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A well planned site with lots of informations in Physics!

Vinita Sharat, The Shri Ram School, India

The InThinking Physics site has been a life saver. Chris's explanations of syllabus content and assessment criteria have helped enormously with planning and programming. The inclusion of marked IAs in particular was really beneficial when I started teaching...

Kate Baldry, The Friends School, Australia

I consider Chris Hamper's InThinking page for IB Physics to be an indispensable resource for the course. Whether you use his textbook or not the IA section alone is worth the subscription cost.

Bryon Farrow, Suzhou Singapore International School, China


F=μN spells Fun

Wednesday 29 March 2017

I've been using this equation for years and only just noticed that it spells fun. It doesn't really of course since that's a mu not a u and... more

One over the eight

Saturday 18 March 2017

These are my EE supervisees for the coming session. as you can see there are 8 which isn't one over the eight its just 8. That's good because... more

Pigs and toast

Friday 17 March 2017

Piglet was born yesterday as a result of several hours of thinking about ways to help my students remember definitions. First I thought of flash... more

Subscriber comments

  • 20 Mar Chris Hamper
    One over the eight
    I searched the EE guide for 7 and got 8 results but none were about numbers of supervisees. Maybe I made that bit up. My school stipulates 7, one for each day of the week.
  • 20 Mar Byron Farrow
    One over the eight
    Oh - and do you have a source on that maximum of 7 students for the EE?
  • 20 Mar Byron Farrow
    One over the eight
    One of my students did the rotating sound sources to simulate a spectroscopic binary star. Worked well with some use of FFTs.
  • 19 Mar Chris Hamper
    Uncertainties test
    Do you mean on this topic or in general? Have you seen the problems section? Or how about the multiple choice quizzes? These tests are short quizzes for use at the start of a class. If you want longer problems and explanations take a look at...
  • 19 Mar Liliane Berty
    Uncertainties test
    Morte exercices are requiers with their solutions please. Tank you
  • 8 Mar Chris Hamper
    Hi Ralph; Rule of thumb is to use the lowest number of sf that is used in the question. Incorrect use of sf's is penalised only once per paper (there will be one question chosen and it will probably mention sf's). It's true, units only penalised...
  • 8 Mar Ralph Tichler
    Hi Chris, I've been trying to answer these two questions confidently to my students, but I can't find it in any IB material. Should students always answer to the lowest level of precision due to the variables used to calculate the answer or...
  • 7 Mar Joylene Vette-Guillaume
    Renewable sources of energy activity
    Here's a good resource for showing how wave power generators work: /
  • 6 Mar Shabih Fatima
    Being a Supervisor
    Thanks so much for your prompt response.
  • 6 Mar Chris Hamper
    Being a Supervisor
    Yes probably best to stick with one sphere if the RQ is about temp and terminal velocity. Having said that, this is an EE not an IA so could consider different factors provided they are related to the RQ.
  • 6 Mar Shabih Fatima
    Being a Supervisor
    Hi Chris I am supervising an EE and my student is looking at the effects of temperature on the terminal velocity of spheres travelling through glycerol. He is using different radii sphere, and calculating viscosity by taking density to be constant...
  • 23 Feb Physics DP 1 and 2
    Measuring V and I
    Great videos! Thank you. The last video link is down.


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