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Marina Abramovic's Advice for Artists3 December 2016

Yugoslavian born performance artist Marina Abramovic, sometimes described as "the grandmother of performance art", has her own advice for artists that includes spending time near exploding volcanoes,... more

Vasari's Five Criteria18 November 2016

Use this page for a TOK/Art discussion and journal reflection on how the criteria we use to judge an art work vary over time and across culturesGiorgio Vasari (1511-1574) was an Italian painter, architect,... more

Technology Tips13 November 2016

Guest teacher page by Jo Tilton International School of Bonn more

How to Work Better8 November 2016

Ryan Gander takes a look at Fischli and Weiss's How to Work Better: This list of motivational phrases was a piece of found text that the artist duo Peter Fischli and David Weiss elevated to manifesto... more

Student portfolios with Google Sites7 September 2016

Written by guest teacher Elizabeth KingBavarian International School e.V In grading student work, I find that it is best to put oneself in the role of the examiner in order... more

Design and Layout Skills for the Process Portfolio22 August 2016

Design & layout of Process Portfolio screens by Guest Teacher Rachel Swinburne After gaining my first class honors in BA Textiles at Goldsmiths College, University of London, I coordinated Art gallery... more

Resources and Inspiration17 August 2016

Creativity and the psychology of creativity are a fascinating topic for anyone engaged in creative work, students or teachers. Try some surrealist games, oblique strategies, tackle a creative block or... more

Teacher and Artistfree17 August 2016

But we are also teachers, and the teaching of art requires a multitude of abilities; intellectual, practical, artistic, social, even bureaucratic.A possible definition:... more

Contributing Student Work to the Gallery8 August 2016

If you have a student whose work you think other students and teachers would benefit from and enjoy seeing, you can submit it to the Student Gallery. Once you have shared the material with me I will... more

Critiques5 August 2016

Think of the critique as a collaborative experience. It is a group search for visual solutions, for meaning, and purpose and new ideas.IB Art teachers can use the critique as an opportunity for encouraging... more