InThinking has been a tremendous help for a first time IB Psychology teacher. The students have found the lessons relevant and rigorous. I am very impressed by the variety of materials and writing samples available on the website.

Roger Orstad, Cedar Ridge High School, USA

I am very grateful to have an "online collegue" to get new input from, and very importantly, a very organized and structured such.

Viktoria Bergö, Aranäsgymnasiet, Sweden

I have used several of the resources on this site! In addition, the site organization has helped me to better grasp how to organize my coursework...I wish I had more free time to search on the site! I'm grateful that our school paid the subscription...

Kathi Kahoun, Worthington Kilbourne High School, USA

Subscriber comments

  • 19 Jul Joanna Szymik
    Culture and cognition
    Hi Peter, when it comes to teaching culture and behaviour, can I use an example of mate selection? I mean the role of romantic love in mate selection. Joanna
  • 19 Jul Jennifer Tsai Bove
    Unit planning: Abnormal
    Hi John, For the options do you teach all 3 topics for both (I only have HL students). We are running out of time (November exams) and wondering if for this syllabus we can focus on one of the topics for each options. It seems harder to do...
  • 18 Jul Susan Dice
    FAQs for Internal Assessment
    All students in the group? That makes sense, thanks.
  • 17 Jul Ethan Camp
    Thank you, John! E
  • 17 Jul Isabelle Lacoste
    Ecological validity
    Hi John You say here that "Ecological validity is not the same as mundane realism." but I don't really understand the difference between the two. I looked it up on Wikipedia and found this: "The term "ecological validity" is now widely used...
  • 15 Jul Becc Bunnett
    Organizer: Cognitive studies
    Hi John, just wondering if there is a reason that you utilise some different studies for the HL extensions for influence of tech and +/- effects of tech on cognition? My interpretation would be that the same studies could be used. Thanks as...
  • 15 Jul John Crane
    I totally agree. And it opens up so many interesting discussions with students!
  • 14 Jul Amanda Wood
    Still think this is the most powerful TED talk I have ever watched, brings me to tears every time; what a remarkable and inspiring person Eleanor is!
  • Thank you, John
  • 14 Jul Heather Grace
    Evaluating theories
    Hi John I am new to IB and delighted to have this website as a resource. I can see I am going to be using it a lot! In TEACUP, you refer to empirical evidence not being from a highly artificial situation, but how does this explain psychology...
  • 14 Jul John Crane
    The Case of Eugene Pauly
    I wouldn’t say so. It would show that different types of memory are localized in different parta if the brain.
  • 13 Jul Brennan Guion
    The Case of Eugene Pauly
    John, Would this study support the "camp" of equipotentiality related to localization of function?