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This section of the site serves as a textbook for the IB psychology curriculum.  I decided not to publish a traditional textbook, but rather to provide a text that students and teachers can use online.  The text includes video, vocabulary resources, quizzes and full references.  In addition to the textbook, over time the rest of the site will be updated to include sample work for the new curriculum.

The chapters are presented in the order that I feel would make the most sense in teaching the course.  That being said, you may feel free to teach the course in whichever order you feel makes the most sense for you and your students.

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Chapter 1: Research in psychology

An overview of the field of psychology and a look at the research methods that define it.

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Chapter 2:  Critical thinking in psychology

What is meant by critical thinking?  How do we show this in our assessments? A toolbox of critical thinking strategies.

Chapter 3: The Cognitive approach

This chapter looks how cognitive processes affect behaviour - particularly, memory and thinking.

Chapter 4: The biological approach

This chapter looks at the role of biological factors on behaviour and cognitive processes.

Chapter 5:  The sociocultural approach

This chapter looks at the role of other people on our behaviour - as well as the role of culture.

Chapter 6: Abnormal psychology

This chapter examines the origins of abnormal behaviour and the effectiveness of both diagnosis and treatment.

Chapter 7: Developmental psychology

This chapter looks at the cognitive and social development of children.

Chapter 8: Health psychology

This chapter looks at how health psychologists promote positive health behaviours - and what the origins of health problems such as addiction, stress and obesity.

Chapter 9: The psychology of human relationships

This chapter looks at how people interact.  The chapter focuses on pro-social behaviour, interpersonal relationships and group dynamics.

Chapter 10:  Internal assessment

This chapter discusses how to write a successful internal assessment.

Chapter 11: External assessment

This chapter is an overview of how students are assessed on Papers 1, 2 and 3.

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1. Research in psychology 30 April 2017

This chapter looks at the fundamentals of psychology. What is psychology and how do psychologists do their job? The focus...

6. Abnormal psychology 9 May 2021

This chapter looks at the field of abnormal psychology. This is done through the lenses of the biological, cognitive, and...

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10. Internal assessment 6 May 2021

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2. Critical thinking in psychology 30 April 2021

Critical thinking is an essential part of the IB program - and essential to being a good psychology student. There are...

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