The IBDP Art site is brilliant. I use it all the time. Being new the to IBDP and having only 3 students it has been a lifeline

Stephen Davidson, Léman International School, China

InThinking is a great resource for breaking down the information in the new guide. It provides visuals, examples and and facilitates understanding through comprehensive language. It does what we as educators strive to do in our classroom to help our...

Xanthipi Abel, Sturgis Charter School, USA

An amazing source of information. Whenever I have a question I look here first and usually find exactly what I am looking for, it is so well organised and easy to navigate. Don't know what I would have done without it this year, my first year teaching...

Vanessa Darley, Fleming College, Peru

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  • 11 Jul Heather McReynolds
    Originality of Student Work
    Hi Hannah, i dont believe this is acceptable for her exhibition, the original artwork must be shown. If she shows photos of work the medium exhibited is a photograph. She can make new work and incorporate the documentation of older pieces into...
  • 11 Jul Heather McReynolds
    The Exhibition
    Tina, IB VA students must make the art work themselves, of course assistance with a frame or support or display is OK if stated, see page on originality
  • 11 Jul Hannah Bonner
    Originality of Student Work
    Hi,we have a year 2 student joining us next September, halfway through the course. She could not travel with all her work but has photos of pieces completed and a process portfolio. Will these photos be acceptable within her final exhibition...
  • 10 Jul Tina Ortiz
    The Exhibition
    Hi Heather, Maybe I've missed this information, but are there any requirements from the IB as to how much of the artwork a student needs to make him or herself? I know Design students are allowed to outsource their work, for example. What about...
  • 10 Jul Heather McReynolds
    Grade Boundaries
    Yes they are the same as last year
  • 10 Jul Jane Thomas
    Grade Boundaries
    Hi, thanks for responding. Found them and they are the same.
  • 9 Jul Heather McReynolds
    CS Assessment Rubric for Students
    Yes this is ok. They should always use the formal elements of art to analyze all images
  • Hello Heather, please advice, my student compared photography images and used formal elements of art to analyze them instead of photography visual elements is this acceptable?
  • 8 Jul Heather McReynolds
    Grade Boundaries
    Hi Jane, Ive sent in a query to IBO for updated 2019 grade boundaries but it is unlikely the will have changed much. Will post as soon as I get a response.
  • 7 Jul Jane Thomas
    Grade Boundaries
    Hi, Have the Grade Boundaries been altered for 2019? Where can I find these? Thanks
  • 1 Jul Heather McReynolds
    Navigating this Site
    Hi Ina and welcome! I can confirm that this year IB changed the accepted file size from 30 to 50 MB for both the CS and the PP, although some teachers say it loads too slowly and do not recommend. see this page -
  • 29 Jun Ina Bharadwaj
    Navigating this Site
    hello!i am new to this site and IB. Can you clarify for submission of cs and pp is it 50mb or 20mb? Also my student has made a cs on self portrait. For her own work connecting to Artists work,can she make an Artwork based on her self portrait??