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Structuring the CS12 November 2018

It is important to be clear, visual and articulate, making sure to address each assessment criteria at some point in the study.Introduce area of interest and any common theme or concepts that underpin... more

The Comparative Studyfree12 November 2018

The Comparative Study is an independent, critical and contextual investigation that explores artworks from differing cultural contexts. The CS is one of the 3 assessed components required by the Visual... more

The Clock, Christian Marclay 8 November 2018

The Clock, a 24 hour film collagetexTime is indeed of essence for artist and filmaker Christian Marclay. The Clock is a 24 hour film installation made up of thousands of snippets from throughout the history... more

Unit Plan: Exploring Place and Culture8 November 2018

This Unit Plan is based on the teaching material in A Sense of Place. A version for students can be found in my textbook Visual Arts for the IB Diploma, (Cambridge University Press).It is especially designed... more

Ethical Expression3 November 2018

In light of the recently clarified VA guidelines (below) for students artwork dealing with sensitive topics I thought a page on this topic might be of interest. The material on this page lends itself... more

Fashion Design31 October 2018

Many female, and some male students express an interest in fashion. However, there is a need for them to acquire some background and become informed if they wish to develop original thinking in this field.... more

Art Glossaries20 October 2018

Use of subject specific language is an assessed criteria for both the CS and PP, so lets get our students' using art vocabulary daily, both in writing and speaking about art. Go to Building Art Vocabulary... more

Enrico, CS HL19 October 2018

Enrico deepened his knowledge of the feminist art movement of the 1970s while researching for his Comparative Study. This research proved to be a key influence on his developing a body of work around... more

Unit Planning14 October 2018

Unit plans are an integral part of the MYP process and your school may require you to produce them for the Diploma programme. Unit plans are covered in pages 30-32 in Approaches to Teaching and Learning. more

EE Example Beti29 September 2018

"How are different demographics persuaded by visual ambiguity in the design of advertisements?" ( RQ)This A awarded essay takes a psychological angle on visual ambiguity, and through the analysis of advertisements... more