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Adire Eleko30 August 2017

What is Indigo? a tropical plant of the pea family, which was formerly widely cultivated as a source of dark blue dye, now largely replaced by synthetic dyes.Elaborately patterned indigo dyed resist cloths... more

Lateral Thinking30 August 2017

Lateral thinking is an approach to solving problems that is creative, indirect, and does not rely on logical step by step reasoning. Lateral thinking is effectively looking at things sideways ( laterally),... more

Range of Media29 August 2017

Artistic understanding and expression may be taught through a range of media and techniques. Students may demonstrate technical competence in different media according to what materials are available... more

Borders and Frontiers29 August 2017

Borders and Frontiers is a fascinating topic for an international school student who has moved from one place to another in his life, sometimes several places. It could also be a good overall theme when... more

Ways of Seeing29 August 2017

John Berger died January 2, 2017 at the age of 90. He had a profound effect on on the way art is taught and on the way people look at art, so I thought Id update this page and encourage you to revisit... more

Defining Culture29 August 2017

Culture is a complex concept and can be quite hard to define. It encompasses human intellectual achievement as well as popular customs and beliefs. However, for our purposes in this course 'culture' is... more

Cultural Assumptions29 August 2017

When looking at art from other cultures, do we consider it the same way we do art from our familiar culture?This raises the age old question of how we define art. Lets take a purely cultural perspective... more

Words as Art29 August 2017

This has probably been one of the most defining developments in western visual art of the twentieth century.Text has been used in other cultures as an important form of artistic expression for many centuries. more

Writing about Art29 August 2017

Yes, and both written and visual research are part of the curriculum. That doesn't mean polished essay writing but it does mean that students need to know how to use the subject language appropriately... more

Color Theory and Exploration29 August 2017

"Colour is the place where our brain and the universe meet" -Paul CezanneColor is one of the most fascinating areas of painting, and one of the most difficult to teach.For many years I simply introduced... more