The IBDP Art site is brilliant. I use it all the time. Being new the to IBDP and having only 3 students it has been a lifeline

Stephen Davidson, Léman International School, China

InThinking is a great resource for breaking down the information in the new guide. It provides visuals, examples and and facilitates understanding through comprehensive language. It does what we as educators strive to do in our classroom to help our...

Xanthipi Abel, Sturgis Charter School, USA

Thank you for keeping this website running for IB art educators. I found a lot of useful and clear information about the three IB art exam components. Already feeling more confident about my curriculum and lessons, after subscribing to this source. Thank...

Julia Taylor, Madison Country Day School, USA

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Artist Teacher Workshop

6 January 2019

At this time of year you are probably focused on getting your students to successfully complete their work, document it, hang a spectacular... more

Highlights of Subject Report 2017

9 February 2018

Each year, about 8 months after exams, a subject report is published by IBO, compiled from examiner comments and feedback and recorded in a... more

Subscriber comments

  • 16 Jan Sharon Moore
    Regina, Exhibition HL
    Sorry I didnt reply earlier I have been in Hospital ! all good now
  • 16 Jan Sharon Moore
    Regina, Exhibition HL
    Yes a 7 She got a 7 in all 3 components
  • 16 Jan Heather McReynolds
    Highlights of Subject Report 2017
    incorrect subject specific vocabulary reflects lack of understanding, so yes it will affect assessment to a small degree. ( criterion E)
  • Will pupils be penalized for incorrect vocabulary, when they have written by hand into the Process Portfolio?
  • 14 Jan Simon Beaudouin
    The Comparative Study
    Great, thanks!
  • 13 Jan Heather McReynolds
    The Comparative Study
    Hi Simon, not required but I have seen some students do this... More important for HL students is to reflect on/ make connections with their own developing artwork, this is what examiners look for.
  • 13 Jan Simon Beaudouin
    The Comparative Study
    Hi Heather, One of my student has found samples of CSs with a reflection/conclusion screen. Would you recommend to include such a screen in the CS? Is it something that examiners particularly look for? Thanks
  • 11 Jan Nanda Das
    Documenting Artwork
    Thank you a million Heather.
  • 10 Jan Heather McReynolds
    CAF (Coursework Authentification Form)
    Hi Nicola, this refers to the teacher comment for Internal Assessment... see example on this page the word limit is 2000
  • Hi Heather, I have been reading the IBO exam report and documentation and it mentions that for each student (not 6VAC form) that we need to write a statement about each students. From my understanding the statement is meant to support why we...
  • 9 Jan Heather McReynolds
    E submission Process Portfolio
    I recommend resizing height or width of screen to 1500 pixels, optimized for web and on screen viewing. This will reduce overall file size without compromising image quality.
  • 9 Jan Jessica Clauser
    E submission Process Portfolio
    Hi Heather, A few of my students are asking me if there is a limit to the size of their screens when they are working on them. They use Google slides to create their CS/PP and then convert it to a PDF to submit. They realised that they can...