The InThinking IB Psychology website was extremely helpful during my first two years teaching IB Psychology. I have been able to easily gain access and insight into the IB curriculum.

Margaret Holtgreive, Reagan IB High School, USA

InThinking has been a tremendous help for a first time IB Psychology teacher. The students have found the lessons relevant and rigorous. I am very impressed by the variety of materials and writing samples available on the website.

Roger Orstad, Cedar Ridge High School, USA

Gracias por toda la informacón provista.

Mario Giraldo, American British Academy, Oman

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  • 18 Dec Michael Quemby
    Have a great trip John. Happy holidays and a great New Year.
  • 18 Dec Jennifer Casaine
    Enjoy your trip! Happy Holidays and all the best in 2019 to you and yours!
  • 18 Dec John Crane
    ERQ sample: Genetics
    Dear Kim Yes, that is possible. But be careful of only using Bouchard's research - it is quite outdated and does not tell us much about the actual genetics of intelligence. If you are going to teach intelligence, I would try to also discuss...
  • 18 Dec John Crane
    Automatic processing activity
    Dear Brandon They are all different terms - and not necessarily related. Levels of processing has to do with the depth of processing - how much thinking is actually involved. Automatic processing is when we no longer have to consciously process...
  • 18 Dec Kim Goodman
    ERQ sample: Genetics
    Dear John. Could studies on IQ be used here? IQ being the 'behaviour'? Thanks.
  • 18 Dec Brandon Machin
    Automatic processing activity
    Dear John, I am trying not to confuse my students . . . So, what is the difference in automatic processing, levels of processing, and system 1 and system 2 (dual-processing)? I am having a hard time keeping these separate. There seems to be...
  • Dear Natasha I have my own students learn two arguments, but I would think that for exam day they should know one argument well.
  • 18 Dec Natasha Chan
    Biological approach to depression
    Dear John, Is it enough for students to just discuss genetics for a biological etiology ERQ for MDD? Either genetics (through 2 studies) OR the role of neurochemistry? Or is it best to discuss both genetics and neurochemistry? Thank for...
  • 18 Dec John Crane
    Writing samples: Cognitive
    This is usually considered a social bias. Personally, I wouldn't use it until it is clearer from the IB what they are going to accept as a "cognitive bias." However, some people have been told that they may use attribution theory to answer...
  • 18 Dec John Crane
    Writing the Evaluation
    Dear Tripti They should consider the strengths of using an independent samples. They can find these in the reseach methods section of this site:
  • Dear Chandana A good question. I have the summary from a book called Abnormal Psychology with Cases - by Davison, Neale and Kring, p 276. They cite it as Joiner et al 1999, but there is citation in their references does not match. So, I...
  • 18 Dec John Crane
    Biological approach
    Dear Jessica All questions may be asked as SAQs. There is no differentiation anymore between SAQ topics and ERQ topics. I have not finished the study guide for biological topics, but you can see a sample here of the the first sociocultural...