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Design and Layout Skills for the Process Portfolio22 August 2016

Design & layout of Process Portfolio screens by Guest Teacher Rachel Swinburne After gaining my first class honors in BA Textiles at Goldsmiths College, University of London, I coordinated Art gallery... more

Navigating this Sitefree17 August 2016

When editing this website I am always thinking about how to organize the information so it will be clear and easily accessible for teachers.The tree structure of the website is divided into the sections... more

Resources and Inspiration17 August 2016

Creativity and the psychology of creativity are a fascinating topic for anyone engaged in creative work, students or teachers. Try some surrealist games, oblique strategies, tackle a creative block or... more

Teacher and Artistfree17 August 2016

But we are also teachers, and the teaching of art requires a multitude of abilities; intellectual, practical, artistic, social, even bureaucratic.A possible definition:... more

Contributing Student Work to the Gallery8 August 2016

If you have a student whose work you think other students and teachers would benefit from and enjoy seeing, you can submit it to the Student Gallery. Once you have shared the material with me I will... more

Critiques5 August 2016

Think of the critique as a collaborative experience. It is a group search for visual solutions, for meaning, and purpose and new ideas.IB Art teachers can use the critique as an opportunity for encouraging... more

Exhibitions and Curating 5 August 2016

This is a new section of the website intended to explore the importance of looking at, responding to and presenting art to the world. The new guide encourages students to become aware of how art is curated... more

Art Thinking5 August 2016

The Art Thinking section of this site focuses on critical thinking, looking at, reflecting on and responding to art, with many teaching activities to help build these "art thinking" skills. This includes... more

Rationale for Curriculum Changes4 August 2016

Nothing stays the same forever and revision and renewal are an important part of progress in education. Over the past 3 years the curriculum review committee has met several times to discuss how the visual... more

IB Core3 August 2016

The IB Core refers to the core requirements for all Diploma Programme students, regardless of the subjects chosen. At the center of the IB diagram are the three elements of the IB core:The Extended Essay... more