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The InThinking IB Psychology website was extremely helpful during my first two years teaching IB Psychology. I have been able to easily gain access and insight into the IB curriculum.

Margaret Holtgreive, Reagan IB High School, USA

An excellent resource which really supports my teaching. I particular have used the Paper 3 stimulus material - they have been a great resource especially the model answers.

Hilary Rowark, St. Christopher’s School, Bahrain

I am very grateful to have an "online collegue" to get new input from, and very importantly, a very organized and structured such.

Viktoria Bergö, Aranäsgymnasiet, Sweden


Asking questions

1 September 2016

One of the most important skills that we can help our students to develop is the skill of "asking questions." This is fundamental to the inquiry... more

Changes to the EE

26 August 2016

As we all await the publication of the new psychology curriculum, we have also been given the new extended essay criteria. The first set of... more

Interpreting IA comments: Discussion

11 August 2016

This is the final of four blog postings on the meaning of IA comments. These comments focus on the "discussion" section of the report. more

Subscriber comments

  • 21 Aug davdi weyant
    Evaluating theories
    Thank you John. It is much appreciated!
  • 21 Aug Svetlana Gluvacevic
    IA marking: Sample 1
    Hi John, could you please explain the inferential statistics used here. I have used Mann-Whitney test many times, but according to the table where critical values are full numbers (from 0 to 138). Critical value is determined by the number...
  • 21 Aug Tripti Rathore
    Localization & Plasticity
    Dear John, For the answer on Neuroplasticity is it advisable to refer to Rosenzweig and Bennet
  • Hi John, with the edits to the Guide (stating that "one or more" of the cognitive biases listed should be studied), do you plan to add a section on the cognitive biases listed? Or for now, since the questions for 2019 will come from the headings...
  • 21 Aug Tripti Rathore
    Writing the Extended Essay
    Alright thanks a ton
  • 21 Aug John Crane
    Johnson et al (1964)
    Ah - now I see it. Thank you, Kelly. It is fixed.
  • 21 Aug John Crane
    Writing samples: Relationships
    Dear Gisou Agreed. In a discuss question, only focus on the approach that is in the question. If it is "to what extent," students may include other approaches, but do not have to. For example, in discussing genetics, the role of the environment...
  • 21 Aug John Crane
    Communication in relationships
    Dear Lizzie Very unlikely. As you say, the guide says "where appropriate." It is also unclear whether the approaches will be asked only at the topic level (as workshop leaders were told) or specific to the content column (as is indicated...
  • 21 Aug John Crane
    Evaluating theories
    Just got an update that they are re-enabling the copy and paste function, except for online textbooks. Should be effective by Friday.
  • 21 Aug John Crane
    Evaluating theories
    Inthinking made a decision to disable this function because so many of the pages so many sites are ending up on public websites, in violation of copyright. The site authors are currently discussing with the hope of making some pages copy and...
  • 21 Aug John Crane
    Abnormal psych
    Dear Laura - yes, that is correct. I am starting with Health: Stress because I can use stress to then study depression. We will spend some time studying diagnosis, but not with the goal of assessment on the exam. We will then do etiologies...
  • 21 Aug John Crane
    Writing the Extended Essay
    Dear Tripti, The question is poorly worded. Isn't the question simply to what extent are anti-depressants more effective than placebos?