Sofie H, CS HL

A Comparative Study that looks at political resistance

in 3 artworks that focus on different aspects of social injustice.

This Higher level CS By Sophie Holstein received full marks, 42 /42. In it she investigates the line between art and vandalism, critical commentary and public response, analyzing and comparing works by Banksy, Basquiat, and JR.

Many thanks to her teacher Rachel Kirby at UWCCR.

A Comparative Study can have impact in a students' life, and influence further studies.

Her teacher wrote me that Sophie, who is Danish, is currently living in the West Bank and writing her Bachelor's thesis 'about the impact of building the wall on the on-going peace processes. Sophie writes: 'Actually I have been thinking about my Comparative Study a lot lately. I moved to the West Bank three months ago, where both Banksy and JR have made some of their most important works. So happy that the work we did in class is brought into life now!"

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