The rationale for a separate section on resources

In some ways resources are quite personal. I prefer to let my students’ own curiosity guide them initially and allow them to search for their own information using the library or the Internet etc. rather than just give out handouts or lists of other people’s work. However at some stage you will need to point them in the right direction and/or provide them with the correct stimuli. You will also need resources for yourself to make your lessons more interesting and dynamic and to keep up to date with Chemistry.

Is any one still teaching chemistry with just a slate and a piece of chalk?

Rather than just supply a list of hundreds (thousands?) of resources with no comments or structure to them what I have tried to do in this section is give a manageable number of suggestions for several different types of resources under different headings. The obvious ones of text books, journals, websites, demonstrations and videos etc. are listed but I’ve also included some less obvious one such as newspaper articles, general books related to Chemistry and some innovative ways in which you can make use of the IB Chemistry data booklet. In each case I have given a personal view on the strengths (and sometimes weaknesses) or each resource. You can also find some other lists under the similar heading of resources on this site where they are relevant. For example, Essential resources under ‘Getting started’ and another page of Resources specifically for Extended Essays. There are also many resources given for ideas and details for practical work in the relevant pages in the Practical scheme of work section. Throughout the whole website (which I hope you will find is a fantastic resources in itself) there are many other external resources that can be accessed simply by clicking on the relevant text/video link on virtually every page. These cover a huge range including such diverse areas as modelling kits and virtual simulations, specialised laboratory equipment and companies that will plan and build/refurbish a new laboratory.

I have not tried to make an exhaustive list as some of the links I have given do this for you and will take you to a myriad of other resources. I would also encourage you to make good use of search engines yourself to find your own resources. This does take time though, and what I have attempted to do is at least to save you some of the initial donkey work as time is the one resource that is always in short supply for teachers. If anyone has any resources they feel are really useful (indispensable?) and would like to share with others then add a comment or two as to why they are good and let me know and I will try to add them.

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