Introducing psychology

IB Psychology: Introducing psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour, cognitive processing and attitudes.Psychology is a very broad field of study with many applications.Concepts and theories are the building blocks of the study of human behaviour.Welcome to the world of psychology. If you are like many students, you have signed up for this class with a sense of excitement – and yet, when asked, you may not yet have a clear understanding...

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Jennifer Casaine 7 June 2017 - 19:49

My school resubscribed, but I still can not seem to get full access. Messages pop up saying my subscription expired. I have an activation code and email confirming our resubscription.
Thank you,
Jennifer Casaine

John Crane 8 June 2017 - 15:00

Dear Jennifer, I will contact tech to see where the glitch might be.

John Crane 8 June 2017 - 15:01

Could you send me your school name to

Virginia Shrader 24 July 2017 - 08:15

I think this question needs a better wrong answer....Which of the following is not a characteristic of a good theory?
It predicts behaviour

Its concepts can be measured.

It is able to be empirically tested.

It is reductionist - that is, it is focused on a single approach.

A reductionist theory is neither good nor bad. Theories should consider alternative explanations and variables, but reductionist theories may also be helpful in understanding behaviour.

Virginia Shrader 24 July 2017 - 08:18

What is the name given to data that is best on personal experience? Please change to "based on"

John Crane 25 July 2017 - 16:21

Dear Virginia

thank you for catching the error. It has been fixed. I actually think that the question, though, is important. Students always write that a theory is not good "because it is reductionist." But this is not correct. A reductionist theory can be a very powerful theory and lead to applications like drug treatments, that very holistic theories cannot.

Katrine Mortensen 18 August 2017 - 13:29

Hi John. This is perhaps a reflection of my ignorance, but what is ATL short for? Just to be sure, if the students ask ;-)
Sincerely, Katrine

John Crane 18 August 2017 - 14:20

Dear Katrine - it stands for "Approaches to learning." This is the IB's big focus at this point. They have a list of approaches - e.g. inquiry, critical thinking, reflection, etc. You will also see them in the unit planners on Managebac.

Tracey Byrd 2 October 2017 - 22:58

Hi John,

I just subscribed to this website. I am a bit confused as to how to get my students access to the New Psychology book. Also, will there be a copy of the new book available or will it only be online?

John Crane 3 October 2017 - 07:25

Dear Tracey

It will only be online. In order to give them access, you have to click on "student access" and then create a group. Once you do that, you can "invite students" by giving them the link. Once you have a group, you go to "add/edit content" - the big green button on the page, and then you can choose which pages you want to share with students. You can either choose all of the pages for the textbook or you can choose only what you want them to see. Let me know if there are any further problems by writing to

Jennifer Scarselli 2.0 8 November 2017 - 18:22

Hi John, What is managebac? How can I access? I have to ask is it going to be feasible under the new curriculum to teach SL in one year when I only reach about 106 teaching hours with kids a year excluding snow days, PD days, etc? Also is training for the new curriculum and book upgrade mandatory. Thank you?

John Crane 9 November 2017 - 06:11

Dear Jennifer

Managebac is a learning management system designed for the IB. Rather clunky, but it is "tailor made." You can only access it if your school purchases it - it is not a single user program. I think that you can teach the program in one year, but you will have to choose carefully what you do. In the options, I would choose to either do the "etiology of one disorder" or "one health problem" as your focus. In that way, Paper 2 becomes rather easy. And as for training for the new curriculum, not mandatory. However, if you are being asked to teach it in only one year, it would be wise to get training so that you are best informed about what you need to do? As for the book upgrade, there is also no requirement. You have access to the textbook here - so getting a copy of one or more of the other books will give you more freedom in choosing what you would like your students to learn.

Jennifer Scarselli 2.0 13 November 2017 - 21:15

Thank you John.

Abraham Chung 26 January 2018 - 04:30

Hi John
This is Abraham from Jakarta Indonesia.
Just wondering if there is a hard copy textbook you recommend for the new curriculum. Do you think we can still use your textbook written with Jetta? Please, kindly let me know. Thank you!

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