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Making the site more student-friendly 26 November 2018

Many subscribing teachers have now signed their students up to student access. The pages in ‘Teaching each topic and sub-topic” under "Core and HL" are probably the most popular as they cover all... more

Make up a question about the Periodic Table 1 November 2018

To mark the150th. anniversary of the Periodic Table (first proposed by Mendeleev in 1869), IUPAC will be hosting an online quiz during 2019 for a global audience of young people. This quiz, which will... more

Applying IB chemistry to a diet pill 24 September 2018

One of the reasons why life expectancy is starting to fall in certain parts of the world is the increase in obesity.The number of overweight and obese people worldwide has increased from 857 million in... more

Is my own hand rub still safe to use? 9 August 2018

One of the topics covered in Option D: Medicinal chemistry is antibiotic resistance. This occurs when micro-organisms become resistant to antibacterials. There is considerable concern in many parts of... more

AI deduces the periodic table 27 June 2018

There is an interesting report from Professor Shoucheng Zhang, a professor of physics at Stanford University which claims that he has used artificial intelligence to recreate the periodic table. more

When were elements discovered? 13 April 2018

There are many links on the IB chemistry syllabus that relate to when elements were discovered. Probably the most important one is Topic 3.1 The periodic table. One of the reasons why Mendeleyev was able... more

Update and a problem to solve 31 January 2018

Quiz questions and galleries for all the sub-topics of Option B : Biochemistry and Option C : Energy for both SL and HL and all the SL sub-topics for Option D : Medicinal chemistry have now been completed.... more

What are universities looking for? 8 December 2017

An interesting report commissioned by ACS International Schools in partnership with the IB and IBSCA was published earlier this month. It asked university admissions officers what skills they wanted to... more

Chemistry question bank now live 19 October 2017

The Chemistry question bank (qBank) is now up and running on this site.Information on how to access it can be found in Using student access. It contains brand new multiple choice type questions and also... more

How precious metals were first formed 17 October 2017

In the week when the price of the precious metal palladium reached $1000 per ounce it was interesting to see that the problem as to how precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium were... more