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Resonating in Gloppen

Saturday 26 July 2014

This weekend we went for a trip to Gloppen which is about 2 hours North. We stayed in an apartment on a campsite that looked out over a long... more

One child roundabout

Wednesday 23 July 2014

I was visiting my mother in Kenilworth last week and we went for a walk in the nearby park. I used to take my children there when they were... more

Lord of the ring

Monday 14 July 2014

A month or so ago I saw an amateur video of a street performer that has now been remade and is again doing its rounds on the social media. The... more

Fake fireworks

Saturday 12 July 2014

This isn't the right season for fireworks in Norway since it never gets dark enough to see them properly but I do like a good firework display... more


Wednesday 9 July 2014

I've been taking a couple of days break from updating the web site to sand the floor in our living room / Kitchen and I'm... more

Smoke screen

Tuesday 17 June 2014

My holiday started more than a week ago but so far I've been focused on preparing for two workshops, one was in Geneva last... more

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