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I was new to teaching IB and moved to a brand new school with no other Physics teacher and no resources at all... With the huge help from the InThinking Physics site I was able to put in place a course with no problems at all. It has been like having...

Graeme Keer-Keer, Alcanta International School, China (2015)

I consider Chris Hamper's InThinking page for IB Physics to be an indispensable resource for the course. Whether you use his textbook or not the IA section alone is worth the subscription cost.

Bryon Farrow, Suzhou Singapore International School, China (2015)

InThinking site for IB physics is a wonderful resource to learn and teach IB physics effectively. I have been trained mostly through Chris Hampers' ideas and innovations on this site. I couldn't have made it without this resource. Thank you for making...

Sarika Dudeja, The Heritage School, India (2016)


Printer with attitude

Wednesday 28 September 2016

This morning I was printing a test (thin film interference) and the printer made my smile by the way it threw out my printing at a playful angle.... more

Rave reviews

Friday 23 September 2016

Today we had a rave in class. Well not really but we did get out the rave glasses and look at a spectral lamp which is almost as good and nowhere... more


Wednesday 21 September 2016

The other week I was in Barcelona running a category 1 workshop with OCC regular Danny Doucette. We work well as a team, sharing the same enthusiasm... more

Subscriber comments

  • 29 Sep Chris Hamper
    The investigation
    Hi Erlend; It's OK as far as data collection goes but he might be limited when it comes to making conclusions from the processed data.
  • 29 Sep Erlend Einerkjær Harbo
    The investigation
    Hi Chris I have a student that would like to look at time near a black hole as a IA. He will collect data of the mass of the black hole from a databank and use the Schwarchild metric to calculate for different masses. Is this enough data Collection...
  • 29 Sep Chris Hamper
    Measuring half life of beer foam
    Did you use the video method?
  • This is an interesting method. I got my students to do it with coke. Though the bubbles die out quickly, but the results are very good. Thanks for the idea.
  • 28 Sep Gisha C Mathew
    thank you Chris
  • 28 Sep Chris Hamper
    I don't think it is against any IB policy. Measuring half life is after all a required practical. The experiments must be done safely of course, this should be mentioned in the report.
  • 28 Sep Gisha C Mathew
    Dear Chris, One of my HL students is very keen in doing an IA in radiation physics. is it allowed by IB? i am really confused as some of my colleagues are saying that its against the IB experimentation policy. Any fact in that? can he go ahead...
  • 27 Sep Chris Hamper
    Constant acceleration
    Hi Jagruti, These quizzesdon´t print out too well but if you go to the qbank ( ) you can put together your own quizzes that print out better.
  • 27 Sep Jagruti Joshi
    Constant acceleration
    Hi Chris, Is there any specific method I can download MCQ .Since copy paste and direct printing consumes lot of pages.
  • 25 Sep Catherine Zhou
    Writing an Extended Essay
    Thanks Chris. I have been busy recently and just checked your message. There is an increasing number of students doing Physics EE at my school. A lot of extra job for myself. But I am very happy to see many students become interested in Physics...
  • 23 Sep Chris Hamper
    I do pretty much the same thing. If they still have no idea I start suggesting possible ideas.
  • 23 Sep Colin Cuthbert
    Hi Chris, What are your strategies for helping students coming up with ideas. I show them the cupboards, my internal website showing what we've done, the text book as places to find inspiration. 60% find something pretty quick but 40% really...


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