John Crane provides an invaluable resource for all IB Psychology teachers. The site provides up to date studies and relevant material in the current news. It has become my go-to source for IB specific materials.

Graham Samson, Exeter College, United Kingdom

The InThinking IB Psychology website was extremely helpful during my first two years teaching IB Psychology. I have been able to easily gain access and insight into the IB curriculum.

Margaret Holtgreive, Reagan IB High School, USA

Gracias por toda la informacón provista.

Mario Giraldo, American British Academy, Oman

Subscriber comments

  • 23 Jan KIS International School
    Practicing Paper 3
    Dear John, I was wondering if we have any idea of what the grade boundaries will be from L7 to L1 on paper 3 might look like? Many thanks, Ana
  • 23 Jan Janice Town
    D. Analysis
    Ok that's good to know, he did make a bar graph. Thank you!
  • 22 Jan Melissa Mangunsong
    ERQ sample: Memory models
    Hi John, I want to ask, why in this example you compared MSM and Schema Theory, instead of WMM? Thanks in advance.
  • 22 Jan Allison Navas
    Anchoring bias demonstration
    I am having a similar issue, how do you change the extension to ppt please?
  • 22 Jan Sarah Asselborn
    LP 5: Reliability of memory
    Ok, so you address it with memory and emotion? Thank you.
  • 22 Jan Brian Underhill
    Getting started with IA
    John, In using the Stroop Effect. I understand the original Study does not need to be used or cited, but if it isn't then what would be appropriate material for students to use to replicate?
  • Thank you John. I had just finished personal relations and am just moving on to these lessons and was thinking I had to design them myself - heaven forbid ; )
  • 22 Jan Nicola Williams
    Culture and cognition
    Dear John, Can you consider Cole and Scribner's study to be a quasi-experiment?
  • 22 Jan John Crane
    B. Introduction
    Dear Sania, Yes, this is not a problem. Even in the past, many of my SL students had only one citation. That is all that is necessary.
  • 22 Jan John Crane
    IA menu
    Dear Prya I am not 100% sure I understand what they are doing. What is their hypothesis? If you are not comfortable with their plan, it is always a good idea to send them back to the drawing board.
  • 22 Jan John Crane
    ERQ sample: Enculturation
    Dear Emmanouela It is unclear from the guide whether they would do this or not. The topic is about the effects of culture on behaviour, so technically, they could. If students are prepared this way, then even if it is not specified that...
  • 22 Jan John Crane
    Stigma and mental illness
    Dear Ranjani In the sample answer, the first paragraph talks about the population it was drawn from, the second is about generalizing to another population and the third is generalizing to theory. I would expect all three to be there to get...