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This is a great resource for IB Physics teachers. I have been using it and will continue using the same in future. The resources of IA are great. I can strongly recommend to any Physics teacher of the world for this site. Thank you for maintaining the...

Arun Mukherjee, International School Of Penang (Uplands), Malaysia (2015)

This site is well organized and thorough. It gives great insight into the content and how connections can be made for students. I have been using it to help me prepare for the 2016 assessment, and have used resources for each content area and laboratories...

Steven Rines, American School of Bombay, India (2015)

InThinking Physics is a valuable resource. If you are teaching IB Physics for the first time, then it is an absolute must-have. The materials provided are practical, easy to follow and full of interesting resources.

Joylene Vette-Guillaume, Heidelberg International School, Germany (2015)


Falstad trick for old dogs

Monday 30 May 2016

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a neat way that two of my students had devised to draw straight lines in the falstad ripple tank applet... more

Plums or pla

Sunday 29 May 2016

Simulating an object oscillating with SHM in GeoGebra is easy but simulating a pendulum is tricky. The problem is that a pendulum bob moves... more

Pig in space

Thursday 26 May 2016

Todays video is by Amanda and Alberte and stars a pig. more

Subscriber comments

  • Hi; Select the vector tool from the "line" menu. Then draw a vector from the point representing the charge to the point representing the test charge (probably A and B). This is exactly the same as adding a line segment except that it has direction....
  • 27 May Sabrina Mayerberger
    Electric fields simulation (GeoGebra)
    Hello We are not quite clear on how to do this step : Add a vector joining the points from Q1 to the test charge. (vector u) Thanks
  • 18 May Chris Hamper
    Charging and discharging
    Yep, you're right. Have made correction, thanks.
  • 18 May Jamie Halpin
    Charging and discharging
    I like your questions solving for C and R from the charging and discharging graphs, but both graphs look like RC is clearly 1s not 2s.
  • 18 May Byron Farrow
    Introduction to waves activity
    Top tune.
  • 10 May Malgorzata Kulakowska
    No one expects the Spanish inquisition
    Right, I understood it only when falling asleep. But it's good I could ask and got an answer :-)
  • It's certainly a very tricky one. Newt 1 gives F - kv = ma so F = ma + kv Power = Fv = mav + kv^2 v = at so P = ma^2t + ka^2t^2 Quadratic so D To be nit picky, line d isn't actually a parabola, I tried doing a parabolic fit in loggerpro and...
  • 9 May Malgorzata Kulakowska
    No one expects the Spanish inquisition
    I agree, I have just one question about the answers on OCC: TZ2 SL P1 question 8 (the one with graphs of power developed by train engine versus time) the answers say C or D, but I would say B - there is constant acceleration hence P = v F...
  • Nice summary. IN my teaching I've used the old syllabus as a guide to what students need to learn to State and Define. We'll see if it helped!
  • 7 May Kethabetsoe Bell
    Option tests
    Thank you very much
  • 7 May Chris Hamper
    Option tests
    you can see the list on the left.
  • 7 May Kethabetsoe Bell
    Option tests
    I cant find option tests. please help


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