The IBDP Art site is brilliant. I use it all the time. Being new the to IBDP and having only 3 students it has been a lifeline

Stephen Davidson, Léman International School, China

I love this web site. It's helping me greatly in my classes . Heather is a huge guide. I'm very grateful.

Pauline Dubos, American School of Bilbao, Spain

InThinking is a great resource for breaking down the information in the new guide. It provides visuals, examples and and facilitates understanding through comprehensive language. It does what we as educators strive to do in our classroom to help our...

Xanthipi Abel, Sturgis Charter School, USA

Subscriber comments

  • 22 Sep Doug Lewis
    The Extended Essay
    Hi Heather, how many images from an artist may be used by a student?
  • 18 Sep Heather McReynolds
    E submission for Exhibition
    Hi Neha, no deadline for exhibition, except allowing time for the uploads by April 20, but most schools schedule the exhibition in march or end of Feb
  • 18 Sep Neha Thakar
    E submission for Exhibition
    Hello Heather, Is it any deadline from IB for final art exhibition? Is it end of February? Regards, Neha
  • 17 Sep Heather McReynolds
    The Exhibition
    yes the student may use photos of their IB work for college admissions.
  • 17 Sep Varsha Pandit
    The Exhibition
    My query is can the student insert his IB VISUAL ART pieces work in an Art portfolio for his college admissions? when he is in the ongoing process .
  • 16 Sep Heather McReynolds
    Process Portfolio Presentation
    Yes process and reflection is valuable pp material- duplication refers to similar slide content. Hope that is clear?
  • 15 Sep Victoria Reuss
    Process Portfolio Presentation
    HI Heather, I have a question regarding : "Avoid duplication of content between the CS and the PP. If the same art work is included in both be sure it is considered in an entirely different context." Can my HL students use the creative process...
  • 15 Sep Heather McReynolds
    Referencing and Citing Sources
    in text citations are recommended and you are doing it right.
  • 15 Sep Heather McReynolds
    Process Portfolio Presentation
    Hi tanya, interesting thoughts... i think that including the finished piece presents an opportunity for reflection and self evaluation- why did the piece fall short? The examiner may appreciate this kind of reflection, I know I would.
  • 15 Sep Tanya Kramer
    Process Portfolio Presentation
    Hi Heather I have a question about the work from the exhibition being shown in the PP. I understand you can do that as long as it's labelled, but I wonder if it is an advantage or disadvantage. Do you have any thoughts on that? For example,...
  • 15 Sep Andrea Obenland
    Referencing and Citing Sources
    Thank you Heather. Her bibliography page is very helpful. One last question--in looking at her screens it doesn't appear that she has her sources within the text (or am I missing that when I am looking at it?). The reason I ask is that...
  • 14 Sep Heather McReynolds
    The Comparative Study
    that sounds like a good solution Barrie ;)