John Crane provides an invaluable resource for all IB Psychology teachers. The site provides up to date studies and relevant material in the current news. It has become my go-to source for IB specific materials.

Graham Samson, Exeter College, United Kingdom

The InThinking IB Psychology website was extremely helpful during my first two years teaching IB Psychology. I have been able to easily gain access and insight into the IB curriculum.

Margaret Holtgreive, Reagan IB High School, USA

I am very grateful to have an "online collegue" to get new input from, and very importantly, a very organized and structured such.

Viktoria Bergö, Aranäsgymnasiet, Sweden

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  • Thanks, Emily. Fixed.
  • 18 Nov John Crane
    Myths about studying
    Thank you, Jessica!
  • Hi John. Just noticed that the Question 2 on the student copy is different from the online version and answers. Best regards.
  • 17 Nov Jessica Bradford
    Myths about studying
    Here is a link to a a kahoot that addresses the above myths:
  • Oops! And found more than one! Thanks. Fixed.
  • 17 Nov John Crane
    LP 2: The Multi Store Model
    Thank you. Fixed.
  • 17 Nov John Crane
    McGaugh & Cahill (1995)
    We have accepted this in bio now for quite a while. I don't see what that would change. I think that you can sleep easy on this one.
  • 17 Nov John Crane
    Berntsen & Thomsen (2005)
    I agree that is a quasi experiment which uses interviews and surveys to gather data.
  • 17 Nov John Crane
    Sharot et al (2007)
    Mandy, I have no idea what directions they are going to give their examiners on this. All natural experiments are quasi experiments, but are all quasi experiments natural experiments?
  • 17 Nov John Crane
    FAQs for Internal Assessment
    Dear Bridget - either a total of 20 or more for repeated measures, or 10 per group for independent samples.
  • Thanks so much John for the samples to help train pupils in how to write for he exam. There is a little typo in sample 1 - commentary - of use of research 'roel' :)
  • 16 Nov mandy wood
    LP 2: The Multi Store Model
    Experiment 2 uses 15 x 15 word lists and it is Expt. 2 that has the interference task as the IV showing that recency effect is eliminated when recall is delayed. The original paper is here: