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The dangers of “forever chemicals” to firefighters 5 May 2021

The IB covers halogenoalkanes at both SL and HL in Topic 10 Halogenoalkanes & benzene but restricts the coverage to chloro-, bromo-and iodoalkanes. This is because the C−F bond (492 kJ mol−1) is so... more

Asessement of IB DP Chemistry for May 2021 3 March 2021

There is some confusion on social media about the arrangements the IB have put in place for the May 2021 assessment process as it very much depends upon which country you are based in. I've made some... more

What home schooling is showing 22 February 2021

Good parents will ask their children what they have been doing in school and help them with homework etc. etc. However until now most parents will not have looked in detail at what their children are... more

International-Mindedness in Science 28 December 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for the whole world due to Covid-19. Despite all the sad deaths, economic and educational hardship suffered, one shining example of the human spirit has emerged. Collaboration,... more

Persistent organic pollutants 28 November 2020

The effects of xenobiotics are covered both in Option B Biochemistry & the environment and in Option A Environmental impact - plastics. The presence of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the common... more

Update on the implementation of the new programme 9 October 2020

With all the uncertainty and extra pressure on schools, teachers and students caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which seems likely to continue for some considerable time yet, the IB has announced a delay... more

Update: Removal of the Options for May 2021 examination 15 September 2020

UPDATED September 2020 :Many teachers in the Northern Hemisphere have already started or are about to start teaching the second year soon with their IB students either face-to-face or virtually. The IB... more

Delivering distance learning 4 May 2020

In these unprecedented Covid-19 times schools in some countries are beginning to reopen whereas in other parts of the world they remain firmly closed. Different countries have different experiences of... more

IB Updates 27 March 2020

It is important to know and follow the official announcements from the IB about how the current pandemic affects the cancelled examination session in May 2020.This can be found at more

COVID-19 and Student Access 27 February 2020

Student access was set up to enable teachers to set assignments, including questions from qBank on all the topics in the core. AHL and options, and to give students access to selected pages on the site... more