An excellent resource which really supports my teaching. I particular have used the Paper 3 stimulus material - they have been a great resource especially the model answers.

Hilary Rowark, St. Christopher’s School, Bahrain

InThinking has been a tremendous help for a first time IB Psychology teacher. The students have found the lessons relevant and rigorous. I am very impressed by the variety of materials and writing samples available on the website.

Roger Orstad, Cedar Ridge High School, USA

Gracias por toda la informacón provista.

Mario Giraldo, American British Academy, Oman

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  • 10 Dec Agnieszka Jaśkiewicz
    The research process
    Thanks. I thought so, but just wanted to be sure.
  • 10 Dec Kim Goodman
    ERQ marking: Neurotransmission
    Dear John. To answer this question is it better for students to stick to the studies that cover the same neurotransmitter (i.e. proving supporting evidence for the behaviour linked to each) or does it not matter? I also know that it can...
  • 10 Dec Craig Nixon
    Writing the Analysis
    Hi John, I had a group replicate Perham and Vizard (2011), revolves around a realistic scenario of music and cognition, known as the irrelevant sound effect (ISE). The aim of the study for my studens is to determine whether or not background...
  • 10 Dec Craig Nixon
    Overview of report format
    Thanks so much John !
  • 10 Dec Michael Quemby
    SAQ marking: Brain imaging
    Thanks for the reply. Again possibly problematic as she contended that using animal studies is a technique, that we get insight into how humans would behave under similar conditions. (She asked while writing the test and I did not see her answer...
  • 10 Dec Karl Sineath
    FAQs for Internal Assessment
    Thank you so, so much!
  • Dear Raji The question may be: discuss the formation of personal relationships. Is that what you mean by content alone? I am sorry, I don't understand the question. As for the number of studies - they should always have two. If the question...
  • 10 Dec John Crane
    ERQ sample: Genetics
    Dear Steve As long as it is about genetics, all is good.
  • 10 Dec Raji Nagarajan
    Biological theories of attraction
    Dear John, Will there be an IB exam question on the content alone? Like Renu has mentioned in the second part of her question? If the question is on biological approach, and the learners choose to talk about how neurotransmitters influence,...
  • 10 Dec Steve Kerr
    ERQ sample: Genetics
    Perfect! Thank you so much! Examiners won't mind that it's off-curriculum if students still have aim, procedure, findings and evaluation, right?
  • 10 Dec John Crane
    ERQ sample: Genetics
    Dear Steve Zhou sounds like too much of a stretch for me. There is a recent GWAS you might want to use: This article gives some evaluation of the study
  • 10 Dec John Crane
    FAQs for Internal Assessment
    Dear Karl I have clarified this with the heads of assessment and curriculum - 16 year olds do not need consent, unless your local government requires it.