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IB Psychology Course Companion (Oxford)

IB Psychology Course Companion (Oxford)
The Course Companion supports the syllabus and includes all options. It promotes cross-cultural links and provides connections to TOK. Ideas for EE are also included.


Psychology SL and HL (International Baccalaureate)

Psychology SL and HL (IB) provides practical support and guidance to help students prepare for their DP exams for psychology at both SL and HL.


Psychology for the IB Diploma Study Guide (Oxford)

Psychology for the IB Diploma Study Guide (Oxford). A revision guide that takes students through the learning objectives with clear guidance for how to answer the questions - whether as SAQs or essays.



The InThinking IB Psychology website was extremely helpful during my first two years teaching IB Psychology. I have been able to easily gain access and insight into the IB curriculum.

Margaret Holtgreive, Reagan IB High School, USA

An excellent resource which really supports my teaching. I particular have used the Paper 3 stimulus material - they have been a great resource especially the model answers.

Hilary Rowark, St. Christopher’s School, Bahrain

InThinking has been a tremendous help for a first time IB Psychology teacher. The students have found the lessons relevant and rigorous. I am very impressed by the variety of materials and writing samples available on the website.

Roger Orstad, Cedar Ridge High School, USA


Asking questions

1 September 2016

One of the most important skills that we can help our students to develop is the skill of "asking questions." This is fundamental to the inquiry... more

Changes to the EE

26 August 2016

As we all await the publication of the new psychology curriculum, we have also been given the new extended essay criteria. The first set of... more

Interpreting IA comments: Discussion

11 August 2016

This is the final of four blog postings on the meaning of IA comments. These comments focus on the "discussion" section of the report. more

Subscriber comments

  • 30 May Jean Morreau
    Content changes: the core
    Hello John, I'm thinking about continuing the command term/question approach from the current curriculum, as per the example you provided in the assessment changes page. I think It is good as an organising principle, and would be a useful focus...
  • Hi John, Quick clarification as to what a student did on an exam If the question asks Describe one study of how social OR cultural factors affect one cognitive process. Are they meant to only write on one- i.e just social factors or just...
  • 29 May Ian Latham
    Giving your students access
    How should my students quote your website (if using APA) in both: - in text citation - appendices They're using your site more and more, which is good (although it was easier to have them quote the book). Anyhow, I guess with the new online...
  • 29 May Athena Yannoulis
    Martinez & Kesner (n.d)
    why was the page changed i cannot send it to my students
  • 29 May Laurie Williamson
    Writing the IA
    Thank you so much!
  • 29 May Jennifer Tsai Bove
    SCLOA research methods revision
    Hi John, Just wondering about the use of Bandura's study for Research methods. Are students able to use it as an example of an observation and or is it an acceptable example of an experiment (is the IV and DV clear enough)? Many thanks! Jen
  • 28 May Danyelle Cawood
    Pyramids for revision
    HI John, I could not open the Pyramid revision powerpoint. Is it still available?
  • 28 May Sarah Healey
    9. Human relationships
    Brilliant - very happy that it remains the same :)
  • 28 May John Crane
    Dear Brian - absolutely. I think that this is the easiest way to go as it cuts down on the content that students need to know.
  • 26 May Brian Pierce
    I am wondering if emotion could be used to teach the prompt, "Examine one interaction between cognition and physiology in terms of behaviour." Would Speisman (1964) and Schachter and Singer (1962) studies be sufficient to use on that prompt...
  • 26 May Cathy Windish
    Key studies in the SCLOA
    Yes, Sir, we are back in business:)
  • 26 May John Crane
    Key studies in the SCLOA
    Dear Cathy - is your site working now? if not, please email me at and I will check with the tech people.