The InThinking IB Psychology website was extremely helpful during my first two years teaching IB Psychology. I have been able to easily gain access and insight into the IB curriculum.

Margaret Holtgreive, Reagan IB High School, USA

Gracias por toda la informacón provista.

Mario Giraldo, American British Academy, Oman

I have used several of the resources on this site! In addition, the site organization has helped me to better grasp how to organize my coursework...I wish I had more free time to search on the site! I'm grateful that our school paid the subscription...

Kathi Kahoun, Worthington Kilbourne High School, USA

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  • 22 May Karlina Cartin Sanchez
    Practicing Paper 3
    Hi John For question 1b, about sampling methods, may students use the "strengths" and "limitations" of a sampling technique as characteristics? Like saying "by using self-selected sampling researchers avoid researcher's sampling bias" Thanks...
  • 22 May Juliana Diez
    Forming the research question
    Dear John, One of my students wants to write an EE on To what extent the biological components play an important role in the treatment of subjects with antisocial personality disorder.... Do you think this is a proper question? Thank you.
  • 22 May Bridget Koehler
    Sherif et al (1954)
    Hi, It does not say that this would be an appropriate study for stereotypes and I was wondering why that is since in-groups and out-groups would be central to the argument of stereotypes. Thank you!
  • Quick check qu: Have you excluded Festinger from the list for ethics or methods as it is no longer accepted as it doesn't fit a content category any more? (Or just as the others fit better for your particular list)? Thanks!
  • 22 May laura Stoppek
    ERQ marking: Cognitive biases
    Hi John, Could you give more insight into how to answer this question in a balanced way based on the command term. Sample 2 is well written and has scored well, but I don't understand how it meets the command term. Thanks very much!
  • 22 May Anindita Bagchi
    FAQs for Internal Assessment
    Dear John, The students have attached this link for the original study. regards Anindita
  • 22 May Reva George
    External Assessment
    Dear John I have been searching for the May 2018 psychology subject report to get a look at the grade boundaries but I haven't been able to find it online. Could you help me out here?
  • 22 May John Crane
    FAQs for Internal Assessment
    Dear Anindita Landry and Bartling is totally fine. I cannot find Griffith et al online. Do you have a link?
  • 22 May John Crane
    Internal Assessment
    Not a problem, Silvia.
  • 22 May John Crane
    Writing samples: Relationships
    Dear Ian A good question. The IB is not going to penalize for not having a formal "theory" as such. For example, if students write about any of the arguments for why people do or do not cooperate, they will be fine on the exam.
  • 22 May John Crane
    SAQ marking: Cognitive biases
    Dear Reva Yes, that is correct.
  • 22 May John Crane
    Ronay and von Hippel (2010)
    Dear Emma I wouldn't say that it is a study of aggression, so that would be a little bit of an issue here, but otherwise it should be fine. The problem is I am not sure that she perhaps knows what the hormone does in the brain - that is,...