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Line to Lino Print29 August 2017

This activity explores the expressive quality of observational line drawing and translating this into printmaking Linoleum Printing is a fairly simple process that can gives surprisingly good results.... more

Biological Illustration29 August 2017

There are whole fields of specialization in botanical, biological, medical illustration. For students who love both science and art this is a particularly fertile Interdisciplinary Connections. more

Figure and Animal Drawing29 August 2017

Drawing the human figure teaches so much about looking. If your school will allow it, hold a weekly figure drawing session, during class or after school. If you don't have a model, the students can take... more

Invisible Drawingfree29 August 2017

Use the ideas on this page to teach conceptual thinking, when the idea is more important than the thing. (Read more about conceptual thinking at Art and Authenticity )Incorporate this assignment during... more

Interpretive Frameworksfree28 August 2017

This is a ‘quiz’ you can give to your students before introducing the idea of different Interpretive Frameworks. There are no right answers of course- the purpose of the quiz is actually to reveal... more

Art and Money28 August 2017

A TOK/Art discussion topicThe art world is fed by pretension and desire as much as by talent, and value is associated in what often appears an arbitrary and incomprehensible manner. Why is it that people... more

Celebrity Artists28 August 2017

British artist Damien Hirst is the world's richest artist and the Tate's big retrospective marks the height of his power. Hirst's atelier has been turning out dot paintings since 1986, and by the artist's... more

Art and Originality28 August 2017

What does it mean to be original?Can ideas be owned? Does a signature make a work of art? In this section you will find observations on the idea of originality, Jim Jarmusch's manifesto on Nothing is... more

Art and Values28 August 2017

What are the standards for good art, or is it just a question of taste? Here are some of the issues addressed in this section:I think it's pretty clear today that the artist does not carry any moral or... more

Nothing is Original28 August 2017

When we look at works of art, we inevitably think about things that we have seen, heard, or experienced before. Art is rarely created in a vacuum. Artists constantly reference the past—building on timeless... more