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Objects for Drawing29 August 2017

Keep a shelf in the art studio with interesting objects that you can use at any time as a subject for drawing or as part of a still life.Here are some of my favorite objects I've kept on that shelf in... more

Contour Drawing29 August 2017

Another warm up exercise Use this drawing exercise as a warm up, or to teach observational drawing skills in your students.Provide students with objects to draw, plant forms are always good, as are still... more

Blind Drawing29 August 2017

Using touch not sight to guide a drawingUse this as a warm up exercise to overcome fear and to discover the other senses involved in drawing. Again, this exercise is not intended to create portfolio quality... more

Drawing29 August 2017

Drawing is a way of seeing and understanding form through intense and focused looking. I encourage you to use drawing throughout your teaching, always, for ever and ever! It is never too late to teach... more

Textiles: Boro and Sashiko 29 August 2017

I hadn't either until I went to an exhibition of Boro at the Kobe Fashion Museum in Japan....And then I wanted to know more.Boro ( ragged) is a Japanese tradition of mended and patched clothing and bedding.... more

Line to Lino Print29 August 2017

This activity explores the expressive quality of observational line drawing and translating this into printmaking Linoleum Printing is a fairly simple process that can gives surprisingly good results.... more

Biological Illustration29 August 2017

There are whole fields of specialization in botanical, biological, medical illustration. For students who love both science and art this is a particularly fertile Interdisciplinary Connections. more

Figure and Animal Drawing29 August 2017

Drawing the human figure teaches so much about looking. If your school will allow it, hold a weekly figure drawing session, during class or after school. If you don't have a model, the students can take... more

Invisible Drawingfree29 August 2017

Use the ideas on this page to teach conceptual thinking, when the idea is more important than the thing. (Read more about conceptual thinking at Art and Authenticity )Incorporate this assignment during... more

Interpretive Frameworksfree28 August 2017

This is a ‘quiz’ you can give to your students before introducing the idea of different Interpretive Frameworks. There are no right answers of course- the purpose of the quiz is actually to reveal... more