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Two curriculums at once? 26 August 2014

This year is an especially challenging one for IB Art teachers with year 2 students still following the old curriculum guide and year 1 students starting with the new guide. Does this mean we have to... more

Post Exam Reflections 17 May 2014

Yet another exam session is over and now all you can do is wait until July to get those results! In the meantime, let's consider some of the overall issues and problems encountered by students and... more

The Turner Prize 2014 12 May 2014

The Turner Prize is always a barometer of the times. This doesn't mean it's what we want to see or that it's neccessarily good art, but it is indicative of what is happening in the art world right now.... more

Buffet Culture 18 March 2014

I’ve just returned from teaching a workshop in Barcelona, so energizing to be with 46 other art teachers for 3 intense days of art, culture, and ....tapas. We were there to unpack and discuss the new... more

IB Art Summer Course! 24 February 2014

Please share this with your students This summer I will be teaching a summer course for pre and mid IBDP students who are interested in making art in a new and exciting context, and developing their... more

Grayson Perry's Reith Lectures 6 December 2013

"An art work is about something, it has a point of view, it has a historical context...." GP The delightful Grayson Perry, award-winning artist, cross dressing potter, presents the 2013 BBC Reith Lectures,... more

Venice Biennale 28 October 2013

I have just spent an inspiring few days at the 55th Biennale D’arte di Venezia. The Venice Biennale is the worlds largest, oldest and most prestigious Biennale. It has been around for over 100 years... more

iPad Albers 2 October 2013

Back in 1963, Josef Albers’ book, The Interaction of Color, was published.The BookI have treasured this book as a teacher and as an artist, with its’ emphasis on experimental pursuit of practice before... more

Why have an IB Visual Arts website? 9 September 2013

I began creating this websitein 2010 and it has slowly and steadily taken a shape. What shape is that? Well it sort of resembles a giant tree with many interconnecting branches. I try to place the most... more