts that are more intense, insistent, distressing,... more

LP 9: Introducing qualitative27 September 2021

To finalize my introductory unit, we dig deeper into how psychologists research human behaviour by introducing the vocabulary of qualitative research. In doing so, I am hoping to lay a groundwork for... more

Sociocultural extension portfolio27 September 2021

The following task is meant to help you to prepare for the HL extensions essays on Paper I. You will work as a team and submit a portfolio to demonstrate your preparation.Remember that on exam day, one,... more

Legalizing marijuana27 September 2021

Over the past five years, there have been several countries that have decided to decriminalize the use of "recreational marijuana." In some of states in the US and some countries in the European Union,... more

What to do with outliers27 September 2021

One of the common questions from students is whether they can "just get rid of outliers." The answer is - it's complicated.Students should never simply discard data because they feel that it someone... more

Pheromones23 September 2021

A rather controversial area of psychological research is the role of pheromones on human behaviour. A pheromone is a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal affecting... more

Finding relevant sources23 September 2021

One of the most important aspects of your research is where you find your information. It is important that you use research that is published in peer-reviewed journals. Try to avoid using news sources... more

ALP 1.4 Biases in diagnosis23 September 2021

The following lesson looks at different biases that may affect diagnoses. Clinical biases have to do with the expectations of the clinician. This may include cognitive biases, as well as stereotypes.... more