This site is well organized and thorough. It gives great insight into the content and how connections can be made for students. I have been using it to help me prepare for the 2016 assessment, and have used resources for each content area and laboratories...

Steven Rines, American School of Bombay, India (2015)more

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Student access

Sunday 20 September 2015

I can see on the editor interface that there are not so many schools using the student site. I use this all the time with my students and its... more

Party time

Sunday 13 September 2015

Actually it's not party time it's a very serious physics experiment, but for some reason putting on laser specs just makes students want to... more

From exercise to activity

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Exercise sounds like something you do as practice, an activity something you do for the sake of it. In recent weeks I have started producing... more

Group work

Thursday 3 September 2015

I normally wouldn't dream of doing a practical with 6 students and one set of apparatus but today I tried. The reason was... more

Anger management

Monday 31 August 2015

I said "pretend you are angry with your computer", Carsten heard correctly but I think Philip thought I said pretend you are happy with your... more

Doing my exercises

Sunday 30 August 2015

In a recent blog post I mentioned that I am trying to move away from being Lord of the Board by producing more resources that students can use... more

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