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This is a great resource for IB Physics teachers. I have been using it and will continue using the same in future. The resources of IA are great. I can strongly recommend to any Physics teacher of the world for this site. Thank you for maintaining the...

Arun Mukherjee, International School Of Penang (Uplands), Malaysia (2015)

I am very pleased with the website and the material. Love the animated multiple choice test questions. That is a great way to ask questions and cannot be accomplished with questions on paper. Also, the labs are very good and the suggestions are very...

Susan Vogel, Rockwall-Heath High School, USA (2015)

InThinking site for IB physics is a wonderful resource to learn and teach IB physics effectively. I have been trained mostly through Chris Hampers' ideas and innovations on this site. I couldn't have made it without this resource. Thank you for making...

Sarika Dudeja, The Heritage School, India (2016)


Brochure boy

Sunday 27 November 2016

I recently found this photo in a pile of old climbing magazines. It was taken when I was a student at Leeds University. I'm pouring liquid Nitrogen... more


Thursday 24 November 2016

This week my first year students have started Thermal physics and doing the Particle nature of matter activity . This includes something about... more

Flemings Left hand electro dubstep rap

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Students are often a little shy when they first try Flemings Left hand rule, what better way to break down inhibitions than a bit of modern... more

Subscriber comments

  • 1 Dec David Russell
    SL/HL Core answers
    Got it! Thanks.
  • 1 Dec Chris Hamper
    SL/HL Core answers
    Hi David; I have organised them slightly differently now, try here
  • 1 Dec David Russell
    SL/HL Core answers
    Nice resource! I don't seem to be able to access the solutions to the electron energy levels test.
  • 24 Nov Chris Hamper
    Renewable energy
    Hi John; It comes from an equation that was on the old syllabus. BUt I guess the answer could be worked out by elimination. Speed gets less Energy doesn't increase density is constant must be amplitude
  • 24 Nov John Fitzgerald Fitzgerald
    Renewable energy
    Hi Chris, Where did Energy should be constant or if anything get less, the speed gets less. Power = ρvgA^2/2 in question two come from? I would guess its a change in gravitational potential energy? But then why is this A^2?
  • 21 Nov Chris Hamper
    Measuring half life of beer foam
    Hi Denis; Probably works best with Carlsberg but would be genius to try with Guiness, stay sHarp.
  • 21 Nov denis kuszynski
    Measuring half life of beer foam
    Used the video method outside Cairo: local Stella half life = 45s, and Sakara = 29s. Plus students loved it. A colleague suggested Guinness may have interesting bubbles so will try to source. Thanks for the method.
  • Hi Stephen; That's very strange. I have fixed this one but would take me for ever o find others. Thanks for reporting and please report if you find more. The fix is to remove the e from the URL.
  • Hi Chris. I have noticed a few features recently require editors access. the required practical on this page for specific heat for example?
  • 16 Nov Chris Hamper
    Engineering Physics
    Hi Lee; Oops, I should remove the under development title. I have taught the engineering option twice, in fact my present 2nd years had a choice of all options, some did engineering four did astro and two relativity. You can find a full set...
  • 16 Nov Lee Kim
    Engineering Physics
    Hi Chris, It seems to me that you have not yet taught an option for the new syllabus. Does that you were not teaching the a group finishing with exam in June? Just wondering ^-^ I am hoping to teaching this Engineering option for my HL class...
  • 9 Nov Chris Hamper
    Hi Sanjuktha; The way these quizzes is generated has changed so the questions are no longer in the same order, I will edit them so they make sense, sorry for the confusion.


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