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Ruby CS, SL14 September 2019

I am pleased to share this fine example of a Standard Level Comparative Study that received 30/30 points! Thanks to Ruby and her teacher Rachel Kirby at at UWC Costa Rica.This CS focuses on examples of... more

Pinhole Camera Photography11 September 2019

We are fortunate here at La Vigna Art Studios that students work with an excellent photographer, Alessandra Capodacqua, who specializes in lens-less camera techniques. We recently had a workshop on building... more

Navigating this Sitefree10 September 2019

The tree structure of the website is divided into 7 main categories with many branching sub-sections. These sections are permeable and pages are linked throughout, since broadly speaking Visual Arts is... more

Unit Plan: Foundation Skills7 September 2019

A starting unit designed for year 1 students coming from different skill levels and degrees of preparation. This Unit focuses on building the basic drawing skills and vocabulary that students will use... more

Creating Student Accounts 7 September 2019

Beneath your name on the home page you will see 'My account' and 'Student access'.My fellow site author Geoff Neuss has created a very useful step by step guide to student access... only he writes the... more

Richard Serra's Verbs2 September 2019

This is an exercise in lateral thinking for the experimentally minded In the mid-1960s Richard Serra began experimenting with nontraditional materials, including fiberglass, neon, vulcanized rubber, and,... more

Student Access 28 August 2019

This website is primarily for IB art teachers but the aim of all of us is to enable our students to realise their full potential and gain as high a mark as possible in art for their IB Diploma. more

Teaching to Think Creatively23 August 2019

What is the most important thing about art education?Art teachers teach many things, among them composition, drawing skills, manipulation of materials and techniques, art history and understanding cultural... more

Starting Strategies free15 August 2019

Most students need help getting started and its that much easier with a specific task or assignment An Open Ended Assignment is one in which students begin with a specific set of guidelines that allow... more

Back to School15 August 2019

When I was a new IB art teacher back in '94 I dutifully photocopied all the assessment criteria and presented my already overwhelmed students with stacks of dry, complicated, wordy IB Art assessment criteria... more