John Crane provides an invaluable resource for all IB Psychology teachers. The site provides up to date studies and relevant material in the current news. It has become my go-to source for IB specific materials.

Graham Samson, Exeter College, United Kingdom

An excellent resource which really supports my teaching. I particular have used the Paper 3 stimulus material - they have been a great resource especially the model answers.

Hilary Rowark, St. Christopher’s School, Bahrain

I am very grateful to have an "online collegue" to get new input from, and very importantly, a very organized and structured such.

Viktoria Bergö, Aranäsgymnasiet, Sweden

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  • 21 Apr Ben Littler
    Practicing Paper 3
    Hi John- I have a few questions in regard to the prompt "Discuss how the researcher could avoid bias in this study" 1) Are ways to avoid participant bias relevant to the question or does the bias have to relate to the researcher directly?...
  • 21 Apr YoungMin An
    IA changes
    Dear John. I am a new teacher and start teaching this course next academic year. Just trying to be ready and learn things in advance. There is one change in general section that I am concerned about. Students must work in a group. The must...
    Writing samples: Relationships
    Dear John, Just making sure for social responsibility for May 2019 students can be asked biological approach, cognitive approach and sociocultural approach specifically for social responsibility?
  • 20 Apr John Crane
    Localization & Plasticity
    Dear Lakshmi I don’t know this study. If t uses a technique and shows localization of function, it is fine.
  • 20 Apr Lakshmi Priya Vivek
    Localization & Plasticity
    Amygdala in the perception of fearful stimuli by Ahs etc al 2009, can this study be used for location and technique to study brain?
  • 20 Apr John Crane
    Internal Assessment
    Dear Anthony I believe that your IB coordinator can request to get them back for a fee. As far as I remember, we have always only received a composite score, never the individual criteria. This is because not all are marked and even those...
  • Argh. Thanks. This sometimes happens in software updated. I will fix on Monday when I am home.
  • 20 Apr John Crane
    Paper 1 clarifications
    Dear Tony Yes, that is correct. It is just that they are not research methods.
  • 20 Apr John Crane
    ALP 1.2 Classification systems
    Isabel They will not need to have two studies about the CCCM. They will be asked a question about the use of classification systems in general. The box above with the advantages and disadvantages of using such a system is the most important...
  • 19 Apr Anthony Iacobucci
    Internal Assessment
    Hi John, I don't know if you can answer this but I would like your opinion on this. The IB stopped giving scores for each section of the IA back to the teacher I believe last year. They only give the final score, for example (10, 17, etc.)...
  • 19 Apr Joseph Mancuso
    Methodology: biological approach
    FYI, One of my students noted that all the links in the Exam Preparation section are dead.
  • 19 Apr Anthony Iacobucci
    Assessment changes
    Hey Veronica, it is one from each. Is that what you found?